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    Wow I can't believe I have been calling John "Paul" all this time and no one corrected me. I sort of thought when the son showed up in the video game that it meant he was also dead? (I wasn't sure if he had killed himself or perhaps had been killed for his crimes?) I'll admit to checking out towards the end. Mostly my take away from this is that maybe I should take a vacation to Florida. And then I googled if it was filmed in Florida and it was not. It was filmed in Mauritius, and I was like, Oh I should go there. But it's kind of far and then I ended up looking in the Caribbean. Long story short, I went to Antigua in May.
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    It was actually a polar bear. I'm dead now.
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    I mean, the twist of this movie is just the final episode of St. Elsewhere. It traded an autistic boy looking into a snow globe and reimagining the people in his life, to an autistic boy looking into computer code and reimagining the people in his life. I know that they don't specifically say that he has autism spectrum disorder, but he's definitely written that way. The stepfather calls him a 'creepy weirdo' who stays in his room all day with his video game, but that his teacher says he's a genius. His mother gets super defensive when he's mentioned. His bedroom is still very childlike. Doesn’t seem to want or have any friends. He's hyper-focused on the world he's created and that world only. He has a strong sense of justice. Having him actually commit murder was the nail in the coffin for me. After sitting with the movie for a bit I thought maybe I was just reading into things, but then I read some Tweets from a few other people with ASD who felt similarly. I just couldn't enjoy this one. The cat(s) were adorable though. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    I don't have the time now, and I don't want to just repeat what everybody has been saying but I have had strong feelings about this being on the list and maybe this is the episode I was looking forward to the most. I will give the TL;DR of it all now, and hopefully tonight bang out a tirade but to me everything that is wrong with the AFI Top 100 is summed up with this movie being on the list. It shows that a) series/trilogies are singularly represented to stand for the franchise, b) first is always best and nothing else is considered unless you are a well known or respected name c) "cultural importance" and actual pop culture impact are often different and d) genre token representation. Should a computer animated movie be on the list? It the grand scheme if it truly is one of the best movies then yes, if it's there to just represent "advancements in CGI" then maybe because it did kill traditional animation in a way. If you have to include one, should it be Toy Story. No.
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    Yeah... that's honestly fair. Also me:
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    It's been a long time since I originally saw this movie, but at the time I remember being amused that Kris Kristofferson seemed to have gone straight from a fishing trip to a dance competition, fully dressed in a tuxedo -- something he had definitely not planned on doing when he originally went fishing. So was he carrying a tux in his tackle box?
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    True story of today: I was about to tee off a round of golf this morning when a yearling bear ran across the course, and they closed the course for the day while they tried to catch it. But I instantly remembered "Black, fight back. Brown, lay down." Thanks, June. That'll be in my head forever now, and it might've saved my life today.
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    Director: I have completed my masterpiece! A dance movie that’s nearly 2 1/2 hours long... Screenwriter: But the script was only 8 pages long and two of those just had the words “they dance” written in highlighter. Director: Masterpiece! We watched: NEXT WEEK: Watch Out for Snakes picks
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    You can if you want but why would you? Blue cheese all day every day. Wings it's a must. Salad not a must but a good blue cheese dressing or the real deal crumbled in. Give me blue cheese all the time!* *Cam Bert is well known to have very unpopular tastes in food.
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    This list needs more "Wild Honey Pie"s
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    Just remember when watching this movie: Academy Award Winner: Anne Hathaway Academy Award Winner: Matthew McConaughey Academy Award Nominee: Diane Lane Academy Award Nominee: Djimon Hounsou And for what it's worth: SAG Nominees: Jason Clarke and Jeremy Strong
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    I FINALLY FOUND SOMEONE ELSE!!!!!!! I prefer Star Wars to Empire. I like the world and world building more. Empire is better filmed and looks amazing. I love Yoda. But I also find the Millennium Falcon is a monster asteroid section kind of unnecessary.
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    I don't. I like that the original is a true standalone movie, and to me some of the cheesier moments are charming. But I get the point. I voted Yes on Toy Story remaining on the list, but if it were to be replaced with another Pixar entry I would be okay with that too. I think it's the representative mostly because of when the poll was taken. So a question to the board: which Pixar would you pick? Mine is WALL-E. I think that's a flat masterpiece.
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    I ended up voting “no.” I love the movie, but like they said in a previous episode, if you want to make a list about “first of their kinds,” then cool. Do that. And I’m not saying influence can’t be a part of the criteria. But I would very much prefer the list to be comprised of the best movies - whatever the genre or medium - and I can think of plenty of other Pixar movies that I think are more deserving. Toy Story is a fascinating template for Pixar’s success, but for me, including it would be like saying Da Vinci’s preliminarily rough sketch of the Mona Lisa is better than the finished product.
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    For real. I feel like his hips don’t lie (that they’re wooden)
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    Honestly, what really threw me was Kris Kristofferson runs a dance studio. Him being the father to some Cuban guy didn't even trigger anything being off to me.
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    Even crazier is he’s fishing in Texas and the competition is in Las Vegas
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    Oh, at my old dance studio, there were weekly "parties" as well. It's more of a get together to dance. Basically anyone can show up - they had salsa nights, tango nights, etc. It's good for people who don't have dance partners, because people rotate and often instructor-assisted.
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    Also this is where we need Taylor Anne's input, but I would imagine the Cuban population is no so large in Texas. I would imagine most of the Hispanic people there are from Mexico. I could be wrong. It just seemed everything was Cuban run or themed or maybe Mexican culture and Cuban culture has more overlap than I thought.
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    Most ballroom dancing I've seen is like other creative/sport competitions like figure skating where the dancers go out one by one and receive a score from the judges. This felt more like the high school dance-off a la Grease. That said, I think this movie was perfection! I don't see why anyone would have any nits to pick
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    I turned to my boyfriend at one point while we were watching this and I said "oh man I can't wait to hear what June says about this movie."
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