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    Years and years of listening to this podcast and something in one of these movies finally broke me to the point that I have to post about it. And it's just SUCH an awful reason. It's 7 minutes in, and Emma Roberts says that Jane Seymour is teaching her how to cook, "like, four Michelin stars cook". The Michelin guide tops out at 3 stars. And the line VO where she says it *almost* makes it sound like a joke, but IS IT A JOKE? I honestly can't tell if this was just an awful non-joke or they couldn't be arsed to know how the Michelin Guide works. In a movie centered around food. I had June's reaction to the release date of this movie.
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    I know they talked about how they thought the two leads appeared to possibly be siblings. However, they didn't mention how, by the end of the movie, their grandparents are married. Which makes them step-cousins? Or something? I don't know. It's weird that they're in a relationship and their grandparents are married.
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    Let alone it's a direct rip off of this famous clip of Ramsay!
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    SPOILERS!!!! Here is a video of the Jackal's reveal---
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    Can we talk about how the only decent joke in the movie was almost a direct quote from Gordon Ramsey? They just changed it from idiot sandwich to moron sandwich (unless that’s what they call it in Canada like subs and hoagies).
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    **** Large Graphic Warning**** (sorry) Paul asked and so I shall grant. Again warning up front I haven't been to LA since I was 13 and just going off assumptions and the limited information the movie gave. If there is a better way or if I missed something, sorry. So before I show the map I thought I would explain the choices made in mapping it. We first see Chris Evans at the Santa Monica Pier so we start there. When he gets a call from Kim Basinger he's driving past Cresent Park near Santa Monica Pier, so that's the next location. To the best of my recollection the police are never mentioned by precinct or name, so I assumed he went to the closest one and that is the Santa Monica Police Department. Now here is where things get tricky. Next he's going to the school to get Ricky Martin. Kim Basinger originally tells him to head to Barrington and Sunset. Next we see he's turning onto Sunset and she tells him it just a mile or so down the road (which Marymount High school is) so I assume heading to Barrington and Sunset like he was told he would have gone up to Barrinton and then onto Sunset. Now this is where it gets trickier with the chase from the school. There is no indication how for or where they went so it was impossible to plot. Next Chris Evans goes to the cell store which we learn from the news later was in Westwood. From there he car jacks the lawyer which again we learn from the news later that it took place in Century City. From there he goes to LAX and from there is told to go to the bank at Olympic and Century Park. Then he needs the lawyers phone so he goes to the towing place at 2252 South Barrington (thanks printed address on truck) and takes the car back to the pier. So his route would look like this: As you can see this creates a trip of 42.8 miles and without traffic a total of 2 hours and 2 minutes driving time. However, movies are full of lies and we all know this. In fact I talked to my good friend and LA native Jason Statham and he let me in on some inside information. See the first part of my journey was correct. However the Ricky Martin chase was actually shot outside of LAX on West Jefferson. Any eagle eyed Statham can see that. Next, that car jacking was not in Century City. The tunnel he refuses to go into is the famous 2nd street tunnel which is miles away. Next that bank they go to, clearly the Union Bank tower is visible when entering it, meaning again it is miles away from Century City. So I decided to plot on what if he travel where we actually saw him in the movie and his journey looks a little more like this: This bumps up the distance traveled to 97.2 miles and total trafficless time of 2 hours and 58 minutes. So what does this all mean? Well despite seeing phone screens a lot we are never shown times and unlike Escape from LA there is no ticking clock to go by. Here is what we know, Kim Basinger is taken shortly after she send her son off to school and before the chase the kids are being let out so that scene is roughly 3pm. Later at the climax of the film we see a low hanging sun by the pier meaning this is shortly before sunset. Giving the film the benefit of the doubt and saying it's late May or June based on school being in and the shirtlessness of Chris Evans, we can assume the ending of the film takes place no later than just past 8pm. That means from the Ricky Martin chase until the end he would have roughly five hours and change to get all this done in. Does this fit into the times on the map? I guess that largely depends on traffic that day.
