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    It's time for... How Did This Get Named? So as some of you might be aware and I mentioned last time they did one of these movies the franchise in Japan is not called Fast & Furious. Rather it is called "Wild Speed" which, if I have to take a side, is a better name. So as the series went on they just attached the 2 and Tokyo Drifter to the movies. Easy peasy. However the Fast movies are always clever with their titles and that kind of clever doesn't translate when the name has already been changed. So Fast & Furious the forth became Wild Speed Max. This was followed by Mega Max, Euro Mission, Sky Mission, and the latest being Wild Speed Ice Break. Now Hobbs and Shaw is coming out so what to do about the name? Well throw the Wild Speed in there so they know it's part of the franchise but people might not know who Hobbs and Shaw are. You are taking two unlikely people and putting them together. It's like surf and turf so some other unlikely... I got it! We shall call the movie... Wild Speed Super Combo! So actually I went to a special midnight screening of the movie. In Japan for big movies usually on opening night you get little bits and bobs. For example I got a poster for Rogue One, a Hulk weeble for Endgame, and a Deadpool key chain for Deadpool. My present for attending the midnight screening of the show was this shiny massive sticker. It's exclusive to the Kansai area as well so suck it Tokyo! Here's the thing, I don't really have anywhere to put it but it is a collectors item. However, if Tall John or Jason would like to give this sticker a loving home I'd be more than willing to send it their way.
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    Okay I believe it is time for the moments in movies when I get most frustrated... That's right it's time for This Week in Feminism. I was delighted to hear an audience member mention things that I also wanted to mention, because one of my first points was, "Where are the fucking women?" But the response of the crew didn't satisfy me and here's why - Yes, Hattie is a badass through and through. She was an operative for MI6 and went head to head with Luke Hobbs without even blinking an eye. She sacrificed herself so that Idris Elba wouldn't get the virus, and at the end of the day it was her plan that got the blood machine so that she could ultimately live. Definitely a badass. However, that doesn't actually answer the question. Hattie is one woman. To answer the question, "Where are the women?" with, "Well Hattie is a badass," implies that multiple women can't just be in scenes talking to each other because we already have the one woman being a badass and that's good enough right? They also mentioned the team of vigilante women lead by Eiza Gonzalez in Russia, but here's my problem with them - Only Eiza has any lines. There are 4 other women in this group and their only purpose for this movie is to look sexy in lingerie and be intimidating. That's not really showing any other badass women considering we never actually got to see them in action. The marketing for this movie completely hyped up Eiza's role and it really disappointed me that she didn't have anything better to do for a longer portion of the movie. Michelle Rodriguez had posted after F8 that if this franchise didn't step up it's representation of women then she would leave the series, and I think with this movie they took one tiny baby step in the right direction. Now I know this movie is a spin-off and has nothing to do with the set of movies that Michelle was actually talking about because she's in the camp of "fuck Hobbs & Shaw" but it's still part of the series none the less. With Hattie being a total badass and being central to the plot instead of a side character I do think that they want women to be part of the story, but in my opinion, even though Hattie is a total badass, she's just a plot point she's not actually involved in her own story a la Natalie Portman in Thor: The Dark World. If you took that virus out of Hattie's blood she no longer becomes relevant to this story, and it still all resolves around Hobbs & Shaw more than likely doing the bulk of the work to get the virus away from Eteon. She's kidnapped twice to be rescued by the two men, and in the final climax fight of the whole movie she's regulated to sitting in the rain with a gun pointed at her head. To me, this isn't badass empowering writing. This is lazy "feminism" that is stuck in the early 2000s. But honestly the thing that frustrated me the most is that this didn't even pass The Bechdel Test. It would've been so fucking easy for them to do. They had multiple named women who were literally standing in the same room together, but never once do any of them address each other, instead they talk to the men about things the other woman brought up instead. The female guard with Helen Mirren doesn't have a name - Fail Hattie is the only woman on her entire team - Fail Eiza is the only named and speaking woman on her team - Fail Hobb's daughter never speaks to the woman she is staying with - Fail Hattie and Eiza stand face to face and only talk to Hobbs & Shaw - Fail Hobbs's mother doesn't have a name (she is named on IMDB but they never once say it in the movie) - Fail There are no lines between Helen Mirren and Hattie at the end of the movie - Fail It's the simplest of things that in 2019 should literally be the bare minimum for writing female characters. I'm not asking for the entire story to be changed, because honestly the overarching thing doesn't bother me despite poking holes in the "baddassery" of it. But to not have two women even speak to each other when they're literally standing face to face discussing ultimate plans for how to get a blood machine is absolutely ridiculous. Literally I just want women to be able to talk to each other about things not related to men. That would be grand.
