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    Years and years of listening to this podcast and something in one of these movies finally broke me to the point that I have to post about it. And it's just SUCH an awful reason. It's 7 minutes in, and Emma Roberts says that Jane Seymour is teaching her how to cook, "like, four Michelin stars cook". The Michelin guide tops out at 3 stars. And the line VO where she says it *almost* makes it sound like a joke, but IS IT A JOKE? I honestly can't tell if this was just an awful non-joke or they couldn't be arsed to know how the Michelin Guide works. In a movie centered around food. I had June's reaction to the release date of this movie.
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    Can we get a spinoff podcast where Paul just tells stories from his bizarre childhood please? Scheer Tales. Like and Subscribe.
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    I hope you all will subscribe to Paul's new show on Stitcher Premium! (Shout out to my BF for making this for my BFF, "that girl" with the question; I was sitting next to her! )
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    Hot damn! I not only made the C&O for the first time, but i won the coveted Nothing! This is the best day ever...
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    I know they talked about how they thought the two leads appeared to possibly be siblings. However, they didn't mention how, by the end of the movie, their grandparents are married. Which makes them step-cousins? Or something? I don't know. It's weird that they're in a relationship and their grandparents are married.
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    Let alone it's a direct rip off of this famous clip of Ramsay!
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    SPOILERS!!!! Here is a video of the Jackal's reveal---
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    Found this comment about the Charles Barkley doll on a YouTube clip from the film:
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    Okay, so I have a lot to say about this movie, much of which comes down to the bizarro geography all over Toronto. To answer June and Paul's incredulity: yes, Little Italy is a real place in Toronto, and while it's not as famous as the New York version, arguably the wide streets and family neighbourhoods you can get here in Toronto would potentially make for a charming local story. Potentially, I said, since this movie is a hot mess. Toronto is a city made up of little cultural neighbourhoods, and along with our three separate Chinatowns, we have a Polish district on Roncesvalles, a thriving Greektown on the Danforth, a wonderful Indian Bazaar on Gerrard (which features in the movie, briefly), amongst many others. There is even a one-block long Maltese District: Toronto has been called for good reason the most multicultural city in the world. The problem is, NONE of this movie was actually shot in Little Italy. The feuding pizza shops are actually east of Little Italy, nearer to Kensington Market (at College and Robert), in a couple of abandoned storefronts. The 'Taste of Little Italy' festival (which is a real festival on College Street each year) is actually shot in the Distillery District in the east side of the city, which is distinctive for its cobblestoned streets. The banner that reads 'Welcome to Little Italy': Yeah, that doesn't exist. In fact, that's not Toronto at all. That's the Little Italy street sign FROM Mulberry Street, NEW YORK CITY. No wonder June was confused! WHY would you show the New York sign while setting up Toronto? WHY? This, however, IS our Little Italy. Enjoy!
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    Did anyone else see that the photo of Danny Aiello that Emma Roberts puts face down before her and Hayden Christensen bone down is Danny Aielo's IMDB photo? I love that they couldn't be bothered to find any other old picture of him.
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    Can we talk about how the only decent joke in the movie was almost a direct quote from Gordon Ramsey? They just changed it from idiot sandwich to moron sandwich (unless that’s what they call it in Canada like subs and hoagies).
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    **** Large Graphic Warning**** (sorry) Paul asked and so I shall grant. Again warning up front I haven't been to LA since I was 13 and just going off assumptions and the limited information the movie gave. If there is a better way or if I missed something, sorry. So before I show the map I thought I would explain the choices made in mapping it. We first see Chris Evans at the Santa Monica Pier so we start there. When he gets a call from Kim Basinger he's driving past Cresent Park near Santa Monica Pier, so that's the next location. To the best of my recollection the police are never mentioned by precinct or name, so I assumed he went to the closest one and that is the Santa Monica Police Department. Now here is where things get tricky. Next he's going to the school to get Ricky Martin. Kim Basinger originally tells him to head to Barrington and Sunset. Next we see he's turning onto Sunset and she tells him it just a mile or so down the road (which Marymount High school is) so I assume heading to Barrington and Sunset like he was told he would have gone up to Barrinton and then onto Sunset. Now this is where it gets trickier with the chase from the school. There is no indication how for or where they went so it was impossible to plot. Next Chris Evans goes to the cell store which we learn from the news later was in Westwood. From there he car jacks the lawyer which again we learn from the news later that it took place in Century City. From there he goes to LAX and from there is told to go to the bank at Olympic and Century Park. Then he needs the lawyers phone so he goes to the towing place at 2252 South Barrington (thanks printed address on truck) and takes the car back to the pier. So his route would look like this: As you can see this creates a trip of 42.8 miles and without traffic a total of 2 hours and 2 minutes driving time. However, movies are full of lies and we all know this. In fact I talked to my good friend and LA native Jason Statham and he let me in on some inside information. See the first part of my journey was correct. However the Ricky Martin chase was actually shot outside of LAX on West Jefferson. Any eagle eyed Statham can see that. Next, that car jacking was not in Century City. The tunnel he refuses to go into is the famous 2nd street tunnel which is miles away. Next that bank they go to, clearly the Union Bank tower is visible when entering it, meaning again it is miles away from Century City. So I decided to plot on what if he travel where we actually saw him in the movie and his journey looks a little more like this: This bumps up the distance traveled to 97.2 miles and total trafficless time of 2 hours and 58 minutes. So what does this all mean? Well despite seeing phone screens a lot we are never shown times and unlike Escape from LA there is no ticking clock to go by. Here is what we know, Kim Basinger is taken shortly after she send her son off to school and before the chase the kids are being let out so that scene is roughly 3pm. Later at the climax of the film we see a low hanging sun by the pier meaning this is shortly before sunset. Giving the film the benefit of the doubt and saying it's late May or June based on school being in and the shirtlessness of Chris Evans, we can assume the ending of the film takes place no later than just past 8pm. That means from the Ricky Martin chase until the end he would have roughly five hours and change to get all this done in. Does this fit into the times on the map? I guess that largely depends on traffic that day.
