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    This can't be a shirt... but it deserves to be made! #illbearookandtakethatcastle #notmycastle #paulscheernewcastle #paulscheeriscastle?
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    Hi all, I’ll try to keep this short. I just wanted to say that I’ve seen a lot of websites where people treat each other HORRIBLY in the comments section (most recently today, in the A.V. Club and Buzzfeed). I’ve only been posting on here since the beginning of summer, which is not very long, but I’ve never been treated that way. Just wanted to say thanks—to all the people who created this site and to all the people who use it—for keeping it a positive, friendly place. I’m legitimately grateful for that.
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    At one point Johann says the the problem with June's teeth is that she has 'fluorosis' which I had never heard before, but after doing some research is an actual malady. And June and Jason's point about June being the victim of neglect as a child seems to have merit based on what WebMD says about fluorosis. Fluorosis is described as "a cosmetic condition that affects the teeth. It’s caused by overexposure to fluoride during the first eight years of life. Fluorosis first attracted attention in the early 20th Century. Researchers were surprised by the high prevalence of what was called “Colorado Brown Stain” on the teeth of native-born residents of Colorado Springs. The stains were caused by high levels of fluoride in the local water supply. Although fluorosis is not a disease, its effects can be psychologically distressing and difficult to treat. Parental vigilance can play an important role in preventing fluorosis. A major cause of fluorosis is the inappropriate use of fluoride-containing dental products such as toothpaste and mouth rinses. Sometimes, children enjoy the taste of fluoridated toothpaste so much that they swallow it instead of spitting it out. But there are other causes of fluorosis. For example, taking a higher-than-prescribed amount of a fluoride supplement during early childhood can cause it. So can taking a fluoride supplement when fluoridated drinking water or fluoride-fortified fruit juices and soft drinks already provide the right amount." WebMD also states that only 1% of all cases of fluorosis are considered severe, which is what June's case would be described as. To have such a severe case, my guess is that June's parents were giving her fluoride supplements with the same regularity that Arno's mom gives him holiday snacks.
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    you know your movie had a fuckboi when the opening scene with a woman smashing a guitar over a man's head has you screaming "YAS GIRL!" I'm a bisexual woman and watching this movie I came to realize that Paris and June should have ended up together and had the only healthy relationship in the film. They lived together, have a deep close relationship between the two and have for years, care about the others happiness and want the best for the other / support them. They belong together! I don't think Paris would have ever needed June to change her appearance. I think she supported her friend for her friend's sake but I truly think she loves her just fine. They are so clearly in a sapphic relationship and if this movie wasn't written by incel Nice Guys I would love to see that explored. Except not because watching Paris Hilton act is far too painful. But the story of women constantly being sexualized by the male gaze while in a committed same sex relationship is nothing new. The optics can get worse on both sides if the woman is bisexual, pansexual, or queer like I am reading Paris's character to be. Then both lesbians and men judge you as not being one thing truly. Men tend to try to " turn " you regardless whereas some lesbians just refuse to have anything to do with you.
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    I love this! I do feel men like women like Paris who let themselves be viewed as dumb and blank canvases for them to fill in the details of what they think that the woman really is. They enjoy having the ability to see what they want. I just finished this and June does end up with the main love interest. Unfortunately as you mentioned she goes through truly painful procedures in order for him to see her as a viable person worthy of love. I actually didn't hate Paris' character in this. She very clearly cared for her friend, they have a deep close bond. She looks out for her, multiple times she tried to say she was uncomfortable with the situation and felt her boyfriend was pushing things. She works for a non profit and is passionate about yoga and fitness. When it comes to her friend's transformation She feels supportive because she thinks she wants it and isn't like forcing her. She has some layers. Not many because this movie is a hellscape written by Nice Guys but she's not The Worst. She even is happy when her boyfriend leaves her for her friend because she wants her to be happy.