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    I’m surprised this didn’t come up on the podcast, but I was blown away by how many times the cast said “Little Italy.” Although 23 times may not sound like a lot, it’s word combination that definitely stands out... especially when it’s delivered in a stereotypical Italian accent. Attached is a quick compilation of a few of them: Little Italy Little Italy Little Italy.mp3
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    CakeBug is an expert on the play, so I'll let him chime in on that side of this. But yea, our rabbit viewing was full of 'what's wrong with this guy?' and at one point I called it Mansplaining: The Musical The relationship absolutely was not equal, but they portrayed it as such, and that's kind of f-ed up. Also I mentioned this on Letterboxd but I found the direction of the film to be sooooooooo basic and uncreative, I couldn't get over it. Just an utter lack of art, like that long shot of just two hands holding or lots of long close-ups. There seemed to be no thought behind any of it.
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    I’m still super unclear about the role, Bayback, Jason Statham’s female accomplice, was playing at Kim Basinger’s house. I get cleaning up evidence. I get searching the house for additional tapes. And I get being there in case the husband came home or something. What I don’t get is why she was cosplaying as Mrs Ricky Martin Sr. I mean, when Bill Macy knocks on the door, she really has no idea who he is. For all she knows, he could be a neighbor, a relative, or a friend of the family. And I get that he initiates the conversation by asking her if she’s Mrs Martin, thereby tipping his hand that he doesn’t know who she is, but why take the risk and open the door at all? If it’s nobody, they’ll just leave. And, being a cop herself, she should know that if the plain clothes gentleman at the door is a police officer, he won’t be able to enter without a search warrant. Answering the door just puts the whole operation at risk. I mean, had Macy been someone who could identify her as a fraud, what was her plan? Shoot him on the stoop in broad daylight? However, the dumbest part of the scene is after Macy leaves, Bayback tells Statham that a cop was asking questions, but she’s “taken care of it.” What she neglects to tell prominent Angeleno Jason Statham is that the cop told her that a woman named Jess Martin called the cops and said she was kidnapped!!!! If you were the leader of a band of rogue cop/kidnappers, I think knowing that the person you kidnapped has made a successful outbound call to the police might be a tiny detail you’d want to investigate.
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    I just described this movie to my coworker and he said he had actually already seen this exact movie on TV and then he sent me the IMDB link and holy shit y'all, this movie has literally already been covered 13 years before Canada decided to do it. I present to y'all - Pizza My Heart
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    Okay I just want to point out something that I could not let go of throughout my entire viewing of this movie. Hayden is ten years older than Emma Roberts. A fully blown decade and they wanted us all to believe that they grew up together. Now that's not where this post ends because I looked up someone else - Miss Perfection Alyssa Milano, and she is 9 years older than Hayden. This leading man is literally closer in age to the woman playing his love interest's mother.
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    The only thing this ep is missing is an engineer jingling keys. Almost perfect episode
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    I watched this movie with my 16 year old son and a few times while we were watching I referred to Chris Evans' phone as a "cellular" phone until my son finally asked why I kept calling it that. "It's the title of the movie," I said. He said he didn't realize it had anything to do with the phone and thought the cellular part was going to have something to do with her being a biology teacher. On a related note, KB says that people at work are going to notice that she isn't there so apparently she was dressed for work that morning. However, she's wearing fishnet stockings. What kind of science/biology teacher wears fishnet stockings to work? What kind of school does she work at?
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    I'm confused as to how WHM didn't recognize that female cop hiding out in KB's house. I understand that the LAPD must be large and not everyone could possibly know everyone, however he seems to know Emmerich and everyone on the fourth floor. That would be her department, no? Didn't they all work together or were they a little more spread throughout LAPD in order to cover all bases? It just doesn't make sense to me that Emmerich would continuously offer a job to WHM and WHM have no clue who is on his squad.