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    I'm worried that Paul doesn't understand how chests are actually measured. He mentions that the McLaren is generously 80 inches wide, measuring from one end of the interior to the other, and that The Rock is about 50 inches while Statham is 41 inches, but I'm very worried that they do not know when you are measuring your chest you measure around your body. It's the circumference that gives you that number. There's no way that those measurements make sense if you are measuring their chests from arm pit to arm pit alone. That would mean that The Rock's width from arm pit to arm pit would be over 4 feet long. That's literally not possible, y'all. Any woman getting measured for a bra knows this lol.
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    At the risk of upsetting Tyrese Gibson, I wouldn't mind if they sacked off the rest of the Fast/Furious movies, and just stuck with Hobbs & Shaw. I'd watch 2 hours of The Rock and Jason Statham trying to play FIFA and talking shit to each other.
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    In defense of Vin Diesel (a sentence I never thought I’d write), from what I understand, it’s not that he demands to know what every “I am Groot” means, so much as James Gunn had a special script created for him to translate what he’s actually saying so he can give it the proper inflection. For example, when he’s dusted in Infinity War, according to the directors, his “I am Groot” was him crying out “father” (i.e. Rocket Raccoon)
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    So... A commercial flight from Moscow to Apia (the capital of Somoa) is, at the fastest, 36 hours. It has 2 stops. Kevin Hart says they chartered a flight, which could mean less stops, although I imagine they may have had to stop to refuel? Best possible scenario... 24 hours?
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    Yes this. I wanted more Helen Mirren. I want the next one to be Helen Mirren and Vanessa Kirby training the Rock's daughter to like kick ass, possibly because Hobbs and Shaw were kidnapped? I am spitballing here. But I know Helen Mirren can beat the shit out of people; I have seen Red. (Her and Brian Cox are the best part. Bruce Willis is useless.) @taylorannephoto and @tomspanks and I are going to have a spinoff called How Did This Get Made Up. (Also for the record I always refused to use Kat Von D's eyeliner because I disliked her and now I feel vindicated. I just got a Maybelline gel eyeliner that is supposed to be real good. Will keep you posted.)
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    This is truly a thing that bothers me in ALL media! Every time a wig gets snatched or a super hero takes off their mask (looking at you The Flash & Arrow) someone's makeup magically changes! And truly I wish we had gotten a full getting ready in her disguise montage instead of her walking into the hotel room and then she's just ready in the next shot. However I will say if you wear Kat Von Dee's eyeliner (I mean don't now because she's revealed herself to be an anti-vaxxing racist) that shit legit does stay on for forever. But that doesn't explain the rest of her makeup because she's very obviously got on mascara and eyeshadow and there's nothing in those worlds that won't smudge after three days.
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    So I haven't had a chance to see the movie yet. I know they go to Samoa but are they going to the country Samoa or the American Samoa territory? Fun facts the country of Samoa has no military and should they need an army relies on New Zealand's military. Ironically the American Samoa territory has the largest U.S military enlistment than any other state or territory. However citizens of America Samoa cannot vote for President, and are not considered nationalized citizens at birth. It's truly fucked up.
