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    Even being part of the Facebook group I have to admit I'm a lil salty that they get special treatment over other platforms. I had to significantly lessen my time on there because of shit and I got off of Twitter almost completely (save for deleting my account totally). I wish questions had been accepted from everywhere!
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    Theres that fuck awful movie where Ben Stiller and Ed Norton play a priest and a rabbi trying to sleep with the same girl. An American Tail and For Your Consideration are both fun too.
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    This has been on my watchlist forever!
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    Yeah, it's kind of a bummer, but I get it. I think the difference is that the Facebook thing was a grassroots, fan-built group whereas the forums were provided for us - whether we use it or not. I think it must be very flattering to create something and then have a group of people build a community around it. Also, because more people are already on Facebook, it has the potential to reach more people. That being said, I prefer the forums, and I will never, ever, ever, create a Facebook account. Ever. Like, ever. Ever, ever, ever.
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    Wow! The poll is neck and neck...
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    You can always try posting on...reddit.
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    Babettes Feast is as perfect as a movie can get to trying to capture the essence of what Thanksgiving is supposed to be about.
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    In this week’s special episode, Paul & Amy are answering all of your questions, submitted by Unspooled’s Facebook group! They reminisce about the origin story of the podcast, explain which documentaries they would add to the AFI 100, and tell each other their favorite movie snacks. Finally, they celebrate the first 25 episodes by unveiling their official ranking of every movie covered on Unspooled so far. Next week’s movie is “Mr. Smith Goes To Washington,” so call the Unspooled voicemail line at 747-666-5824 with your best campaign speech for Jimmy Stewart (in a Jimmy Stewart voice!) Follow us on Twitter @Unspooled, get more info at unspooledpod.com, and don’t forget to rate, review & subscribe to us on Apple Podcasts.
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    For anyone interested, and to save people the trouble of looking up my list on Letterboxd, here's my list: 1. Psycho ★★★★★ 2. Raiders of the Lost Ark ★★★★★ 3. Lord of the Rings ★★★★★ 4. ET ★★★★★ 5. Singin' in the Rain ★★★★★ 6. All About Eve ★★★★★ 7. African Queen ★★★★★ 8. Citizen Kane ★★★★★ 9. Double Indemnity ★★★★½ 10. Wizard of Oz ★★★★ 11. Platoon ★★★★ 12. 2001 ★★★★ 13. Taxi Driver ★★★★ 14. Shawshank Redemption ★★★★ 15. Bonnie & Clyde ★★★★ 16. Apocalypse Now ★★★★ 17. High Noon ★★★★ 18. Duck Soup ★★★½ 19. The Sixth Sense ★★★½ 20. King Kong ★★★½ 21. The French Connection ★★★½ 22. Ben-Hur ★★★½ 23. The General ★★★½ 24. Swing Time ★★★ 25. Titanic ★★★ Even writing that out I kind of want to move a couple of things around - lol I will say, if I did, it wouldn't be anything too drastic. Mostly within their own groupings. So I might shuffle the 5 star movies around, but I probably wouldn't bring a 3 star movie all the way up to the Top Ten or anything. ETA: Also anything from about 16-18 down, I wouldn't lose any sleep over if they were removed from the next iteration of this list. None of them are bad, but I'm kind of apathetic to them. I don't feel like they NEED to be there or anything.
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    That is very true and very fair, and everyone that is there is also super kind and tolerant of different opinions which is awesome! The creator, Kate, is one of the best mods that group could've gotten.
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    Yea serious... how is Reddit getting a mention over us? I don't mind the FB group, but as I've said, they talk about movies in general (someone once was like 'what's your favorite World War I movie' which... who cares or has one? But still had a million replies.). I prefer talking about these specific 100. Also I mainly know your guys' Letterboxd lists, and my own, but it feels like Paul AND Amy's list was pretty different from ours, which was interesting.
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    I just thought it seemed similar to Singing Detective which we did recently helped knock it out of consideration. But I haven't seen it. So, maybe it's the similarities are just on the surface.
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    Awesome! Because when she mentioned it I was thinking I should really check it out. I also agree with Robin Hood being on the list. I just watched it recently and it is just a lot of fun.
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    I know Amy and Paul read here or have said they do in the past. I suppose they might have read something if we had asked. Or maybe not. A lot of stuff that's come up here previously was asked on the episode. This is a long post too say "idk... maybe????" Pennies From Heaven was on my short list for Musical Mondays though. It's getting a little more push now thanks to Amy.
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    In Texas we certainly had a lot of sadness with Beto losing, but on a grassroots level he inspired so many people and Texas has become more purple than it's been in decades and we saw a lot of success in the house. Things are changing, even if it's taking a little more time than we all had hoped.
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    I would have liked control of the Senate also but that was really reaching.
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    I love each and every one of these!!!! How about Light My Menorah or maybe Love and Latkes? Perhaps Verklempt in Vermont (it would be about an advice columnist who is too busy working to take their own advice and find love. Or maybe dueling advice columnists forced to spend Hanukkah snowed in together in a romantic Vermont inn.)
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    How about a 1980s-set coming of age film called 'Yamakama, Karma, Karma, Karma, Karma, Karma Chameleon'?
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    I’d be happy to write one. I’m thinking either - Hannukkiss Me; My Menorah For Ya; Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel: A Hanukkah Fable.
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    Ok so are there any Hanukkah t.v.movies out there? I want to be inclusive in my garbage films. I know about 8 Crazy Nights, The Hebrew Hammer, and that one episode of the Rugrats but I can't think of a single made for tv Hanukkah film. Hollywood get on this! Let me have wacky romcoms that involve ust while Person A helps Person B light the menorah. Show me how A is an uptight/ clumsy whatever who finally starts to learn to value family with a scene of them making Latkes with their grandparents recipe. Have them receive a present every night from a secret admirer! Give me something, anything I'm not picky!
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    THAT WIG THO. This movie MUST be done. If not by the gang than we must do it ourselves. Maybe we can figure out a holiday movie day each week after Thanksgiving or something. Because we also need to talk about my favorite version of A Christmas Carol the ICONIC A Diva's Christmas Carol starring the one and only Vanessa Williams. It is EVERYTHING. Kathy Griffin is the ghost of Christmas Past! I cannot stress enough how bonkers this thing is.
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    Why yes, I would like to travel across America accompanied by Jason Mantzoukas...
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    Gerard Butler has a new one that looks prime for the HDTGM treatment.
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