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    Description: Recorded live from Charleston, South Carolina, Paul, June, and Jason discuss the 2008 romantic comedy The Hottie and the Nottie starring Paris Hilton. They talk about June auditioning for the role of the Nottie, earth suits, the stalker, farts, and much more. This episode is brought to you by Bombas (www.bombas.com/BONKERS), World of Warcraft Classic (www.wowclassic.com/howdidthisgetmade), and Starbucks Triple Shot Energy Drink. Subscribe to Unspooled with Paul Scheer and Amy Nicholson here: http://www.earwolf.com/show/unspooled/ Check out our tour dates over at www.hdtgminfo.com! Check out new HDTGM merch over at https://www.teepubli…wdidthisgetmade Where to Find Jason, June & Paul: @PaulScheer on Instagram & Twitter @Junediane on IG and @MsJuneDiane on twitter it is still very early here on the East Coast but my neighbor kept me up by watching very loud movies and I will murder him eventually. I didnt watch this movie and I am so glad after listening to this episode. It sounds like it was written by incels. Maybe it originated on 8chan. There is a huge problem with media in our society where men EXPECT to be able to date a woman like Paris Hilton just for being. They don’t have to be smart or funny or earn a “high status” mate (and here I would point out that there is an issue with a woman being hot and dumb—which is her persona, I have never met her—as being that “thing” that every man wants). i would like to believe there was another version of the script where the main guy ends up with June, and it was about realizing looks don’t matter, and that perhaps the studio decided he had to end up with Paris Hilton if it’s a Paris Hilton movie. That is perhaps the nicest thing I can think to say. I’d also like to point out that the actress who did get the role of June, was on the TGIF show “Step-by-Step” and I thought she was gorgeous. The fact that they can’t even find an average looking person to give those teeth to is a scathing indictment of how Hollywood treats women in and of itself. They don’t exist in Hollywood’s world. ETA: did anyone have a crush in 1st grade? That seems to early to me. Isn’t there a thing where people who are molested are sexual too young? Could that be what is happening?
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    I think we need to consider the possibility that Cristabel and June's relationship was a Munchausen by Proxy scenario. The off-the-charts levels of misogyny in the movie makes assessing this more difficult. We don't wan't to pathologize June's appearance, which is one of the reasons Cristabel comes off as a (surprisingly) good and supportive friend. She doesn't judge June or think that she needs to change her physical self to be happy or find love. The movie takes on a different tone, however, if June wants to change her appearance but can't for some reason. It's also not as if the movie's moral is that having self-love and confidence is more important than being "conventionally" attractive — June is otherwise smart, funny and self-possessed, but only gets her wants and needs met after a total physical makeover. The fact that she says she tried to overhaul her look in the past but had since given up makes me think that she was being secretly undermined by Cristabel. Our first impression of young June is that she was perhaps the victim of neglect or abuse; June's fluorosis is some evidence to that effect. I think this neglect and abuse was perpetrated by Cristabel for decades as an extension of her own narcissism. Munchausen by Proxy, now known as Factitious Disorder Imposed on Another, is when "a person acts as if an individual he or she is caring for has a physical or mental illness when the person is not really sick." The movie talks about June's appearance in medical terms, we know that she wanted to change her appearance, and that she was capable of doing so relatively easily under the right circumstances. By the movie's own logic, June's Nottie-ness was a factitious disorder. Cristabel was imposing it on her as part of ploy to gain attention, sympathy and control from her many suitors. My theory is that she only released June from her clutches after Johan came into the picture because he operates in a very similar way and could be a potential accomplice moving forward.
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    Yes, Christine Lakin! And yes, she is better-looking than Paris Hilton. I actually thought her performance in this movie was very good, much better than anyone else's. Like, June's turn to start liking Nate at the end was barely motivated by the writing (if at all), but damned if she didn't try her best to sell it in that final scene. No way her efforts could have saved this movie, but I appreciate the effort.
