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    Hot damn! I not only made the C&O for the first time, but i won the coveted Nothing! This is the best day ever...
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    What was your first episode of HDTGM? Twilight Breaking Dawn, Pt. 1. The friend I made a secret pact with to love/hate-watch all the movies in the theater pointed me at this episode. They had me at "Not-Tom-Skerritt." Favorite catchphrase? "This guy gets it" A clip or moment that you'll always remember? (timestamps are nice ) I traveled to Chicago from DC to see the "Striptease" show. June's nuanced take on the vulnerability of sex workers, and also the fact that Paul and Jason weren't even holding up their mics while she was talking made for an unexpectedly emotional memory for me from a show where people scream over each other (to my delight) more often than not. I know it wasn't popular with a lot of people, but in the audience it went over huge. Also, this isn't one particular moment but anytime Paul says something that makes the other hosts basically stop the podcast--I love it. The episode you revisit the most Definitely "Solarbabies." I feel like I can admit to you all that most nights I'm falling asleep to random parts of that episode. The movie that you loved or hated watching I can't believe I used the entirety of my time in the United first-class lounge watching "Ninja Terminator." That was brutal. Probably the most unexpected "I love this" movie was "Death Spa." How HDTGM fits into your weekly routine Every other Thursday/Friday night I'm usually watching an HDTGM movie. My favorite way to listen is on the 2-hour trip to visit my parents in the country on some Saturday mornings; I love to have that stretch of road and nothing to interrupt the podcast. What the show has meant to you after all these years or any other sappy stuff HDTGM is my main podcast. I listen to a lot, but it's the one I totally fangirl for the most. It is very sappy to say, but the two live shows I've been to were so incredibly affirming. I'm taking my boyfriend this weekend to a live show and I'm more emotionally invested in this than him meeting my parents. Also the forums rock. Truly one of the nicest, smartest places on the internet.
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    None of the above. I wish we could have learned more about her lesbian affair.
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    Found this comment about the Charles Barkley doll on a YouTube clip from the film:
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    Good news everyone! I am out of the hospital!
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    If you're interested you'd better hurry, tickets are going fast!!
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    What was your first episode of HDTGM? My first episode of HDTGM was Punisher: War Zone. Years after this movie's theatrical release, I was curious-enough to watch this gonzo action film. After doing so, I scoured the Internet for more information on it and stumbled upon the HDTGM episode with Patton Oswalt and director Lexi Alexander. I was hooked on this show--the first I have actually ever listened to--instantly. From there, both my wife and I started devouring all of the back episodes between the weeks when new episodes would appear. My wife, Amy, now listens to a wide range of podcasts (My Favorite Murder, James Bonding, The Dollup, Myths and Legends, Sordid Details, Do You Need A Ride?, etc, etc.), and her listening habits/fandom can be directly attributed back to HDTGM. When Patton Oswalt came to Powell's Books here in Portland to promote his book, Silver Screen Fiend, my wife and I asked him to sign a DVD copy of Punisher: War Zone (which he graciously did) and we thanked him for essentially introducing us to this wonderful podcast that has been a huge part of our lives. Favorite catchphrase? "Hello people of Earth." While "What's up, jerks" and What's it's mission?!?" are great catchphrases, Paul's "Hello people of Earth" will always be my favorite. This is going to sound cheesy, but Paul's introduction makes me feel, as a listener, included in on this wonderful thing only my fellow bad movie-loving misfits know about and enjoy. A clip or moment that you'll always remember? (timestamps are nice ) The one moment from an episode that comes immediately to mind is from the Batman and Robin episode where Jessie Falcon does the imitation of the X-Men movie producer: "They will be on snowboards, claw fighting the entire way down." The episode you revisit the most I bring this episode up quite a bit, but hands-down my favorite is 88 Minutes. This episode is nothing but wall-to-wall jokes, laughter and