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    I.....had no idea there was that much singing in this. We watched:
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    This movie was so perfect for this time of year. I happened to watch both movies (original and remake) by coincidence. I definitely feel like the original version of the film feels more sensible than the remake. Edward Woodward's Sgt. Howie is more calm and ever so slowly builds to frustration. The original is full of songs, sexual energy and they go out of their way to explain their customs to Sgt. Howie. They give him ample opportunities to not go to the May Day festivities and of course he chooses to go. I do like religious juxtaposition of the original and how Sgt. Howie has his place now as a martyr for his beliefs. I also do like that Sgt. Howie gets to warn/curse Lord Summerisle that if the crops fail again, only Lord Summerisle would do as the next sacrifice. Anyway, great film.... and surprisingly musical. I forgot how much music was in the film.
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    As I said on Letterboxd, it makes the Nic Cage version make both less and more sense. It definitely makes more sense for the detective to be super religious though. Cutting that aspect of the character from the Nic Cage version is confounding. What were they thinking?
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    we've kind of being doing that since around the time someone choose Baby Driver. I mean off and on I'm actually all for this
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    I agree. That song they sing at the end, about the cuckoo, would be absolutely terrifying if you were in Howie’s position. It’s so silly and cheerful sounding.
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    There's so much to the original that just builds a wilder, but more solid story I think. The conflict of religion is a big one. I also like how developed the island is, so that you only realize something is off by the behavior of its inhabitants. The virgin sacrifice aspect too is not part of the Cage version. The songs just add to the atmosphere. They are used so naturally, but are rather unsettling.
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    I'm torn on this too. I think Edward Woodward plays it straighter than Nic Cage does, but the whole set up in the original may be more bonkers
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    I just can't decide if this is more crazy or less crazy than the Nic Cage version.
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    We could maybe also like do slow morphs! Like this one is definitely headed in the direction of maybe not considered musicals but music plays a heavy part, so we could like focus on that too! Clueless, Pulp Fiction, Garden State, Drive, etc!
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