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    So I was confused by the character of the albino stalker. I mean if you're going to have a whole movie set outside at the beach making a character an albino seems like an odd choice. On top of that to play him as if he has some sort of disability is another weird choice. I was curious what else that actor, Scott Prendergast, had done because he looked kinda familiar. So I pulled up his IMDB and guess what? There is a The Hottie and The Nottie extended universe! Turns out years before The Hottie and The Nottie Scott Prendergast made a short filmed call Anna is Being Stalked. That short film is up on YouTube and here it is: He's playing the exact same character! Everything is the same. The name on the shirt, the albinism, the weird ticks, everything! This short came out years before The Hottie and The Nottie so more likely The Hottie and The Nottie is part of the Anna is Being Stalked cinematic universe. I still want to know why this guy is playing the same part. Did the director know him and threw him in as joke? Did he audition because of his past experience playing a stalker? Blake Harris get on it!
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    They brought this up during the episode but, despite its incel-ishness, the sole credited writer is a woman named Heidi Ferrer. She apparently quit showbiz in 2008 to become a Lifestyle Brand, which might be a convenient cover story when The Hottie and The Nottie destroys your career.
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    I haven't finished the movie yet but I need to write Gloria Steinem a personal letter of apology and donate to the Geena David Institute on Gender in Media like NOW. The shame and more importantly THE RAGE I feel as a woman and an intersectional feminist! Ooooh boy!
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    I genuinely thought that Paul was going to rip me apart because of my Chest Math, but to hear him say I'm right and then blame Nate well... That was pretty amazing lol!
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    Hey! I'm the one that does the maps around here! This is great and awesome but we have to look at the bigger picture here. Vanessa Kirby has 72 hours from initial injection of the virus, correct? So outside the events of the movie and things like the time taken to let the Rock know, there is a lot of travel going on. First, the Rock is in LA and gets the info and flies to London. Next from London the squad flies to Moscow. From Moscow they fly once more to the Ukraine to infiltrate the Eteon Factory and then they fly to Samoa. So ignoring the times in the movie, how much of that 72 hours is just spent in transit? From LA to London, non-stop commercial, the fastest time is 10 hours 15 minutes From London to Moscow, non-stop commercial, the fastest time is 3 hours 45 minutes From Moscow to the Ukraine, as we don't know the actually destination within the Ukraine the average non-stop commercial flight times for the country is approximately 2 hours From the Ukraine to Samoa, we have Polly Darton's wonderfully researched 36 hours, but seeing as we know this is a chartered flight we can assume it's flying as direct as possible so no doubling back on itself. If you combine just flight times alone flying from the Ukraine to India, India to Hong Kong, Hong Kong to Fiji, Fiji to Samoa in flight time along is 25 hours and 10 minutes. This all in total adds up to a grand total of 41 hours and 10 minutes of just flying! Now we could assume The Rock is flying with the government on a private jet from LA and the flight they took from Moscow to the Ukraine was also seemingly a direct non-commercial affair. This will shave off some time but we are still looking at probably a minimum of 40 hours of flight time in the entire movie. To get into pure hypothetical territory here and say they spend 12 hours (we do know it's at least half a day) with the Rock's family in Samoa plus flight time. That's 41 plus 12 plus the 2 hour and 16 minute run time of the movie that give us a total of 55 hours about. That gives them 17 hours for non-on-screen action. If Ryan Reynolds is immediately informed of the virus, immediately tells the Rock the Rock goes straight to London and from that point everything happens in the quickest most efficient way it *might* actually be plausible. Strong emphasis on the might.
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    I know Kate Hudson was originally eyed to play Tessa, but I can't help but think that the role was originally written for Louise Linton. Beyond Mnuchin's involvement…just look at her! The hair! The gloves! The racist undertones to her animosity toward Julia that I was convinced the movie was going to steer hard into, which Kerry Washington's near-casting also suggests! And most damning of all, Linton's total willingness to lean into her public persona as an obscenely wealthy psychopath. Beyond straight-up Cruella Deville-ing it with sheets of uncut money and insulting people for being poor on Instagram, there's the matter of her upcoming directorial debut: Steve Mnuchin should probably hide the thousands of fireplace pokers he presumably has in their castle. Or not, because fuck Steve Mnuchin.
