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  2. Correction, or at least dispute. I don't think the movie has any real Christian overtones. Nor do I think the rainbow to hell (or hel) is homophobia. As far as I could tell, the rainbow flag didn't become an LGBT symbol until 1978. Since this movie came out five years later, I don't know that it would be common knowledge to associate a rainbow with being gay (particularly if you're a very weird writer-director from Italy) in the early 80s the way it would be by the 90s. I think it's more likely a reference to Iris, one of the messenger gods who if I recall correctly traveled on a rainbow. Also, the word Hell has become Christian, but I think this is more of the writer misremembering Greek Mythology. In Greek mythology, if you're awesome you go to the Elysian Fields and if you were bad you go to Hades. Hel is from Norse mythology. There's a goddess named Hel, who presides over Hel where cowards and shitty people go. If you're awesome you go Valhalla and I think there was also some middle ground for people who were okay, but not heroic enough for Valhalla. So this is mixing of mythology. Incidentally, Jesus never talks about Hell in the bible. He uses Gehenna (where there will be wailing and gnashing of teeth), which was also the name of the place in Jerusalem where they burned trash.
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  4. She tells him at one point that “fighting temptation makes you strong.” Everyone in the movie was fighting seemed to be fighting temptation of some sort - whether that be avarice, covetousness, pride, etc. I think the name, like their final song, was just to acknowledge that nobody’s perfect, but as long as you’re trying your best, you’re going to be God-loved. It’s a weird thing in churches - which I think the movie portrays pretty well - that they often expect you to be perfect in order to attend church rather attend church in an ongoing effort to become perfect. It’s the kind of hypocrisy that not only drives people away, but gives the excuse for certain religious people to look down on people (e.g. “I don’t like homosexuality. I go to church, which makes me perfect, which means I’m right and I don’t need to listen to you at all.”) Did anyone else have an issue with them kicking Paulina out of the group at the end? I get that she was awful, but it felt very bully-ish the way the did it, and not very “Christian.” I think it would be far more emotionally satisfying to see her won over to their way of thinking, rather than just kicking her to the curb and showing us over the credits that in the ensuing 18 months they somehow came to some kind of understanding.
  5. StevenBailey

    Repo Man (1984)

    Honestly the trailer says it all.
  6. Don’t be fickle, tickle my pickle. When in doubt, pound that trout.
  7. Speaking of local planetariums My high school had a planetarium built into it. I guess at one point astronomy was a class you could take, but eventually they couldn’t find someone to run the machine so it was only used once in a while. I only got to use it once in Spanish class when we learned about the Mayan calendar
  8. I'm the movie they show a few of these. There's the cleaning of the stables that he does by moving the river in the myth as well. They mixed the hydra and Cerberus because The Goodest Boi is the TRUE guardian of the gates of the underworld to keep shades from escaping.
  9. The whole reason Hercules is NAMED Hercules was to appease Hera. Hercules is the Roman version of his name which is really Heraklês. Like " Sorry your husband raped me please don't torture me or my child! Here we named him for you please just have a little mercy!! " He seems to be her most hated of Zeus's offspring. Like she just SNAPPED when it came to him. She started attacking him while he was still in the womb by delaying his birth so he misses out on Zeus's decree that the next male child born that day will be lord over everything or something. She makes sure another child is born prematurely as well and them Hercules had to serve him. Then while he's an infant she sends to snakes to kill him. Like girl. Maybe chill a wee bit? Of course she drives him mad and he murders his wife and children... As you do. Extra awkward that when he becomes a God he ended up marrying her daughter Hebe (his third wife. his second one accidentally killed him. Who among us hasn't believed the evil centaur who kidnapped us and tried to assult us when he says his blood will save your marriage from infidelity! I exclusively take marriage advice and love potions ONLY in this scenario! Dr. Phil who?!) I wonder how dinner with the in laws works in that family. Granted it's a giant incest knot of relations so it's gonna be awkward. Also Bubo the owl is EVERYTHING And I still have a crush on Callisto from Xena. She deserved a more interesting Xena like redemption than becoming an angel and all that insanity.
  10. The farcical marshmallow parsed the sparse, harsh fellow’s icicle bicycle.
  11. I used to read Edith Hamilton’s Mythology book as a kid, and while I mostly remember Callisto as the villainess on Xena, I feel like every lady Zeus “fell in love with” was then turned into horrible things by him or other gods. They would always blame it on Hera and even as a kid I was like, “he needs to stop fucking all these ladies because TERRIBLE things always happen, doesn’t he care???” like what happened to Herc’s mom? Lemme look it up. Oh look Zeus pretended to be her husband, so he raped her. And then she got turned to stone or something? https://www.greekmythology.com/Myths/Mortals/Alcmene/alcmene.html People who be.ieved this trash created the pillars of our society. Siiigh. Eta: Regarding, automatons, there was a robot owl in “Clash of the Titans” og version. I remember because I wanted one. Eta2: in response to Paul’s question about who is “my” Hercules. I think Lou Ferrigno looks more like the Hercules we see in art, but Ryan Gosling was a great Young Hercules. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0169516/
  12. The Podfather here to make you an offer you CAN refuse but shouldn’t—rip-roarin’ comedy!
  13. Gary Goltz

