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    Hot damn! I not only made the C&O for the first time, but i won the coveted Nothing! This is the best day ever...
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    Found this comment about the Charles Barkley doll on a YouTube clip from the film:
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    I'm having a a weird Mandela effect moment because I thought for certain I remember seeing a line of NBA dolls similar to the WWF Brawlin/Cuddle buddies. They would have been released around the same time as the WWF one so Barkley would have been one of the athletes chosen, but for the life of me I can't find anything on them. Also, speaking as someone who worked in a dog pound for a summer, there are more reasons that a dog is to be destroyed other than "I wanna kill this dog," and yes destroyed is the term used. It's that term usually because the dog has something wrong with it like rabies or another condition that can affect the rest of the animals in the pound or humans, so they need to be put down, which is the term used more for dogs that haven't been adopted in a given period of time. So Travolta is realistically bringing a very ill animal into his home with two small children and running the risk of someone getting ill or hurt. Or even more realistically, the entire movie is a Jacob's Ladder Scenario for the dog who imagines itself being saved from the pound, saves the family from wolves, and reunites the family in the end.
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    react to this post if your proud to be in the most annoying fanbase!!!!!
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    REGGIE WATTS joins The Boys to prepare for the Hollywood Handbook Haunted House.
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    One of the weirder moments for me was when Rock's starts seeing for the first time and he laments that all he can see are "wrinkly butts." Setting aside that he doesn't know what eyes are but immediately knows what butts are - and the adjective "wrinkly," apparently - I thought it was really weird that the mama dog makes sure to immediately clarify for him that the wrinkly butts he's seeing aren't hers ("They're not mine. They're your brothers and sisters.") I don't know, it seems like an oddly defensive stance to take with a newborn child.
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    Was browsing this movie on IMDB, and noticed that the family's last name in Ubriacco. Ubriaco (with 1 c) means "drunk" in Italian. Not sure if that is a coincidence, a misspelling or what, but might explain a lot of what's going on in this trilogy.
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    The most important thing about this movie is the Diane Keaton dog wants a slice of lemon with her water. Don't do this. Lemons can upset a dog's stomach and cause vomiting or diarrhea. The small amount of juice from lemon in a bowl of water may not cause problems but do you really want to risk it?
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    This is my first stop for all HH news and information. Dalton, you’ve affirmed that decision yet again. Thank you.
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    States can definitely set up something like that, but if Congress wants to legislate in this area, the Supremacy Clause allows their legislation to have precedence and to be the minimum threshold for the States to follow. And a national boys program would be allowable under the Constitution which gives Congress power to legislate the "general welfare" of the country, which certainly this is. They may also have to claim the land as federal property first, which I can't remember if they were trying to do in the film? Probably. Generally the film was pretty accurate about the law, which, believe me, is rare.
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    You guys I made an audible groan when more Look Who's Talking was announced. I hate that family!
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    Oh yes I meant to mention this as well. Botha's theory is that, in a fire, you immediately grab the thing you care the most about. It made me laugh because about two years ago there was an ad campaign about what a family of four grabbed in an emergency because they didn't have a plan. I believe the mom had a flashlight with no batteries and the kid got the cat. It makes me smile to think that mom really LOVED that flashlight. I wish I could find a link to the poster. But there is pretty ample evidence that when people panic they don't do the most logical thing. It would've been funny if the Building Man grabbed something completely unrelated to the vibrator mcguffin--like one of those ornate statues or something? Then he did get on the helicopter and was like "oooh, I forgot about that thing."
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    As a parent, I just want to say the "I'm going to get pine cones" is a ploy I would 100% use. Like if I was with my kids and I thought I heard someone trying to break in, I might say something like, "I'm going to check if we have enough cheese sticks in the fridge" or something so I could go check it out. Kids have a tendency to follow you if you don't tell them exactly what you're doing. And since you're an adult and obviously have everything all figured out, they don't question it if you say you're going to do something kind of dumb - which you most likely will since you're probably pretty nervous. The pine cone thing gets her out of the car, allows her to take a breath without panicking the kids, get her bearings, and figure shit out without kids under foot asking a million questions. Even better, she can actually bring back pine cones and say they are going to make Christmas ornaments or something to keep them occupied and set their mind at ease that their mother isn't in the middle of a panic attack.
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    So I had to Google to see if clam souffle was a thing (hoping against hope that such a monstrosity was pure fantasy) and apparently it is. Here's the ingredients list from a recipe from James Beard's Mother's clam souffle : INGREDIENTS 4 tablespoons flour 3 tablespoons butter, melted 1/2 teaspoon salt Dash Tabasco 1 cup clam juice 5 egg yolks 2 tablespoons chopped parsley 1 cup drained clams 6 egg whites Butter for the casserole No offense to James Beard or his Mother but I still gagged at the thought of this dish. I'm sorry I see the words clam juice and I dry heave.
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    I wanted to mention the 2nd opinion where the reviewer calls the movie a “show”... my grandma calls all media “shows” and despite the number of times we call them movies, she consistently calls them shows. So there is precedent for this term and my grandma is a really sweet lady
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    OMG Conan?! I'm so happy he's on Earwolf playing on all my favorite podcasts
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    I’m not done with the episode, but I’m shocked how they feel like Stingo is some kind of interloper into Sophie and Nathan’s relationship. From the beginning, for reasons that are unclear, they are the ones always pulling him into their vortex. Now, if you were to ask Stingo, I’d say *he* would probably say that he was an interloper, but they are the ones coaxing him to play piano with them. He doesn’t just say, Move over, I got this.” They invite him to dinner. They invite him to Coney Island - and not, like, Melvin or any of the other residents of the house. I feel like they see Stingo as being like them - an artist and free spirit- but in desperate need of experience. I mean, another visual metaphor I would point to is the three of them in Sophie and Nathan’s sex hammock. To me, it’s not that he’s a third wheel so much as the whole relationship is somewhat open and fluid. In my opinion, I also wouldn’t classify Stingo as “incel” as that implies a certain level of anger and entitlement that I just don’t feel is present in his character. He doesn’t hate or resent Nathan. He doesn’t act like he’s “owed” anything - at least not to me. I don’t feel like he’s just pretending to be her friend in order to get close. He just feels naive, which is something he tells us right at the beginning. He hasn’t had a life yet and is suddenly faced with two people who have lived too much life. Honestly, I’m still surprised that Amy and Paul (And iTunes apparently) classify this as a romance, but if we are, then I’d say the romance is between all three of them.
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    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Selma's_Choice https://www.imdb.com/title/tt2107523/quotes
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    Hey guys... I've been meaning to tell you that this discussion inspired me a few weeks ago and I won the top spot in this contest because of it. http://www.cracked.com/pictofacts-1132-the-surprisingly-weird-aftermaths-20-famous-events/ So Thanks y'all! You're the best
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    DAL-TON MA-ALTZ *clap clap clapclapclap*
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    I screamed WHAT out loud and upset the cats. To be fair I was more upset than the cat.
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    (That one also has a little High Noon reference, with the badge toss at the end.)
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