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    Surprise bitches I'm back. Since Hobbs & Shaw drops tomorrow I had to come back to reveal my thoughts, because oh boy do I have them lol. I'm very excited to bring back This Week In Feminism too, because even though I was gone for a few months does not mean I have changed a thing lol. Buckle up, y'all lol. I also had to come back once I heard them announce 2:22 because, while I have not seen that movie so I'm sure it is terrible, Michiel Huisman is my fucking man, y'all. Ever since I saw him on Orphan Black I have been in love with him, and he is a much better actor than I'm sure they will talk about so no matter what I have to defend this stupid movie. Go watch Hill House cause that is a much better representation of his skills lmao. But he's so hot y'all. He's just so hot.
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    I genuinely thought that Paul was going to rip me apart because of my Chest Math, but to hear him say I'm right and then blame Nate well... That was pretty amazing lol!
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    Hey! I'm the one that does the maps around here! This is great and awesome but we have to look at the bigger picture here. Vanessa Kirby has 72 hours from initial injection of the virus, correct? So outside the events of the movie and things like the time taken to let the Rock know, there is a lot of travel going on. First, the Rock is in LA and gets the info and flies to London. Next from London the squad flies to Moscow. From Moscow they fly once more to the Ukraine to infiltrate the Eteon Factory and then they fly to Samoa. So ignoring the times in the movie, how much of that 72 hours is just spent in transit? From LA to London, non-stop commercial, the fastest time is 10 hours 15 minutes From London to Moscow, non-stop commercial, the fastest time is 3 hours 45 minutes From Moscow to the Ukraine, as we don't know the actually destination within the Ukraine the average non-stop commercial flight times for the country is approximately 2 hours From the Ukraine to Samoa, we have Polly Darton's wonderfully researched 36 hours, but seeing as we know this is a chartered flight we can assume it's flying as direct as possible so no doubling back on itself. If you combine just flight times alone flying from the Ukraine to India, India to Hong Kong, Hong Kong to Fiji, Fiji to Samoa in flight time along is 25 hours and 10 minutes. This all in total adds up to a grand total of 41 hours and 10 minutes of just flying! Now we could assume The Rock is flying with the government on a private jet from LA and the flight they took from Moscow to the Ukraine was also seemingly a direct non-commercial affair. This will shave off some time but we are still looking at probably a minimum of 40 hours of flight time in the entire movie. To get into pure hypothetical territory here and say they spend 12 hours (we do know it's at least half a day) with the Rock's family in Samoa plus flight time. That's 41 plus 12 plus the 2 hour and 16 minute run time of the movie that give us a total of 55 hours about. That gives them 17 hours for non-on-screen action. If Ryan Reynolds is immediately informed of the virus, immediately tells the Rock the Rock goes straight to London and from that point everything happens in the quickest most efficient way it *might* actually be plausible. Strong emphasis on the might.
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    Amazon Prime works for everyone? My choice is streamable for Prime members
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    @taylorannephoto @Elektra Boogaloo @tomspanks - The KVD liner is just so very annoyingly good. It's like... it's greatness is perfectly disproportionate to her garbage-person-ness. Keep me updated if anyone finds a viable competitor. They sort of touched on this in the podcast but Vanessa Kirby's wardrobe (and H&S for that matter) really uses some Bugs Bunny rules. She's in the brown wig when she first meets Hobbs, but her blonde beach waves are perfect in the next scene. Then she has the short brown wig for the airport, but it's gone again once they are on the plane. Just so everyone knows... This is a proper wig prep. Without it, your actual hair will likely be very visibly or your wig will be enormous and obvious. I might be able to give a pass to the huge brown bob at the airport, but the dark brown updo would require some version of above to be believable.
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    Too bad you weren’t born a raccoon with naturally fabulous smokey eyes. @Elektra Boogaloo @taylorannephoto speaking of raccoon eyes...
