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  2. Get Cheesed up from feed up before singing your prenup
  3. Agent Cactus

    Episode 208.5 - Minisode 208.5

    Yeah!! If you have a library card, look into the Apps Hoopla and Kanopy. Streaming movies for free from your library. Chances are they use one of these...Hoopla is the best. Also to find movies, I use the JustWatch app. It’s a great meta-search for streaming movies and it catalogs almost every app out there. Oh, and heres a related video I found on Vimeo for anyone still looking
  4. Charlie Murphy Brown

    Episode 282 - Kaitlin Olson, Our Close Friend

    how do you like them hollywood handbooks?
  5. sycasey 2.0

    Saving Private Ryan

    There's zero indication in the movie that Ryan is Jewish, and I don't think it's Spielberg's way to be circumspect about this kind of thing: he'd already made one movie that is very explicitly about the Holocaust (Schindler's List) and then later another explicit take on the contradictions of modern Judaism (Munich). Saving Private Ryan already has a character (played by Adam Goldberg) who is openly and vocally Jewish. I don't really buy that Ryan himself is some kind of stealthy stand-in for a segment of the Jewish population. With Spielberg, a cigar is usually just a cigar.
  6. Non sequitur? I barely shampoo Beowulf!
  7. Mr. Nongman walks into a bar. The bartender says “Hey!”
  8. Glottalized ejective. Uvular sibilant. Alveolar bilabial. This has been Filthy Phonetics, with your host, Ogod Dontstoperman.
  9. WatchOutForSnakes

    Saving Private Ryan

    Wait, Ryan was Jewish? I genuinely missed that. I find it interesting that the D-day invasion seems to be the only thing I remember people discussing about the film. That it was the first to really show the horror of people's bodies torn apart on the battlefield. I found that all so unbelievably unnecessary. It was gore for gore's sake. It was voyeuristic and manipulative, like the rest of the movie was. The entire first 30-45 minutes of the movie (complete with the framing device) was unnecessary and did nothing to advance the plot, save to maybe put some perspective on how hard it would be for these soldiers to go on a mission to save one guy. The whole logic of saving one man to save his mother from losing all her sons was, while historically accurate, total BS. Does anyone else's mother suffer 1/4 less because only one son dies instead of four? Suffering is suffering. Mourning is mourning. It seems horrible to justify the deaths of so so many other men to save one. I really felt for all the other mothers who would have to be told their sons' lives weren't worth as much as Ryan's.
  10. robotam

    Episode 282 - Kaitlin Olson, Our Close Friend

    Image if Chelsea Handler play Adam Sandler's twin!
  11. We had this book on tape when I was a kid and would listen to it on vacation in the car. As a result I never saw the movie as a kid. I guess better late than never.
  12. I agree with the two previous comments andlike them have been a huge fan since the beginning. If Earwolf will do right by Conan they will also provide him with constructive criticism. I feel like he wasn’t himself during this podcast and I can’t figure out why? It was painful to listen to, only because I truly was interested in learning more about his guests but for some reason the climate was about play, or let me tell you my process and stories about stand up vs improv. If Sona has freedom to help realign Conan this would have been a perfect time for her to say, stop talking about yourself, I’ve learned nothing about these guys, let them talk! if that is her role, she is worth every cent. No worries though, still and will always be a Conan fan. Thanks!
  13. You're not a butcher, a baker, or a candlestick maker, so why don't you go fuck yourself
  14. https://soundcloud.com/shockclock/all-for-the-plugs
  15. sycasey 2.0

    Saving Private Ryan

    I have seen The Patriot, and you are correct sir.
  16. FictionIsntReal

    A Night At The Opera

    I also prefer Holy Grail to Life of Brian for that reason. I had thought that when Amy had them face off for The Canon that the latter won, but checking wikipedia I see that the original prevailed. And there was much rejoicing!
  17. The Boys help KAITLIN OLSON figure out what she’s doing next.
  18. Protoman

    Episode 592 - The PeeE Neurs

    Great episode, the D-I-C breakdown had me cracking up
  19. We need someone from Norway to answer this important question. Also, did anyone else ever watch that internet video from like a decade ago that goes, Norway! More like Snore-way. I kept thinking about that and now I have the dumb song going through my head.
  20. ol' eddy wrecks

    Saving Private Ryan

    I guess I'll be the person who finds this to be a troubling. Orrr... The movie is steeped in the worldview of the American nationalistic and often jingoistic mythology of, "Be grateful to war vets. They gave their lives so you could have your freedom." (which doesn't even apply to any military conflict since WW2, yet, still said). I'll caveat it with the fact that I haven't seen the movie, but having heard everyone talk about it, I feel like I have seen good chunks of it, and it seems pretty clear that's what's going on here. I mean, looking up who wrote the screenplay, I'm not recognizing much of their other works (actually there aren't a lot), but they also did American Braveheart. I mean, The Patriot. Another war movie, which I also have not seen, but I'll guess based on true events that manages to be very ahistorical and pulls at nationalistic strings (I'm literally just guessing, by taking Braveheart and making it American). It seems like everything else you're reading into is a weird conspiratorial bent, while not factoring in, that's just how American culture remembers the two World Wars.
  21. Eatin' some raw meat up in the honeymoon suite!
  22. I wet my panties for Werther’s Original Butterscotch Candies!
  23. JohnParsons

    The Plug Compartment

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