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  2. I put my pants on one leg at a time. But you should see how I put my shirts on.
  3. So tell me... is there a Mrs. Bean?
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  5. MySpace? More like pie face! Footnote to this catchphrase: I’m a clown and the year is 2005.
  6. Thor’s favorite rapper is M.C. Hammer. Not because of the whole hammer thing, he just has really bad taste in rap music.
  7. Maury Povich is the only person who’s gonna wang Chung tonight. “Everybody have fun tonight” was Connie Chung and Maury Povich’s first dance at their wedding. The lie dectector test determined that was a lie.
  8. nohorseman

    Episode 260 - Jo Firestone, Our Gameshow Friend

    I've been out of the country but don't think I haven't been using my time away to cook up a really "spicy" post here goes nothin, prepare yourself for the post a few weeks in the making get your emoji reacting fingers ready: good stuff, very funny!
  9. Wien

    Is HDTGM just doing live episodes now?

    Depending on the movie and the guests, I can go either way. Some are better live, some are better in studio. But you can't fault them for wanting to charge 35 bucks a pop and fill out a massive theater like the Paramount in Austin. That Bonobos money can only go so far.
  10. lisachicago

    Episode 19 - Good Jude Hunting

    Don't doubt yourself, Michael. I LOVED this episode. Hearing you read this book makes me so happy, and I love that in past episodes you talk through some of the denser material so that I can get the gist of it. Jude tugs at my heart so badly and his love for books and Sue and humanity makes me tear up every week. That's so cathartic in these times, and you and this podcast help get me through the weekly political dumpster fires going on. So, thank you and please continue, you're doing great!!
  11. pepperjack

    Next R U Talking Series

    I'd listen to a Rocket from the Tombs series. But my personal vote would be Camper Van Beethoven.
  12. EvRobert

    The Adventures of Ford Fairlane (1990)

    this would be me
  13. She is sheer perfection!
  14. Ludofl3x

    Raiders of the Lost Ark

    I don't have the "advantage" of knowing the backstory to this scene or the writing of it. I try to look at most movies or television shows in the context they're cut, not whatever got them there, I don't think that's fair to any movie. In other words, I try my best not to bring any sort of stuff that's not ON screen into any critical view of the movie. Otherwise, I'd probably not like the Hitchcock movies I do, knowing what an asshole he was to actors in general and women specifically. I read this scene exactly as you did: not that she was a LITERAL child, but that she was immature, and Indy as a mid-20's guy in the late 1920's may have taken some liberties, but not that she was 15. I figured she was like a 19 year old, wide-eyed kid with dreams of finding a husband (as Amy notes, the "career pursuit" for women was not exactly a widespread phenomenon in American culture then), she met a 26 or 27 year old and much worldlier Indiana Jones. They had a brief and technically consensual affair, he broke her heart and her dad never forgave Indy. To me, there's enough on screen to merit that reading, and not enough to convict Indy of being basically Roy Moore. I had to come in here and get defensive because to me, that scene, from the second his shadow shows up on the wall until "I'm your god damn PARTNER!", is one of the most perfectly executed scenes in modern movies. Maybe besides the shootout part, that scene hits its target exactly, a talky, noiry, sharp back and forth between two sets of two characters. Between INdy and Marian, there's all the backstory (and he absolutely apologizes, he says he's apologized repeatedly, she acknowledges he's apologized repeatedly right after slugging him), there's the set up of Marian as a bad ass, hard boiled pragmatist, smart as fuck because she has the medallion on her and she's holding out for more. THe scene gets even better when Tott arrives and basically shatters the whole thing. The way he says things like "Why don't you tell me where the medallion is, right now?" so softly when he's stoking the fire, and how Marian immediately switches from "We're closed" to "Uh, how about a drink for you and your men?", recognizing instantly that this isn't some run of the mill thug but still not wanting to panic (karen Allen absolutely nails this transition). She says something like "I'm not sure what kind of people you're used to dealing with," to Tott, and he responds with the absolutely CHILLING "Fraulein Ravenwood [without looking]...let me show you what I am used to." Even the capper to the scene, where she tries "Let's be reasonable" in the face of torture, he responds "THe time for that has passed..." I could literally watch this scene every single day and still find something cool in it. It's even tinged with the classic Indy humor, when he asks her for whiskey, or when she takes a shot from the punctured keg. THe rest of the movie is a perfectly paced action movie, it's like a roller coaster, every scene build to something and then pays off. I haven't finished this episode yet, but 66 is WAY too low for this movie. I'm with Paul, this is closer to a top 20 movie than 66. It's a better movie (not a more impressive achievement, a better movie) than Fellowship, so that either means Fellowship is too high (my opinion) or this is at least 49. I guess once you get into the top 20 you kind of have to have an "impact" factor, but I liked this better than Apocalypse Now, the General, The Graduate and the super schmaltzy It's a Wonderful Life. Honestly, how is Empire Strikes Back not on here but Star Wars is #13?!? Sorry, rambling.
  15. ol' eddy wrecks

    Raiders of the Lost Ark

    Googling images of Vertigo tells me I'm remembering the lack of shadows very incorrectly. ETA: speaking remakes and Vertigo, googling this has turned up the fact there's an unintentional, quasi-remake of Verigo from Guy Maddin. I totally missed that one. https://www.indiewire.com/2017/04/vertigo-remake-guy-madden-the-green-fog-interview-1201805968
  16. I watched the movie last night. All I can say is "Ask my agent."
  17. Well, I loved her BEFORE I found out she was gay! (i.e. when I read your post ) And if anyone is interested, Here is Dan Ireland (RIP) for Trailers From Hell on The Girl Can't Help It:
  18. DannytheWall

    Raiders of the Lost Ark

    I was all ready to jump on this question and outline my answer, but it's hard to put it succinctly into words. I certainly love the movie (although not to the extent of their guest on the episode) and if I could ever make a podcast that talked about just one thing it would probably be Indiana Jones. If I have to talk purely cinematically, I'll echo Cameron's point about it being very timeless, which to your specific callout of Fast and Furious somewhat fails But more to the point, there's a richness to the all the elements that really raise the movie to a level beyond superficial or fun. The cinematography, the lighting, the acting, the set design, the editing, stunts, the score, all of it is really top of the line and synergized. To be fair, there are certainly faults in the writing/plotting, but in light of its legacy to pulp heroes and old filmreels it stands out as a culmination of the genre. Overall, it's a perfect blend of fantasy and realism (formalism and expressionism) that just defines what a movie-going experience is. Like I said, hard to put it succinctly
  19. DaltonMaltz

    Episode 18 - Dreaming Tree

    Jude meditates on ancient philosophers, and Michael mediates on modern pop music.
  20. DaltonMaltz

    Episode 19 - Good Jude Hunting

    Jude gets settled in Christminster, and decides to seek out his cousin Sue.
  21. Civil rights activist and Crooked Media podcaster DeRay Mckesson joins Dave and Matt this week to talk all about This Is Us, Real World dreams, and Sia “Carpool Karaoke”. Also, wanting someone who loves joy, being single and having a public life, and that infamous Patagonia vest. Plus, Dave preps for his big marathon and Matt and Dave answer your questions!
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