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    That and drugs. When she's looking for change in the phone booth, she gulps down about 8 pills, and we're to believe that she was strung out on top of that? And sure, she was sad on stage, but she was also completely high. It wasn't sadness that required her to be carried onto the stage or to be propped up by the bass player. To be fair, that's not what a heroin OD looks like ... you don't collapse from exhaustion. Too much heroin makes your brain forget to breathe because it's too flooded with dopamine, but by the time it kills you, you've probably been laying around for a while. Her body would have to metabolize the pills, so maybe that accounts for the delay. But a severe alcoholic and pill user, mixing heroin, helplessness, and melodrama -- toxic combo.
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    JOHN LEVENSTEIN joins The Boys to recap the new TV pilots.
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    I remember seeing this in full for the first time for a film class I had in college and I still remember seeing that shower scene and when you see the door silently open behind Marion, there was this guy sitting up in the front of the class and when that door opened, he loudly said "Oh hell no!" That always speaks to me how effective that scene is that it still gets people to this day.
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    Currently we don't. I watch movies with IRL friends. Hearing about rabb.it made me curious if that experience could be replicated or somewhat approximated with a couple long time long distance friends. Thinking about it, it's a technologically tough request if you want to both need able to hold side conversations and still engage with the movie being watched. And that's not even getting to the issue of, it'd probably be often with a movie I own with a local copy of, not something I'm streaming in a browser through a service.
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    haha yea that makes me laugh. it's so simple and dumb but it's perfect.
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    Fake nip. I have it on good authority that was a prosthetic nip. Not a big deal. She’s an amazing person with what I’m sure are fantastic nips, but those were not them. Apparently the CBB forums were the cause of the nip swap in her rider. Some of those sick ducks would have made a damn song about promoting them or something crass like that. Thank your parents for vaccinating you next time you see them. Otherwise you could be over in the CBB forums debating your schizophrenic shadow friends. To each their own I guess.
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    I read the reason for her avoiding them, at least when they see them from the car, is thinking she'd be a disappointment. "They supported me and look at me. They are literally washing an American flag and I'm a coked out hippie. They don't need to see me like this." Since get basically nothing on their relationship, we can only speculate. Based on every other scene in the movie, it wouldn't have turned out great for Rose and there would be some screaming.
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    No that wasn't the memorial, that was just her old hang out spot. It was essentially her version of Weezer's "In the Garage." I'm not sure why it was in the garage, but I would assume it was either they didn't want all her cut outs on her bedroom wall, they didn't have a bedroom for her, or, in my mind the most likely, that's the space they set aside for her to do her music shit - which can get loud. The people bookending the film are reporters chronicling her life. (I.e. "This is where it all started.."). The pictures on the wall show her idols - the people that had attained the adulation she craved. I didn't catch them all, but I definitely noticed James Dean which seems significant in a "live fast, did young" kind of way. The picture of her at the end suggests that she achieved her goal, but at a cost. I think the saddest thing about that scene for me is the fact that her parents did leave her stuff up. Considering she seemed so keen to avoid them, it appears that regardless of how strained their relationship might have been, her parents never stopped loving and supporting her.
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    So I am still BAFFLED by ... honestly so many things. But let's focus on my confusion about how her manager treats The Rose at the start. She's begging for time off and he being such a greedy soul sucker even a Dementor would be like "Take it down a notch bud" insists she can't take any time off at all. I get that they have a tour to do. But when a fucking REPORTER tells your star TO HER FACE she looks tired maybe you should get her some R & R. Even if you don't care she's a human being, you should care about your profits. She's your asset, and is essentially your main product. You don't want to have people coming to see her and being pissed she's barely able to perform and looks like a corpse from burn out. That's how you get people demanding their money back, fans not buying tickets for the next show because word gets out she sucks,and venues canceling you. You also don't want her so fucking miserable she stars using heroin again (which they touched on lightly as being a former problem) or even more drugs from misery/ a need to stay amped for the show. If you absolutely must be a cold hearted opportunist, at least think of and treat Rose as a prized racehorse (though the way some horses are treated this is probably a bad analogy) or something else that must be given a lot of care to perform perfectly for you. Yes she's clearly a handful (and in desperate need of some kind of mental health care for her intense mood swings and temper.) But if you treat her with some decency I bet you she wouldn't be so much to deal with. So maybe you don't give her a year off, maybe you say a month or two. Maybe you make sure she has as much calm as you and your team can manage on tour so she's not randomly SOBBING and wandering the streets all the time. Maybe you hire someone else to care for her as she clearly needs so you don't have to witness human emotions. I don't know. Maybe, just maybe it's a bad idea to be a soulless bastard.
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    Which was the one with the inn keeper and the ghost?
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    Christmas Inheritance? How about Christmas Hereditary? A sequel to the hit horror film, starring Toni Collette's floating head?!? As for movies with thankfulness and family as the overriding themes, how about Road House because I am just thankful that movie exists? I forgot to mention it in the Favorite Moments thread because... it's almost beyond mentioning, I love it so much. Thank fucking God that movie got made. I feel about it the way I want to feel about the Fast and Furious movies (because it's way way better).
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    ...or The Christmas Prince or Christmas Inheritance - which is one of my most popular reviews on Letterboxd. I described it as a "Rom-Com written by the Alt-Right."
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    Skittles! Skittles! Skittles! Skittles!
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    Paul, if you're reading this, this is all we want for Christmas this year...
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    None of the above. I wish we could have learned more about her lesbian affair.
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    At least four times all the way through. Good thing I was in the hospital already yesterday. They have me on suicide watch now.
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    I'm going to bump this recommendation for throwing my support behind it because I enjoy the hell out of this movie. If it's not my favorite martial-arts, action, horror, comedy with cannibals, then it's at least in my top 2 (of the two I've seen). And while the other one might have more adept martial arts and comedy, this this one has zombies*. And off-brand Adolf Hitler with his merry band of human traffickers who shop at the Warriors's/GI Joe clothing surplus stores. And salt-water piranha. And aggressive ADRing (or maybe it was just aggressive sound editing) a sex education of "what is a fetish". And Cameron Mitchel. Sure, it tries to be intentionally campy sometimes, but that doesn't stop ineptness from being inept.
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    If you're interested you'd better hurry, tickets are going fast!!
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    So I feel like many people saw Lauren's nipple in Crashing, but nobody wants to talk about it. Like we're all kind of either trying to be adults about it or are just too weirded out to say anything publicly. p.s. Turner Broadcasting canceled the funding of Super Deluxe today. I'm kind of sad about. They let comedians who smoke weed do whatever they wanted and they filmed it. I watched a hamster run through a maze, I watched a lady rate plants... wild times, man. And we lived it. But no more.
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    I'd listen to a Rocket from the Tombs series. But my personal vote would be Camper Van Beethoven.
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    Rainbow coloured smoothie, chocolate ripple poopie. Either way brain freeze renders me immobile.
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