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    This is going to be a long post and I apologize. I actually stayed up to listen to the episode when it dropped last night and I took notes on the podcast, which I have never done before so I wouldn't forget. Will try to bullet point it. -- I am very glad Nicole was there to bring up Vanessa Kirby's eyeliner because it bugged me the ENTIRE movie. Now I've only recently gotten into makeup tutorials on YouTube (if you have free time check out the drama around Jacyln Hill's lipstick line launch. It's wild.) I cannot do a winged eyeliner to save my life; they always come off. So I was impressed that the eyeliner stayed on for THREE FUCKING DAYS. But what amused me the most was that she did put on more makeup in the brief scene where she had the wig on, and she had bright red lips. But that look all comes off... when the Rock snatches her wig off? Again, not a makeup expert, but I am pretty sure that's not how it works. -- The gang seemed confused about the virus and how it worked. I will take a guess. My understanding of it was that three capsules of the virus were inserted into her bloodstream, and after a certain amount of time they would release the virus. I don't think she should have been getting sicker, because if the virus was in her bloodstream at all, then she would die, I think. (And I was glad about that because I thought they were going to make her sick as a way to make her a damsel in distress.) As to who they they think would survive the virus, this is very rudimentary survival of the fittest nonsense. Even if the entire world is exposed, there will be a small percentage of humanity with natural immunity or who somehow survive the initial illness. (Some diseases have been said to kill up to 90% of a given population historically, but that's the highest I know of? Virulogists feel free to chime in. For reference, the "Black Death" killed about 30-60% of the population of Europe and Asia.) -- I did have a quibble with this movie and this is that I thought it went too long and should've ended in Ukraine. -- Did anyone else think the Rock holding the chain to the helicopter was an answer to Chris Evans flexing on the helicopter in CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR? He was like, "I'm going to do that but I'm going to be on a car and there are going to be more people in the helicopter because I am stronger than Captain America." -- I was very excited to hear Tim ask a question, he hasn't been there in awhile and I was worried about him. So, yes Jason, he does get to ask as many questions as he wants. Show some respect. He's a recurring guest star. --Also, of course Helen Mirren fucks when she's older and could be Vanessa Kirby and Jason Statham's mom. Helen is hot. She could still get it. The title card just said "Samoa". It was shot in Hawaii though so it is neither. I thought this too! But what I read is that they wanted the end credit reveal to be that it was Keanu Reeves (as sort of mentioned in the episode) but the scheduling did not work out. I assumed they had to add that other post credits scene with Reynolds because of this, which is why it doesn't really connect that well. But I think it still COULD be Keanu in the next film, right? And, since Reynolds is basically playing Deadpool (the director David Lietch directed DEADPOOL 2) does that mean Keanu will basically be playing John Wick. If so, does Tick Tock Man have any cybernetic enhancements? I know there is something else I forget.
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    Episode stats: H&S is in the top 5 most expensive HDTGM films, along with Spiderman 3, The Fate of the Furious, Green Lantern, and Furious 7. Jason Statham now has been in 9 HDTGM films, in second place behind voiceover master Frank Welker. H&S is the second film of 2019 to be covered; the other one is of course Serenity, everybody's new favorite video game movie. Guest host Adam Scott has been in 8 HDTGM episodes (Fast Five, F&F 6, Glitter, Furious 7, xXx: Return of Xander Cage, Fate of the Furious, The Meg, and H&S) placing him in a tie for first place with Jessica St. Clair for most number of episodes. JSC goes to first place if you count Valerian, the Stitcher-only episode, but I go by the Earwolf list which doesn't list it.
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    When The Rock did the double shot of Tequila and had it go down his chin, I'm pretty sure that was a nod to The Rock's long time friend, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. Whose gimmick was to grab a bunch of beers and drink them after the match. One of a whole punch of WWE references in this movie, which is to be expected with The Rock, even going as far as casting his cousin, Roman Reigns, who was basically there to do a bunch of his moves in the Samoan fight scene. Speaking of Roman, one thing that wasn't brought up on the podcast is that he filmed his scenes in the move, while he was going through a battle with leukemia. Dude was running round spearing motherfuckers, and driving around in high-powered trucks, while he was getting treatment for leukemia!
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    I'm fighting a weeklong migraine and misunderstood who Vanessa Kirby is. For some reason ( meds. Full on hardcore meds) I thought they were talking about Vanessa BAYER from SNL. Vanessa Kirby: Vanessa Byer: Two VERY different women. I'm not going to lie though I loved the idea of Hobbs and Shaw with Vanessa Bayer more .