spot-on insight into an insane (and insanely re-watchable) movie. Pete Holmes laughter is infectious, and his Al Pacino impression ("Give me your fuckin' phone, you cock sucker!") is absolutely amazing. This episode (much like this week's, Action Jackson) is so much fun to listen to. It's one I definitely go back to when I need a comedy pick-me-up. The movie that you loved or hated watching Van Helsing. I both loved and hated this movie. I remember only watching the first couple of minutes of this movie when it first came out on home video and turning it off about 10 minutes in: the campy acting and trite action movie plot were too much for me at the time. Thankfully, when it was announced for HDTGM, I watched it from beginning to end with my wife, who was absolutely giddy at the film's sheer a awfulness. Seeing her enjoy the insane plot contrivances, blistering CGI and over-the-top hammy acting made watching this film so much fun. My wife's pretty much the best bad movie watching partner in the world. How HDTGM fits into your weekly routine I have Fridays off from work, which is when new episode and minisodes usually land. While I'm straightening up the house, doing laundry and generally getting shit done, HDTGM is beaming either from my TV or through my earbuds. When there is a particular movie I really want to comment on, I'll sit down and take the time to craft observations I hope Paul, June, Jason, and the message board will hopefully find entertaining, funny and not a complete waste of their time. What the show has meant to you after all these years or any other sappy stuff  This is going to sound sappy as all get out, but HDTGM is like family to my wife and me. We've spent seven years listening to this show, and it never fails to entertain us or lift our spirits when we're down. Not to give away to much of the store, but I suffer from depression (anxiety, agoraphobia, panic attacks, etc) and I've been slowly learning how to positively navigate my way through it all. HDTGM plays a huge part in helping me tackle my depression. When I lost my sister in 2014, and my mom was diagnosed with cancer a year ago (she's recovering now), I'd listen to old episode of HDTGM to get me through. I don't know Paul, Jason or June personally, but I love, admire and respect them as if I did. That old cliche about people you'd want to get a beer with? It totally applies here. This show has been there for me when I needed it most, helping me to realize the world is a great place with wonderful, talented and like-minded people in it. Our fellow fans on the message board are an absolutely delightful and intelligent group of compatriots, and my wife and I look forward to their hilarious insights and observations each week. Thankfully, there's no troll-like shittiness there: just people who love bad movie as much as my we do. HDTGM means quite a bit to us. If the show ever makes it's way up to Portland, there will be two goofy fans up here waiting to welcome you guys with open arms (arms we promise not to utilize to grab the mic during the audience Q & A). Thank you Paul, Jason, June, the crew, and the message board for making HDTGM one of the absolute best things in the world!
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    Sorry for the late post! Monday snuck right up on me! I was inspired by Unspooled, and have wanted to watch this one, so I give you: This is available on AmazonPrime, too.
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    I can't believe that they overlooked the real victim of this movie and that is the poor homeless busker that Rocks originally befriended. So this poor down on his luck fellow is minding his own business playing his guitar for nickles to busy New Yorkers when all of a sudden this small puppy wanders into his life. Even though homeless and short of money he freely gives up his food to this dog. What a nice guy. Then he gets the dog a neckerchief and raises him for what seems to be awhile. The dog gets bigger and helps this guy get food. They have a good thing going when all of a sudden the dog catcher snaps up Rocks leaving this poor man just sitting there waiting for his dog to come back. Day by day he waits in the same spot with his eyes open looking for his only friend. Soon the last remaining strains of joy and hope and happiness leave his body. He is left an empty husk of a human being. He doesn't even wish to pick up his guitar anymore. He stops eating because Rocks will be hungry when he gets back and needs the food for him. He clothes grow baggier and baggier. Then in the cold harsh winter as Rocks sits comfy and well fed in a heated New York apartment without a single thought of his old master that poor busker closes his eyes for the last time.
