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    Panic pick, but have wanted to watch the original and think it's on Amazon Prime/streaming right now.. A Star is Born (1937) And I'm sure we can definitely discuss/compare the remakes (especially the latest one)
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    Hey all. I apologize for putting you through a stinker of a movie. I wasn't able to contribute much myself this week. I have decided to let my medical issues win for now. I am going to take a break from the forums, both main podcast and MM, for a month or so. By the end of April I will have a much better picture of where I am at health-wise and the steps needed for the road back. I can't tell you how grateful I am for all of you, especially @Cameron H. for his friendship and advising me in many areas, and @taylorannephoto for challenging me when I needed an adjustment. I hope to be back at that point. I have one more pick to make if someone doesn't do it first. Don't hold back from picking it if you want to do it. We need to complete the Alan Parker trilogy. Thanks again all of you. I am very grateful. Mark "Cinco" DeNio
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    If I know this group we're all gonna end up watching every version anyway lol.
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    how do you like them hollywood handbooks?
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    Yooo! I'm still too busy with life to keep up proper, but I wanted to share that I finally got off my lazy bum (I mean... not really, I'm in a chair) and updated my Musical Mondays spreadsheet so it's current! ~Click Here~ I couldn't find the thread where tomspanks picked Flower Drum Song (if there is one), but everything else is there. I'll be back in next round for my turn. I think I'll have time and I have an idea of what I want to pick.
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    Good news, everybody! I own the Judy Garland one, so lmk if anyone wants me to rabbit it for them later.
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    Anyone in NYC looking to watch Van Helsing, we'll be showing it on Thursday (3/28) night at 8pm at The Hop Shop in Brooklyn. We've got a projection screen, quality sound system, free popcorn, and delicious beers and cocktails. Let Mike the bartender (that's me) know you're there to ask "How Did Van Helsing Get Made?" Happy Hour goes from 5 to 8, so show up a little early if you want to save a few bucks on drinks. If we get good turnout we'll continue showing HDTGM movies on Thursday nights, so make sure you come out if you'd like this to be a regular thing!
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    I just wanted to thank Paul for the library shoutout! I am a librarian and get all of my HDTGM picks through our library system. I'd like to assure anyone hesitant to use their local library that we have seen it all and are generally unphased by any requests. Furthermore, staff aren't supposed to comment on what you take out anyway, but if someone does, say it is for a bad movie research project you're working on. Problem solved! Support your local libraries!
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    would have been cool for "try month" they went on a bunch of other podcasts as guests to help bring in some new listeners to the show
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    Wait so you already made the pick and you're just not telling us now?
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    Whaddup whaddup. I stuck the audio from the CYOA ep into a website and now you can play through the adventure for real! Surprisingly that very long episode only had about 17 minutes of actual CYOA storyline (most of which is dead ends) but it's still pretty fun to play through. Just remember, if you lose you have to throw your phone away. Check it out here!
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    The happy squeal that came out of me right now! I've wanted to see this version for forever. Can't wait! Also welcome back!
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    I've been good! Lot of changes and been a bit hectic but all good things hope everyone's been doing well
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    Sorry I've been MIA in the forums : ( I have missed y'all and being in the discussions Let me think of a pick real quick!
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    Yes, most movie villains really need to have read the Evil Overlord List. This would seem to fall under #17: "When I employ people as advisors, I will occasionally listen to their advice."
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    A movie that asks: how long will a person reasonably sit just to see a car fucking fly? We watched:
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    Fantastic episode! Seth Rogen's exuberance is contagious. One thing that really bugged me about this movie is that Beckinsale and her ancestors get to go to Heaven on a bullshit technicality. We're told by Van Helsing's boss that 450 years ago Beckinsale's great-great-great grandfather made a vow to God that his family would "neither rest nor enter Heaven until they vanquished Dracula from their land." But...they didn't vanquish him - Van Helsing did. In order to fulfill this vow and lift the family curse, shouldn't Beckinsale be the one to deliver the killing blow? Otherwise, it's just a bunch of nonsense. That means it never really mattered how Dracula died, just that he did - eventually. They could have just waited him out until he choked on some Texas Toast or slipped in the shower or some shit. Because, apparently, it really didn't fucking matter. What this movie really needed was a mid-credits scene where Kate and her lover-brother march up to St. Peter only for him to tell them, "Um, not so fast..."
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    Ooh boy do I have some thoughts! First thank you again for hosting @Cinco DeNioI had SO much fun watching with you! On to my thinky thoughts! First off this family is FUCKED!! The kids are a hair's breadth away from being full on feral. DVD is an awful father. Those kids are entitled(yet woefully neglected )little shits. 1. What gives them the right to play in someone's place of business and 2. Of all the businesses to loiter in why the junk yard? 3. How dare they lose this guy a sale and declare that their dad will get them their favorite playscape? 4. Those kids are full of tetanus and are seconds away from blood poisoning setting in from frolicking in the scrap metal. I'm shocked they can even work their jaws. These children can't possibly be truant because they have never seen the inside of a school. Also this is a time of child workers so I feel like it's not unusual for kids to not be in school.just wondering around like bums yeah that's odd. But not being in school itself isn't.felt All in all this family is why CPS was invented. I don't remember it all but I know I came up with two really stupid (but fun at the time ) conspiracy theories about how 1. DVD's character is actually really Burt from Mary Poppins (this is a Sherman film). He is saddled with the children that came from a dalliance with Mary Poppins because we all know she doesn't want kids of her own and peaced the fuck out. He must hide because these children now posses her eldritch powers. Or 2. Mrs.DVD faked her death to get the fuck away from this bullshit. Or DVD killed her with an invention.
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    You’ve got to give it to a movie that’s framed as a story being told by one of the characters about the themselves and the other characters - one of whom they just met the day before. I just love the idea of DvD being like, “And after I dropped Truly off at her house, she sang a whole song about how much she wanted me. It went like this...But of course, this was before I entrusted her with my children’s safety and she allowed them get kidnapped.”
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    I think we can give the crew a break here. Just because Paul didn't launch into an attempt to make sense of a senseless plot doesn't mean they are all of a sudden throwing out any interest in the form of the discussion. I didn't find their raised voices to be anything other than excitement and befuddlement with the movie, and really not that far outside the norm of live shows. Speaking of- they also have an audience in front of them, and as a person who's only listening, I''ll give them the benefit of the doubt of reading the room. I agree with Taylorann, that usually this amount of vitriol is reserved for lesbian guests. Maybe the criticism is becoming more egalitarian? These folks are funny, and produce an amazing show. Oh, and it's free. Once in a while the discussions get completely off track (mannequin genitals, anyone?). Such is the nature of comedy and banter. That's why I love them.
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    Who among us hasn't imitated a carnie for attention?
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    OK, as it's noon, here we go. We are visiting the world of Ian Fleming as interpreted by his friend Roald Dahl. Don't bother reading the original book. It has very little to do with this film. We're watching...
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    I loved how DvD's accent work was the polar opposite of Bert from Mary Poppins. "Hmmm...Incredibly British father? Incredibly British children? Okay. I'll give this about 2%."
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