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    Congratulations @PollyDarton. June was on Jimmy Kimmel and shared some details on the book and also Paul loving rides. I might be interested in the how to do Disney book, because I might be taking my nephews in November and they are little.
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    100% agree. There's only one live-action character on the "positive portrayals" list in the (seemingly comprehensive) Wikipedia page "Albinism in popular culture" and it's from a fan-made short film parody of The Da Vinci Code.
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    Can we talk about how Nate and his terrifying best friend only have references in their friendship from elementary school? I've known one of my best friends since the 4th grade ( we didn't become friends until the 7th though) and we both moved away before high school. We are super close to this day and while we do talk about that time we went to Llamafest ( twice because heyo what cool kids we were!) We also talk about the present world and our lives now and the people who have been in them in the interim. We talk about the skills and passions we have as adults and our hopes for the future. Even though we have gone years without talking because life got busy we still can always pick right back up and get back into the groove. Outside of their stalker mission the only things they could talk about in their friendship was their first grade glory days. Who even had those?! It's first grade! Honestly all these two have is their sick obsession. That's it. That's the friendship. Speaking of what exactly does the friend get out of this? It's clear he's been gathering this information for a long time. he had files all set up and ready to go on both Paris and June. Why? He's not trying to get with Paris. Is he just another stalker? If so why would he let his friend use his material to get his dream girl? Why is he so invested in him getting her at all? Has he been stalking her since elementary school out of some insane sense of loyalty to his only friend? If she had rejected his friend once and for all do you think he would have killer Paris, June, Nate, himself, and his mother in a very upsetting revenge murder suicide?
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    This movie is gross and disgusting and offensive. It it horrible towards everybody. "Hey let's make her one weird stalker and albino? Their lack of pigment is hilarious because who could love that? hahaha I know why don't we give him some sort of twitch with his hands and a speech impediment to indicate a possible learning disability or mental problem as well? Genius! Hahahaha" The movie even stoops so far as to make a "midget" joke with the little girl crying out "I love midget mimes" and thus undoing the hypnosis. Now disregarding the terrible joke of how this is suppose to be an impossible phrase to hear yet there are so many little people mimes out there that a small child loves them more so than any other kind of mime to specify she likes little people mimes instead of just mimes in general. Also what child loves mimes? No! What is truly crazy about this scene is the father coming in to correct her with "They are called little people honey." This movie who could give two fucks on who it's offending and making fun of stops to say "Hey audience, midget is an offensive term and not cool." The kicker to me is nothing to do with the mime and the jokes around him are height based so that line could have literally been anything else. They could have made that code phrase "purple clowns" or "chocolate cowboys" and had a clown in purple or a candy themed cowboy and the scene plays out the exact same. Yet the writer decided "midget mime" was the most hilarious thing. Then they felt guilty about that and so they stop to inform us that we shouldn't be offensive towards this one group. It's just so inconstant and weird. Where is the bit where they stop to apologize to women?
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    You keep in a dedicated shrine like a civilized person.
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    Omission: In reference to Arno's file on "The Every Move of the Hottie", as Jason pointed out, he also references a website that tracks Cristobel's life. Besides the abysmal quality of this shit film, I have to wonder how Paris Hilton feels about this movie and that exact moment because of this: In late 2008 (after the release of The Hottie & The Nottie), a group of Los Angeles teens (affectionately known as The Bling Ring) robbed Paris Hilton's multi-million dollar Beverly Hills mansion. The group was notably obsessed with famous people and chose Paris Hilton as their first robbery because they figured she was dumb. They got into Hilton's mansion by finding a key under the welcome mat and then had a duplicate made and robbed her home several more times. At first the group only took small mementos: some shoes or fashion jewelry, but by the end were tearing apart Hilton's belongings and stealing her personal nude photos. It took Hilton several months to even realize she had been robbed. And how did these crafty genius's figure out when would be a good time to rob Paris Hilton? That's right... you guessed it, by tracking her every move through her website (and possibly her MySpace since it was 2008 after all.) They easily found out when she would be out of town, found out her address through one of those "maps to the stars" type of website, and seized the opportunity. They also robbed a bunch of other celebs, but Paris seemed to be their biggest obsession. The true sadness is that this movie in conjunction with the Bling Ring robbery could very much be considered the end of Paris Hilton's career as an entertainment brand name. Sofia Coppola made a movie about it based off a very well researched book by Nancy Jo Sales.
