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    It's the time for the (not so) exciting return of... How Did This Get Named? The last few movies have all either not had a name change or a changed one that isn't interesting enough to be mentioned (Deadfall is The Professional). However this movie I guess made its choice whether to be Team Fred or Team Sanity when it came out. At one point there was debate among the two teams who the focus of the movie was. Was it a story about Phoebe Cates or was it about Fred. Well, in Japan the movies is called. フィービー・ケイツの 私の彼は問題児 or Fiibii Keitsu no Watashi no Kare wa Dodonpa or Phoebe Cates's "My Boyfriend is a Problem Child" Now this title there are a few things to unpack. One, her boyfriend/husband is cheating on her which is a problem but not a child. Also Fred is not her boyfriend nor is he a child. However he behaves like a child and made her a problem child so I guess that part kinda checks out. Second, Phoebe Cates's name is part of the title like it was a movie she made or something. Now this could be seen as a way of getting people in. Gremlins was big here so why not sell your movie using her name. However if think about it, this title puts Phoebe Cates's character front and center as the Team Fred people did talk about. So I guess Japan in Team Fred. I found this image and I remembered when they'd package DVDs like this. I thought it was kinda interesting. The bottom part was a separate paper that went in between the plastic shrink wrap and the DVD itself. It has the original poster, the name of the movie, the director and what they're known for and the cast and what they're known for. Then on the right is a little chart to tell you what kind of movie it is. So it's a five star scale and the categories they went with were "Fantasy", "Independence", "Misfortune", "Confession" and "Friendship." Fantasy, independence and friendship and get four our of five stars while misfortune and confession get three.
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    So I'm about to get very personal. I saw myself in this movie. I've always suffered from mental health issues. I now know I have extreme anxiety, depression and slight OCD . As a child my mom as a single mother and was working a very stressful high profile job as a quality auditor for a blood banking company. She would be gone for a week every other week traveling around the country. When she was home she worked late. I had a really hard time regulating my emotions and dealing with outbursts and fits. Some of it ( most of it) was my anxiety and some was acting out for attention. My doctors ended up putting me on a bunch of medication that caused me to hallucinate and I had to be detoxed. I saw my mom in the Mothers frustration and it reminded me of when she was at the end of her rope because I had been sobbing uncontrollably for over an hour because she said " I love you more than the sun, the moon, and the stars " in the wrong order at bed time . I saw myself in Elizabeth making the mud pie in the time that I tried to make my paternal grandmother lemonade before she woke up with the lemons from her backyard by dumping everything in the kitchen together . I was like 8 I should have known how to make lemonade, and I knew enough to wait for her. It's the only time she's ever yelled at me. To me the movie could be viewed as a the story of a person whose on the spectrum, has adhd, really any number of mental illnesses or is neurodivergent. I don't think that the mother in this movie is evil, I think she doesn't understand how to parent a child who is different . In her mind Elizabeth is deliberately trying to hurt her and be destructive. She sees only malice and is at her wits end. Everything she has tried with her child to get her to "behave" and be "normal" has failed and she's as unruly as ever. We also have to look at her parenting through the time period. Elizabeth's childhood takes place in the 60's it's still very much a conservative time where children, especially girls, are supposed to listen to their parents and the idea of kids having agency is ridiculous. Hitting children was considered a normal punishment and no one would bat an eye. In fact people in her neighborhood probably thought her mom wasn't harsh enough. The methods her mother used out of anger and frustration are wrong. She is not a good mother, I'm not saying that. I'm simply saying that I understand her. Just as I understand Elizabeth. I know exactly how it feels to want to destroy everything in your reach because you can and it's the only way to make the adults in your life suffer as much as you are. I'm not sure it's healthy but God do I understand it.