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    Cameron you are defending this movie way too much and I'm worried about you
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    In another case of this building just having lawsuits waiting to happen can we talk about how weak the windows were? Now the first window The Rock smashes is with the use of a crane. That's a lot of force, so fair enough that it breaks. Yet when we get up to Hong Kong Business Man's penthouse suite the windows are able to be smashed with the pure brute strength of The Rock holding a Chinese wood carving. The penthouse is by the turbines near the top of the building which according to the scale chart in the movie place them somewhere around the 3,000' mark. You think with strong fast moving winds at that height and environmental hazards at that elevation you'd use a much thicker stronger glass. If all it takes is one really hard whack and it completely shatters what's going to stop some idiot from running into them thinking it's funny and falling to their doom? Or worse yet a large flight of birds hitting the window? Cutting corners and installing cheap, thin glass just sounds like a disaster waiting to happen.
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    Okay, because I'm a math nerd, I rigged up some similarity scores between the full lists posted in this thread, as well as Paul's and Amy's. The score is equal to the sum of the squares of the differences in rankings, so the lower the number, the more similar the list. (This is a somewhat arbitrary metric that punishes huge differences more than a simple sum of absolute value of differences would, but Google Docs' spreadsheet had this function built in, so I just used it.) From most similar to least similar: Cam Bert and Cameron H: 412 Cam Bert and sycasey: 530 sycasey and Paul: 532 Paul and Amy: 650 sycasey and Cameron H: 882 Cam Bert and Paul: 974 sycasey and Amy: 1150 me and Paul: 1170 Cam Bert and Amy: 1274 Cameron H and Paul: 1312 sycasey and me: 1342 me and Amy: 1402 Cam Bert and AlmostAGhost: 1452 sycasey and AlmostAGhost: 1588 AlmostAGhost and Paul: 1600 Cameron H and Amy: 1612 Cameron H and AlmostAGhost: 1646 Cam Bert and me: 1812 AlmostAGhost and Amy: 1928 AlmostAGhost and me: 2370 Cameron H and me: 2438 I think I just mathematically proved that my opinion is wrong.
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    He's a sloppy bitch! God I loved that shit. More underhanded jabs! Also it's pretty wild that such an alt-comic icon like Gelman was immediately thrown by being called Big Bret. Man I love these boyz
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    Omg I listen at work always and my coworkers will always look at me whenever I lose it and have to cover my mouth because I'm genuinely laughing so hard that I cry. I usually then take off my headphones and one of them will go, "What movie are they covering?" because they just KNOW it's gotta be HDTGM that makes me laugh that hard.
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    Now my second pick for this theme isn't strictly a musical per se, but it does have elements like a few that have been picked before, so today I'm giving you:
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    I wish I could remember what the first episode of HDTGM I listened to was. It might be BATMAN AND ROBIN. I know I posted on social media excited when hey did DAREDEVIL (shut up, I like comic book movies) so it was definitely before that. I think the first time I commented on the forums was CONFESSIONS OF A MARRIAGE COUNSELOR. I think it's more fun now that I post on the forums. It's interactive and whatever! I don't know about favorites. I would often listen to old episodes when I was anxious. And I said so on the forums and when the paywall went up other forum posters we're like offering me their saved episodes on the DL which was very sweet. (After I had posted about a recent hospitalization for PTSD.) I thought it was kind of funny. "Are you okay? Do you want my copy of the BLOODSPORT episode?" I don't know about favorite catch phrases either. I like Paul's Blockbuster stories and Jason's Harry Potter references (especially since I work in children's publishing). I do find myself saying things like "that was wild" (tm Nicole Byer), "so upsetting" and "what is happening right now?". It made me wonder if other regular listeners have started using HDTGM verbiage. I even saw a friend who lives in Italy mention Stellar Skateboard. She didn't know about the podcast but had seen that name on Wikipedia and adopted it. (As anyone I am friends with would IMMEDIATELY do.) I was pleased.
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    But on the plus side, no raisins! William Hung released multiple albums and a Christmas EP. He's arguably on par with Florence Foster Jenkins for success.
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    react to this post if your proud to be in the most annoying fanbase!!!!!
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