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    Also in my humble opinion this episode was nice, funny, and smart, but the conflict between the boys made it too scary for me. Hearing Sean and Hayes pretend to argue a little bit is like having someone tell you a mouse might have died in the room you're in. Just the idea that there could be a mouse skellington in the room and you don't even know it is terrifying. Good episode, but faint of heart listeners beware. This episode may be too scary. P.S. Tom is not an unfunny asshole. I think he's actually a pretty nice guy.
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    I mean it's pretty clear she runs the prison and is just biding her time in there. I *almost* feel like she went to prison and stayed in as an elaborate plot to get the Shaw siblings ( That matter because fuck Owen he's apparently the Shaw family Gob) back together again. The family that breaks mom out of prison is the family that stays together! in conclusion this entire family could give a fuck about Owen Shaw.
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    We see the virus capsules have entered her bloodstream, so they would have quickly circulated around her entire body, not remained in her hand. This is as good a place as any to break down just how ridiculous the virus-extraction machine is in terms of a fake piece of biotechnology. Nicole's Theranos joke was one of the best lines of the episode, but at least Holmes' bullshit was in the general vicinity of scientific plausibility. This machine, however, is so straight-up magical that Cliff Curtis fixing it with a 3D printer is one of the more realistic aspects of the movie. Putting aside how the virus is actually designed to work, let's focus on how it's delivered and that it's designed to be extracted if necessary. The virus appears to be encapsulated in engineered particles that are roughly the size of red blood cells. These particles are designed to naturally degrade in 72 hours, releasing the virus into the bloodstream. Let's also assume that these particles have been engineered to flawlessly hide from the immune system for that long, and aren't getting caught in any of the body's physical filtration systems, like the kidneys or spleen. All of this is impossible to do with the level of precision necessary to prevent the carrier from being pretty much immediately infected, but the real challenge is getting every last one of those particles out of the carrier's body before your Domino's order is delivered. The zoom-in shots we see of the particles being sucked up implies that a sharp metal tube knows the difference between them and the surrounding blood cells, but since that's the equivalent of "a wizard did it," let's walk through what it would need to do if it was working like a super-fast dialysis machine. Once Hattie's blood is inside the machine, it needs to be able to identify and capture the Eteon particles while leaving the red blood cells (and the various other healthy blood components) alone. The options are basically either a physical filter, which would be need to be tuned to the particles' exact weight, diameter, etc., or a chemical sensor, like antibodies, custom DNA strands or complex molecules that bind to biomarkers found only on the particles' exteriors. These are more-or-less in line with the kind of multi-purpose blood diagnostics machines Elizabeth Holmes was trying to build with Theranos. The problem she ran into is that all of these technologies are so delicate — dealing with physical properties that are right on the edge of single-molecule detection — that they can't be reliably used to tell whether you have high cholesterol, much less prevent you from contracting Genocitus-Shmenocitus. And that's assuming you know exactly what physical properties you're looking for on these 5-micron-wide particles. So unless Cliff has a scanning electron microscope in the back of his remote Samoan chop-shop, plus a fully equipped wet-lab for making new reagents, plus a forced-air-sterilized clean room for doing the nanoscale fabrication necessary for actually getting the particles back into the vial, everyone is shit out of luck. All of this leads me to believe the only thing that could be broken on the machine is the screen and the injection microfluidics — two things Cliff would absolutely be able to fix due to their similarity to the nitrous systems on his cars.
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    I cannot make up because I'm a possum impersonating a human woman but I love make up and other people's abilities to use it. I'm very much on board for a How Did This Get Made Up segment on Wig Talk
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    Ok, I was just about to respond to Elektra to say KvD's tattoo liner was my go-to. That stuff would stay on even when my face was sweating waterfalls. However, I stopped supporting that brand due to the above reasons. @Elektra Boogaloo the JH lipstick under a microscope:
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