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    I know most of the posts on here will be simply be offering their stance on the primary debate (I'm 100% Team Sanity, btw) But I wanted to focus on a scene before Fred arrives when Phoebe Cates gets fired. She is a court reporter and after coming back late from lunch gets fired by the judge. First of all, the judge is not her boss. Court reporters either work for the court system or are freelance. That judge would not have the power to fire her. And even if he did, why would you fire the court reporter in the middle of a trial like that. All that would do is delay the trial even further until a new court reporter is available. There's also the possibility that whatever shorthand Phoebe Cates had used when recording the previous parts of the trial wouldn't be understood by anyone else. She would still be needed to transcribe all that she had already typed/reported. However, seeing her get fired as a court reporter did make me recall a news story from a few years ago where a court reporter was fired from his job after it was discovered that he would frequently just by typing random keys or typing repeatedly "I hate my job" instead of actually reporting what was happening in the court cases. Now those cases could be potentially thrown out because lawyers could claim crucial evidence is missing. If you do not have a consistent, reliable court reported, it could be a real mess. The bottom line is that there is no way she's getting fired mid-trial over being late (for a reasonable reason) from lunch.
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    I am firmly Team Who Gives A Shit. What Larcen says above was essentially my whole thesis about why this movie is a trainwreck. Fred is treated as both an absolute independent entity and an abstract representation, and he simply cannot be both. Fred clearly exists in certain scenes, especially in the scene where we see other imaginary friends. I also read online that one deleted scene took place at a bar where all the imaginary friends hung out while they were off work. But in other scenes, things that are perceived as Fred are either meant to represent Lizzie doing these things (the mud pies and property damage) or they are explained away, such as when Lizzie and her husband are in the bedroom and we hear what we think is Fred trying to open the door but then it ends up being the nurse, who gets accidentally bonked on the head. This movie is trying very hard to be a clumsy metaphor for growing up and Fred is treated as representation of that, but he is also treated as a real entity, one imaginary friend in a world full of them, in order I suppose to make it more kid-friendly and less deeply metaphorical.
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    During the scene when Eddie finds out that Joe paid Baby's debt with his own money and screams "FUUUUUUCK!" in the middle of the strip club, did anyone else see the guy wearing the T-shirt that says "Fuck" sitting on a stool behind him?
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    I'd argue Annabella wasn't the only affair prior to the beginning of the movie. The woman in the dealership seemed very familiar to him (very lunchtime liaison), and Elizabeth doesn't recognize Annabella at the wine tasting party at all even though she walked in on the two of them together on the couch. Do we ever see him comfort or show her any genuine love at all? He does end things with her, but as soon as he wants her back (because tight dress and haircut) he continues to lie and manipulate her, and is alright with her being a medicated zombie as long as things can continue on as they were. And this is nitpicking I know, but their apartment looked to be all him. Like she's a husk of a person but that looked like his apartment that she moved into and never got to bring anything personal into. Since the movie is pretty much all post-Fred there's no way to know how much over-the-top acting out happened before. But from what the movie does give, these were two adults who should not have gotten married (or had a child) based on personality types alone. Checked out, deadbeat father; a mother that needed to be in constant control with everything having the appearance of perfection. Like it makes sense that Fred snowballed out of that. Maybe if the father had been more involved maybe Fred wouldn't exist? If we take out the instances of the mother being passive-aggressive towards Child Elizabeth because of Fred ("I think I love you less", scolding her for ruining her 'long, beautiful hair'), there's still stuff like keeping flowers in the house that she knows her child is allergic to, blaming the child for the father's actions, not playing or acting like the little girl that the mother would prefer. Like that kid doesn't have that bedroom. Her interactions with her adult daughter are just as bad. When we first meet her she doesn't comfort her daughter or say anything about Elizabeth being better off (which she is). It's very 'your husband left you because you did something wrong, and we need to fix you so he'll find value in you again.' She takes her to the mall and gets her a make-over to look exactly like her (she scolds the make-up woman to do Elizabeth's make-up like hers). The trip to Doctor Feelgood to drown out all the problems with pills which is very on-brand. Yes, Elizabeth deeply needs help, but it all comes across like it's a burden to the mother and not something she's doing out of genuine love. The bit at the end where the mother finally shows some vulnerability really makes me feel like she was also emotionally abused as a child and is remorseful of her actions because it's all she knows. I do like the small message that yeah, even if you lose everything and have to start over, it's better to do so as you.
