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    Thanks, Elektra! Honestly, I’m less thrilled about the win (although that’s also very nice), and more about making Paul laugh. That’s the real trophy To be honest, I agree with Paul. Last weeks C&O’s were really, really good. I’m proud of everyone!
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    Congratulations to Cameron for being back on top. I liked it when forum posters win and not those LOSER call-in people. I am excited for SERENITY. I feel a little responsible since I suggested it in the bad movie recommendation threads. I'll be curious to see what people who have never heard anything about it think is going on. I, unfortunately, only saw it after reading about it. So I was spoiled. IF anyone went in cold, I want to hear your thoughts.
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    I had a very strong reaction to Midnight Cowboy. I watched it blind, meaning I had no idea what it was about or any of it's history. While I definitely didn't get that these two guys were supposed to be idealized (I guess the way some people seem to have interpreted Travis Bickle), I had no idea why I should care about them. I found the flashbacks to Joe Buck's experiences in Texas to be entirely confusing and muddled. After hearing them discuss the book and how dark his time was in Texas, I could have understood his character and maybe developed a little sympathy for his ... eccentricities? To me, they seemed to be two guys willfully bumming around NYC (oh, that era NYC!!) deluded into thinking they can sell Joe's body for sex while neither of them has any clue how to interact with women. I see the intent of the director, but I think the vision failed for me. Also, I mean... John Voight and Dustin Hoffman. I can't get past who either of them turned out to be.
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    This falls under the category of weird Schwarzenegger team ups, this one featuring Jim Belushi. The first 10 minutes alone feature Arnold fighting what appears to be an Asian/Latino man portraying a Russian steelworker inside a bathhouse while all combatants are only wearing what amounts to a dish towel covering their junk. Then the next scene has Arnold ripping a guy's wooden leg off to reveal that he is hiding a Tony Montana level of cocaine in it.
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    Terrible terrible true story: I am fucking named after a line from this movie. My dad said he was watching this whilst my mom was pregnant and when Arnold says "You ever heard of Miranda" he was like....cool name. Words do not describe how bitter I am about this.
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    Fuck yes, this movie is terrible. It's this weird forgotten blip on Schwarzenegger's career. Belushi, well, par for the course.
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    Loved this movie as a kid. Walter Hill trying to recreate that "48 Hours" magic with Schwarzenegger and Belushi. As far as Arnold movies go, they would need to get through Commando (Crank level awesomeness), Raw Deal (Arnold as small time sherrif that infiltrates the Chicago mob) and Running Man (Hello 1980s!!!!) before this fairly decent action flick.
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    Arnold trying to speak Russian! That is all.
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