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    Am I mis-remembering or does Chris Evans ask LA-local Jason Statham for a number to reach him on before he heads to the pier? But.... he's already talking to him ON THE PHONE. WHAT??? Chris Evans seems constantly surprised about traffic in LA too which I like. Because if there's one thing everyone knows about LA it's that it rarely if ever has traffic problems. Also some great little moments - William H. Macy saves the goldfish after the shoot out in the house. Kim Basinger does the classic movie trope of checking the sunblind for the car keys and then they're just left sitting by the gear stick! And finally why do they need Macy to ID the kid - Statham saw him with his own eyes, didn't he?
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    My cousin got married pretty much right at the place where the pizza competition at the end was filmed! (The brick-lined Distillery District on the above map.) That was the best part of the movie for me - recognizing the Toronto spots I'd been to. Anyway - gotta love yet another "throw your career away, ladies", unromantic, unfunny rom-coms. Thanks to HDTGM, I know this is a whole genre.
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    There is a twitter joke format that goes "I made a bot watch 1,000 hours of BLANK and then write its own BLANK and this is the result...." and the punchline is a page of a screenplay that is a nonsense version of the source material. Watching this movie felt like a real life version of that joke format. I tried to laugh off the feeling but then I dug a little deeper. If you take the last names of the two "screenwriters" (Virmani and Gallucio) and rearrange the letters you get "A.I. vim our calling." Vim being a popular Linux text editor that is a clear statement that this movie was actually written by a crude artificial intelligence and I would say it is essentially Skynet's first act of aggression against us humans.
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    When they are talking about the opening and closing themes of the film, Amy and Paul talk about the haunting instrument that they believe is a theremin. It's actually a musical saw, which was played by a guy named Robert Armstrong, pictured below holding a saw and a vinyl copy of the soundtrack.
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    This might be a bit of my love for Jeremy Jordan, but I don't think he was that awful. I think he got caught up in his success for sure, (and obviously shouldn't have cheated, I'm not excusing that) but thought of it as him not knowing if this will ever happen again, being really young and taking all opportunities to capitalize on it. This isn't to say I feel like Anna Kendrick (I cannot remember either of their names) is to blame or he didn't do anything wrong (again, shouldn't have cheated), but I think they were young dreamers when they met. Its fun and easy to be a couple when you're both dreaming but not easy when one person's dreams come true and the other's get further away. In the beginning of his storyline, he mentions that he has a ten year plan to become a successful writer and then later says his first book gets bought with no re-writes. I can see how that would lead him into the ego trip that he get into, as well as how that fractures his relationship. It must be damn near impossible to sustain a relationship where one person is having people fawning over their 'talent' and the other is struggling to get any sort of recognition. I saw this a while ago, and have since watched La La Land for Musical Mondays, and its interesting how those stories parallel. I think that if they showed Anna and Jeremy years later, they'd have a similar dream sequence that Emma and Ryan have - what could have been if they'd been willing to work on their relationship rather than their dream careers. Also Cinco, I'm sorry about your foot, that sounds like a nightmare situation.
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    truly an amazing perfect piece of art
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    OKAY! I didn't forget this time lmao So I've been eyeing this movie on Netflix for an extremely long time and I've been only wanting to watch it with y'all cause I'm not positive if I'm going to like it or not lol. It looks like one of those I'll either absolutely love or just get bored with half way through so buckle up friends cause we're gonna watch...
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    Paul mentioned it a bit on the show, but the biggest parenting “win” in Cellular has to be when Ricky Martin Sr. tells Junior to “look at him” so Basinger can choke a motherfucker to death. It was a brilliant, unspoken moment between partners that underscored the rich intimacy these two individuals obviously shared. Clearly, they knew each other inside and out. I think the biggest parenting “fail” is when Basinger has successfully liberated her child and is getting away when she gets herself and her son recaptured because Statham stands in front of her getaway car with a gun to her husband’s head. I’m sorry, if it’s ever a choice between my life and my kid’s, 100% you better mow my ass down and get my kid the fuck out of there.
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