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    lol i guess hayes is freaking crazy if hes going to a shrink. what a lunatic. you dont have to be crazy to have a podcast here but it helps
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    I hadn't listened to the episode or read any of the comments when I posted that but I stand by every word
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    Obligatory alternate dimension post. Yes, my workplace is very boring. Thank you for asking.
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    you better get used to it. ive had a couple of buddies start chasing the snail and could never reintegrate back into the group. especially when they miss out on the greatest podcast episode ever recorded. bet they rename a wing of the new earwolf studios after hayes, brett and tim because of all the audiobooks this epi will sell. sean. if you're reading this over someones shoulder on the LA train because the enormous fanfare drives most people to these forums soon. please remember that we love you and are in love with you. reach out if you need me to come pick up bosch and give him a proper home.
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    This one was clearly an all-timer, except we all know an ep without Sean can't be an all-timer. So it is simultaneously an all-timer and not an all-timer, Schrödinger's all-timer.
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    We have three cats, a tuxedo, a black cat, and then some mixed up fat faced thing that cries like a kitten despite being the biggest of the three. I'll try to get pics later.
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    Pooh: "I bet this shit is fucking delicious." Piglet: (maybe if i lean a bit i can eek this fart out without Pooh noticing)
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    The rear projection is probably the worst thing in the movie. My original thought was they filmed it in LA and wanted to have a real theater in New Haven in the background.
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    Re: the rear projection I noticed it too, but I figured it was so they could pass beneath the marquee with her name on it. I’m not sure why they couldn’t just do it without the rear projection, though. Was it still difficult to mic people outdoors in those days?
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    Assorted footnotes: Like Paul, I also assumed Addison DeWitt was gay from the outset, and I realized it was due to how much he reminded me of a young Stephen Fry. Did anyone else notice the really odd use of rear-projection when Eve and DeWitt were "walking" to Eve's apartment? Why? I've said this before but You Must Remember This is a true work of art and I hope Karina is a frequent return guest! P.S. Facebook users are the balcony monsters of Unspooled listenership.
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    tim-BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLTTZZZZ! *he hacks down the tree and it falls*
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    Brevity is the soul of the HIGHWAY TO MY PANTS Daltypoo. You’re in the HOV lane passing on the shoulder with this description. Gaahwud DAMN. Great friggin job.
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    This is the greatest episode of this show ever. Sorry Sean, but Brett’s got your number. He didn’t even get acknowledged for the best joke of the show when he says it’s weird to have sex without gloves on. Sean will never recover from this. What a shame.
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    This episode will hit podmass best of 2018 and be the downfall of the show; along with my marriage to BEEFace. The countdown begins. Immunna listen ‘gain
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    TIM BALTZ joins Hayes to have a Shrink session.
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    You know, I love the insane improv of Womp It Up... but seriously, nothing makes me happier than hearing Jess & Lennon (or Marisa & Listler) give advice. They're insightful and so encouraging and supportive. Love it. So much inspiration. I pretend they're my life coaches.
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    For anyone, like me, who doesn't have Amazon Prime, this is available for free on Hoopla digital. It's a free streaming service that a lot of libraries use. If you have a library card, you might be able to use it without having to go to a library at all (other than initially getting the card).
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    Speaking of profile pictures, urinalcake's pic makes me as uncomfortable as this one does.
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    My Oliver acts more like a dog! Did they switch bodies maybe? Cause Oliver will bring me toys to play fetch with all day long if he could. My aunt was watching him while I was at the beach and we talked on the phone for a bit and she was legit like "Oh my god he just brought me a stick like he wants me to throw it!" I told her to throw it and he immediately ran and brought it back and she had a fit lol.
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    so your dog is also a tiny sociopath?
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    I'm not gonna lie. I enjoyed this one. It was stupid and really self-indulgent but it was a good-bad movie for me all the way. Oh by the way, hi. I've been listening for a long time but just started posting here now. These guys inspired me to start a bad movie podcast of my own (aka my username, link's in my profile) so I'm a huge fan!
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    I'm not going to multi-quote you all on this but I think the thing that is brilliant about the film is that as pointed out we never see Eve or Margo act on stage but we do see them act. They both in different ways and and different times are acting with each other or others. As pointed out Eve is "acting" with her fake story and shy innocent persona. It's a fully crafted character and there are only a few rare moments before the climax that we see her as her true self and out of character. Meanwhile we have Margo, who is overall I think more genuine, but she has an image to maintain and to maintain that she acts a certain way. Think of the scene mentioned on the podcast in which nobody is looking she runs down the stairs, before and after that moment when she's with people she is acting. She's also playing the character of "Margo" instead of just being Margo. That's why I think it's a great twist to the film at the end of it Margo grows to the point that she doesn't need to act anymore and can just be Margo and is happier than she ever was. Meanwhile Eve is now stuck playing this character and she's not too happy and while getting accolades and awards she's unhappy at being stuck into this persona she crafted for herself.
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