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    Sorry for the late post! Monday snuck right up on me! I was inspired by Unspooled, and have wanted to watch this one, so I give you: This is available on AmazonPrime, too.
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    I can't believe that they overlooked the real victim of this movie and that is the poor homeless busker that Rocks originally befriended. So this poor down on his luck fellow is minding his own business playing his guitar for nickles to busy New Yorkers when all of a sudden this small puppy wanders into his life. Even though homeless and short of money he freely gives up his food to this dog. What a nice guy. Then he gets the dog a neckerchief and raises him for what seems to be awhile. The dog gets bigger and helps this guy get food. They have a good thing going when all of a sudden the dog catcher snaps up Rocks leaving this poor man just sitting there waiting for his dog to come back. Day by day he waits in the same spot with his eyes open looking for his only friend. Soon the last remaining strains of joy and hope and happiness leave his body. He is left an empty husk of a human being. He doesn't even wish to pick up his guitar anymore. He stops eating because Rocks will be hungry when he gets back and needs the food for him. He clothes grow baggier and baggier. Then in the cold harsh winter as Rocks sits comfy and well fed in a heated New York apartment without a single thought of his old master that poor busker closes his eyes for the last time.
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    Cameron you are defending this movie way too much and I'm worried about you
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    I’m surprised this didn’t come up on the podcast, but I was blown away by how many times the cast said “Little Italy.” Although 23 times may not sound like a lot, it’s word combination that definitely stands out... especially when it’s delivered in a stereotypical Italian accent. Attached is a quick compilation of a few of them: Little Italy Little Italy Little Italy.mp3
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    Cameron, I'm very angry at you right now.
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    I'm guessing that whoever was responsible for the "Bruce Willis: Tulip Expert" article read by the audience member was also responsible for this: (credit where credit's due: IMDB trivia)
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    Hey Paul. I have a really serious question.. Why does Halle want to solve this murder and draw more attention to it by writing a huge exposé? As the murderer, wouldn’t she want it to just slip through the cracks??? Sure you could assume she wants to pin it on Harrison Hill to really protect herself, but for all we know, the ONLY piece of evidence that eventually links her to the murder is that she previously visited the wife’s photography site. No cop is ever considering her and Halle was even told by Grace that she and her ex were recently doing “more fighting then fucking.” So Halle should just give that nugget to the cops and be on her way. Case closed. PS: Besides Bruce and Halle previously being in other HDTGM films, so to was the Rebook account. That was also the big get for the ad agency in “On the Line.” (The lance bass film... ha.)
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    I'm having a a weird Mandela effect moment because I thought for certain I remember seeing a line of NBA dolls similar to the WWF Brawlin/Cuddle buddies. They would have been released around the same time as the WWF one so Barkley would have been one of the athletes chosen, but for the life of me I can't find anything on them. Also, speaking as someone who worked in a dog pound for a summer, there are more reasons that a dog is to be destroyed other than "I wanna kill this dog," and yes destroyed is the term used. It's that term usually because the dog has something wrong with it like rabies or another condition that can affect the rest of the animals in the pound or humans, so they need to be put down, which is the term used more for dogs that haven't been adopted in a given period of time. So Travolta is realistically bringing a very ill animal into his home with two small children and running the risk of someone getting ill or hurt. Or even more realistically, the entire movie is a Jacob's Ladder Scenario for the dog who imagines itself being saved from the pound, saves the family from wolves, and reunites the family in the end.
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    react to this post if your proud to be in the most annoying fanbase!!!!!
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