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    I missed my 3,000th post so I'm gonna yell one more time... PAUL, DO QUEEN OF THE DAMNED!!! PLEASE!!!
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    Exciting and a bummer - I have no date tonight, glad I have these plans instead
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    GIVE US SEXY VAMPIRE QUEEN AALIYAH PAUL! Let us have rock star Lestat (I can't even type that without laughing) in a band that I think he names after himself (which is the MOST Lestat thing ) ! This movie is nothing but open shirts, (p)leather , velvet, and mesh with a truly awful soundtrack. It's an early 2000's Hot Topic made sentient and it is EVERYTHING! WE NEED TO DO THIS MOVIE
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    semi-official mini-update on today's mini-episode of HDTGM, Paul mentioned Unspooled and that these 3 movies were ones he watched. Probably stands to reason The African Queen is right after the next two already confirmed ones, but I guess it's possible he skipped a week in there since he was just being conversational. Ep 22 - Psycho Ep 23 - Raiders Of The Lost Ark (soon) - The African Queen
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    I'll preface by saying that, yes, it's really one long movie that's hard to split up and that I don't see a huge quality difference between the three entries. But as to which one I like the best . . . After seeing them in theaters, The Two Towers was my favorite. I was amazed by the scale of the action (seriously that Helm's Deep sequence is on a Kurosawa level) and how much it expanded the world. But after having returned to the films over the years, Fellowship has become my favorite. I think I like it because it's the movie that takes the most time to stop and drink in the scenery, to give you a sense of how much the world's history informs everything (love those lingering images of ancient ruins). I also tend to love "introduction" movies because they still feel pregnant with possibility. Fellowship also pulled off the feat of playing an Enya song in the middle of a movie and not having it distract from the proceedings or stick out as a joke. It just fits right in there. Got to give some extra points for that.
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    My wife told me it was because I was kind and wise, but analytical to the point of stagnation and full of self-doubt. I told her she was Boromir. She was upset at first, but I explained it’s because she’s brave, caring, and would die defending the ones she cares about, but she would 100% be corrupted by the ring out of a desire to do good. She thought about it for a second and was like, “You’re totally right.” Lol (It’s also worth mentioning that I’m a Ravenclaw and she’s a Slytherin )
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    I dunno, he works much harder than the leisurely Shire-folk
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    Is it your penchant for wizard hats and long beards?
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    A greater question: which characters are Paul and Amy? I'll go with Aragorn for Paul, as he is leading us with insight, advice, and ability Amy is Gandalf of course
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    Don’t let Buzzfeed determine your true self. I dub thee Whisper Willow the Ent
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    I got 'Elf' with a picture of Galadriel via Buzzfeed there, which as I think about it is pretty accurate Though I'd love to be a Treebeard tbh
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    Speaking of Buzzfeed, here's a helpful quiz! https://www.buzzfeed.com/ariannarebolini/which-middle-earth-character-are-you
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    Excuse this for being a bit Buzzfeedian, but what LotR character are you? I thought I was a Merry, but I've been told I'm more of a Gandalf - and not necessarily in a flattering way.
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    I haven't listened to the episode yet because I'm soooo behind on my podcasts (just literally listened to Apocalypse Now about two hours ago) but I'm sad that I don't get as excited for LotR as a lot of others do. The movies are beautiful and I do enjoy watching them, but after seeing them I'm like okay cool those were good movies and then I move on. Generally I'm all in with movies like these, like I mentioned in my first comment in this thread I am a die hard Harry Potter fanatic, so it's not like I'm not a fan of this genre, but I just really can't get any more into LotR other than loving the actors and loving the scenery. I wouldn't take it off of the AFI list at all even with that thought process though. I think it does absolutely deserve to be there for the cultural explosion it created and for how well they are made. It's just not the fandom I'm part of.
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    Oh "A Night in Heaven". I've been waiting for them to do it for the show ever since I submit it for consideration. Can't wait what they have to say!
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    I wouldn't put it in a top list, but it's the best Potter movie. Gary Oldman, David Thewlis and Timothy Spall were perfectly cast. If I run across that movie on cable, I'll usually wind up watching half of it. I liked the fifth book the best but I've never wanted to see that movie a second time.
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    Yes, I love fantasy, both in film and books, and have read the books. I read the books before the movies, but not that much before, just a couple years I think. Though I had read The Hobbit many years prior. The thing about Tolkein is the books are more than just a story, more than just a universe, he created a FULL history of everyone and everything in it. That's one thing the movies do well to convey that I think a lesser version of the film would not even attempt. Oh yea, I mean that's why we're here right? To figure out and discuss why these films are 'great', to as you say, organize our thoughts. Your questions are literally the same ones I've asked in at least a few other threads, where I didn't connect the same as others. One reason I prefer these forums over, say, the Facebook group is they do a lot of discussion about films in general over there; I don't care, I just want to discuss these movies in particular.
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    I agree that 5 is the worst, in the sense that it has the largest gap between quality of the book and quality of the movie. I find 1 tough to watch because all of the kids are still pretty terrible at acting, and I'm not a fan of 2 because I think it's the worst of the books.
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    I suspect this won't ever happen, but if you don't know already, if anyone ever asks you if you want to watch Cannibal Holocaust. Say, "no."
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    went to this live show and Hayes brought the 'yeauh' guy up on stage to do one big YEAUH into the mic but the guy kind of blew it so they must've cut it out
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    Kevin has really grown up on this Podcast and I think he's pretty good. I did feel bad for him this episode.
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