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    The villain of this movie is without question Lizzie's father. He thinks Marsha Mason is being a terrible mother so his response is to walk out of Lizzie's life forever? Dude is trash.
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    Whew, this episode was a roller coaster. I have so many thoughts, but I'll try to contain most of them because I do get why people dislike it. It is loud and over the top and there’s stuff that definitely could have been executed better. I would also hard agree that this is 100% not a kid’s movie. Much like Ace Venture was definitely not a kid's movie, but was shown to me and my peers repeatedly as a child. Elizabeth’s mother was abusive. Period. Abuse may not have been her intention, but it’s what she was serving up. There’s the whole makeover scene where she styles her daughter exactly in her image. That’s friggin' nutso. Her daughter isn't allowed to be her own person! Repeating someone’s name is like gaslighting douchebag abuse 101. Why marry Elizabeth at all? Because he was an abusive garbage monster who saw a dowdy, childlike dummy he could keep under his thumb that would keep house and play wife when he wanted, and would never leave him for chasing skirts all over town. He called her mother behind her back! He knew who the original abuser was and went right to the source to get Elizabeth back in line! The only problem I have is that Carrie Fisher's character makes no logical sense any way I wrap my head around her. While I completely understand being as delicate as possible around a friend that's suffered long-term emotional abuse, at some point (I'd assume when she renders you homeless and then comes into your serious place of employment) you have to be firm and put your foot down. The dopey love interest and his dismissal of Elizabeth's mental state does make sense to me though. From way afar she's kind of a Manic Pixie Dream Girl, and he seems to be the kind of dope that would buy into that nonsense. Nobody seems to see Elizabeth as a person because she doesn’t know who she is. She was never allowed to form her own personhood. Fred, real/magical or self-actualization aside, does finally get her to start living her own life.
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    There’s actually a song called Deadfall based on this movie. It’s from the metal/hardcore punk band Snot on their album Get Some. I actually heard this song back in high school, but never knew what it was about until I saw clips of Nicolas Cage’s crazy performance on youtube and eventually watched the movie. The song essentially tells the plot of the entire movie. The vocals are kind of hard to understand, so I’ll post the lyrics below. https://youtu.be/DC5r92nBR14 Well, I killed my dad In a con gone bad Nearly drank myself to death But when he died he said Lou had the cake So I caught a bus headin' West I saw the numbers running through a small cafe And I knew I'd find my uncle Lou That's when Ed stepped up He said pick a card Shape the con before it shapes you Who sent ya'? Sam fuckin' Peckinpah Yeah who sent ya'? Who sent ya'? Who sent ya'? Sam fuckin' Peckinpah Yeah who sent ya’? Now I met my uncle for the very first time And he sent me on a con with Ed So we came callin' on his girl Diane A blonde girl dressed in red I guess pigeon dropping was the name of the game And I had to pay my dues Well fun time Family fun was the plan Shape the con before it shapes you Who sent ya'? Sam fuckin' Peckinpah Yeah who sent ya'? Who sent ya' baby girl? Sam fuckin' Peckinpah Yeah who sent ya’? Sam Peckinpah tried to choke Eddie out But he cut him from ear to ear Then he grabbed old Lou said "We fuck now" On his face a twisted jeer He took old Lou to the same cafe' Eddie couldn't have been much higher When he tied him up It was his intent To put his head in that deep fryer Well, Diane told me I tackled Ed As we did a little wiggle and dance When we were done Ed got a hot head Well viva la fuckin' France man! Someone tryin' to kill me man? (Who would try to kill you Eddie) The fucking hangers! Someone tryin' to kill me man? (Who would try to kill you Eddie) The fucking hangers! Guess they may be friends (All fuckin' summer long sugar) Who sent you? Sam fuckin' Peckinpah Yeah who sent ya'? Who sent ya' baby girl? Sam fuckin' Peckinpah Yeah who sent ya’? You shape the con or It'll shape you You shape the con You shape the con or It'll shape you You shape the con Hi-fucking-ya!