    Episode 27 - Howard Stern

    Conan and Howard are two of my very favorite people that I wish I could be friends with. I did have one encounter with Conan when I submitted a Fan Correction involving Jack Black. We shot it in one quick take and I was confident he would use it. I portrayed myself as the mean macho Sensei from the Karate Kid. I knew Conan would love me as his straight man. It worked so well he actually called me an 'ASSHOLE' on national TV! That was like getting an Academy Award for understanding Conan's humor (he wrote the the funniest Simpson's episode, the College one). Anyhow, it would only stand to reason that Howard would name Conan, as his best interview. Wish I could spend a few hours with them. Seems like we have much in common.
  14. Comedy comin’ at you faster than shit through a goose!
  15. I stepped on my pie, now it's a cobbler.
  16. While we are shouting into the wind tunnel that is inaccuracies in Greek mythology his name is Heracles not Hercules. Hercules is his Romanized name.
  17. Robizzlefoshizzle

    Up next! "Logan's Jog!"

    Up next! "Logan's Jog!"
  18. I need June to talk about these costumes.
  19. tomspanks

    HDTGM Classics Birdemic (6/7)

    Sure I wouldn’t mind watching Trespass
  20. Did Hercules ever actually find out why he's so strong? Seems like he got waylaid there a bit...
  21. grudlian.

    HDTGM Classics Birdemic (6/7)

    I'm kind of the same. I've only seen it once but I've seen bits of it many times and talked about it a lot. I'll watch it, as I said, but we can also move to whatever is next. I know we skipped Trespass because we couldn't find a place to stream it but I can stream it through my library if people want that. I don't think it's the most fun watch but I saw it by myself. So, maybe it's more fun in a group?
  22. Cameron H.

    HDTGM Classics Birdemic (6/7)

    That’s kind of my feeling, but whatever everyone wants to do is 100% cool with me. Should I put up a poll?
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  24. tomspanks

    HDTGM Classics Birdemic (6/7)

    I wouldn’t mind skipping Birdemic. I love it, but I’ve seen it so many times.
  25. As a life long Greek mythology nerd I have to say this film was wild. I think my favorite ( ie I could enjoy and not want to yell at the screen about it being incorrect because I 'm *THAT* nerd. Harry Potter movies are a real experience with me let's just say...) Was that they turned Daedalus into a fun campy Martian lady with a fondness for automatons that look like you can buy them at Toys R Us. An improvement on the eventually bitter and cruel inventor of the Labyrinth. not that I wouldn't be bitter if I was forced to make my queen a cow fuck suit so she could seduce a bull them have to build, and eventually be imprisoned because of building, a deadly labyrinth for her monstrous child, only to escape but to have my son son die in the process in part due to my invention. I don't think I would murder my nephew because I couldn't bare the thought of having someone else be as clever as me but you know we all grieve differently. Martian Lady is much more fun.
  26. DanEngler


    While I don't count Vertigo among history's greatest plots, I think it deserves its spot on the AFI list for direction/cinematography alone. Watching it for the first time, there were so many moments that I had to rewind just to marvel at what seems like an impossible amount of beauty captured on screen. And this video gave me an even greater appreciation for Hitchcock's amazingly intricate choreography.
  27. grudlian.

    HDTGM Classics Birdemic (6/7)

    Birdemic and 6/7 are both good with me.
  28. Sorry but you forgot Hercules also had to defeat Kratos. Also I find it incredible looking at how different the careers of Ferrigno and Arnold Schwarzenegger are, consider they were fairly similar at the start. Both were Mr. Universe before going into acting, despite neither of them being able to accurately spit out their lines and both have played Hercules as one of their earlier roles, but that's where it ends as Ferrigno became a kitchy actor to hire for odd roles while Arnold became one of the biggest movie stars in history. Also in regards to the comment about not being able to pull off a plot twist in the first act of a film, I think there are a couple instances in film history where that's been able to happen, albeit with help from the films marketing, Scream being a prime example in that basically everything from the posters to the trailers would have you think that the biggest name in the film Drew Barrymore was the lead character, only to see her die in the first ten minutes of the movie. Another example would be the recent bomb Life Itself which focused promotional material on the movie being a romantic drama about Oscar Isaac and Olivia Wilde, when in actuality
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