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    Also in my humble opinion this episode was nice, funny, and smart, but the conflict between the boys made it too scary for me. Hearing Sean and Hayes pretend to argue a little bit is like having someone tell you a mouse might have died in the room you're in. Just the idea that there could be a mouse skellington in the room and you don't even know it is terrifying. Good episode, but faint of heart listeners beware. This episode may be too scary. P.S. Tom is not an unfunny asshole. I think he's actually a pretty nice guy.
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    I mean it's pretty clear she runs the prison and is just biding her time in there. I *almost* feel like she went to prison and stayed in as an elaborate plot to get the Shaw siblings ( That matter because fuck Owen he's apparently the Shaw family Gob) back together again. The family that breaks mom out of prison is the family that stays together! in conclusion this entire family could give a fuck about Owen Shaw.
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    We see the virus capsules have entered her bloodstream, so they would have quickly circulated around her entire body, not remained in her hand. This is as good a place as any to break down just how ridiculous the virus-extraction machine is in terms of a fake piece of biotechnology. Nicole's Theranos joke was one of the best lines of the episode, but at least Holmes' bullshit was in the general vicinity of scientific plausibility. This machine, however, is so straight-up magical that Cliff Curtis fixing it with a 3D printer is one of the more realistic aspects of the movie. Putting aside how the virus is actually designed to work, let's focus on how it's delivered and that it's designed to be extracted if necessary. The virus appears to be encapsulated in engineered particles that are roughly the size of red blood cells. These particles are designed to naturally degrade in 72 hours, releasing the virus into the bloodstream. Let's also assume that these particles have been engineered to flawlessly hide from the immune system for that long, and aren't getting caught in any of the body's physical filtration systems, like the kidneys or spleen. All of this is impossible to do with the level of precision necessary to prevent the carrier from being pretty much immediately infected, but the real challenge is getting every last one of those particles out of the carrier's body before your Domino's order is delivered. The zoom-in shots we see of the particles being sucked up implies that a sharp metal tube knows the difference between them and the surrounding blood cells, but since that's the equivalent of "a wizard did it," let's walk through what it would need to do if it was working like a super-fast dialysis machine. Once Hattie's blood is inside the machine, it needs to be able to identify and capture the Eteon particles while leaving the red blood cells (and the various other healthy blood components) alone. The options are basically either a physical filter, which would be need to be tuned to the particles' exact weight, diameter, etc., or a chemical sensor, like antibodies, custom DNA strands or complex molecules that bind to biomarkers found only on the particles' exteriors. These are more-or-less in line with the kind of multi-purpose blood diagnostics machines Elizabeth Holmes was trying to build with Theranos. The problem she ran into is that all of these technologies are so delicate — dealing with physical properties that are right on the edge of single-molecule detection — that they can't be reliably used to tell whether you have high cholesterol, much less prevent you from contracting Genocitus-Shmenocitus. And that's assuming you know exactly what physical properties you're looking for on these 5-micron-wide particles. So unless Cliff has a scanning electron microscope in the back of his remote Samoan chop-shop, plus a fully equipped wet-lab for making new reagents, plus a forced-air-sterilized clean room for doing the nanoscale fabrication necessary for actually getting the particles back into the vial, everyone is shit out of luck. All of this leads me to believe the only thing that could be broken on the machine is the screen and the injection microfluidics — two things Cliff would absolutely be able to fix due to their similarity to the nitrous systems on his cars.
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    I know they get second opinions from Amazon but I thought this one on IMDB deserved to be seen. Note the star rating.
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    New theory! The Eteon voice is the mother cause she's pissed as fuck that he took her daughter away. Or she's just actually always been a villain and that is why he took the daughter away.
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