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    I made you all a thread you little couch monsters
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    I’m not sure how serious Paul and Casey were being in their defenses of the mom, but it definitely isn’t necessary to side with the mom to be Team Sanity. The main reason (in my view) to be Team Sanity is that whatever interesting ideas or noble intentions the filmmakers had, they didn’t execute them well. The movie wanted to be a broad zany grossout comedy and an empathetic exploration of the difficulties of childhood (and how those difficulties bleed into adulthood), but for me those two goals undermined each other and made for a strange and unpleasant movie.
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    Done. Everyone can now vote at the top of the page! While you're at it, you can vote on the gang's official Twitter poll too.
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    I thought for like five seconds that I wanted to comment on this, and then I was all
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    Rik Mayall called it after they made it, when he said it was "too sentimental for over here [the UK] and too over-the-top for over there [the US]."
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    So can we talk about how Micky's ex needs to get primary custody and she needs to get it yesterday? What kind of a person delights in a woman FLINGING her meal at someone else in a restaurant? Then does the same and has to be physically escorted out? Who likes that someone SINKS SOMEONE ELSE'S HOME? He blatantly says he's attracted to Elizabeth's "crazy". If anyone says they are attracted to your (perceived) mental illness? RUN. They should not be trusted. What kind of a father is delighted by a romantic interests mental instability? There's being quirky and a stereotypical Manic Pixie Dream Girl and there's beating up a violinist. This is of course not to say you can't love someone with mental health problems, I myself have severe anxiety and depression. I just think there's something deeply weird about reveling in Elizabeth's unstable behavior especially when he has a young child.
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    I’m so proud of chefy kevy for not taking the Wisconsin dells duckboat gig he was promised and carrying on to champion a podcast empire. He don’t give .05 a fuck and we love him for it. When will he start pushing the shit blame down the crap hill towards the next guy? I mean, he’s producing or staring in like 4 of the best podcasts available right now...
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    Corker confirmed. 300 corks. It was fun to hear Moshe's perspective on the Comic-Con episode. I wonder if they will release it in full! I related to Hayes' description of his tone of voice during the Mrs. Batman joke as "afraid of his own fear." I think that may be what I always sound like.
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    While I agree with June that underwear should never be too baggy or too tight because it also makes me uncomfortable I guess science says baggier is better? Apparently tight underwear is bad for sperm count According to a study done by doctors at Harvard men who wore boxer shorts the most in a three month period had "25 per cent higher sperm concentration, 17 per cent higher total sperm count and 33 per cent more swimming sperm in a single ejaculate than men who wore other types of underwear." Apparently the only people who need to worry though are those already struggling with fertility. Also apparently it takes 3 months for sperm production to happen? I feel like once again the American public school system, and in particular it's Sex Ed courses, have let me down .
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    Maybe it's called Deadfall because he fell for his dad being dead? (Which was a kind of a trap...)
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    I feel sort of convinced by both sides of the debate, and found this episode a blast to listen to. On the other hand, somehow, the two sides of the debate as presented have made me like the movie even less than I already did.
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    This movie and Streets of Fire have a few things in common: Both of whom star Michael Pare, did better on VHS and cable, and their soundtracks produced hit singles ("On the Dark Side", "I Can Dream About You") that performed a lot better than these films' overall box office totals.
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    After Joe "kills" his father, Pete (Peter Fonda) says they're going to bury Mike in potter's field, which as everyone knows (except maybe the screenwriter), is a graveyard for unknown or indigent people, often with unmarked plots. The next scene is a normal funeral at a regular cemetery, with a standard headstone for Mike. This is not potter's field.
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