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    Wait Michael Bay is at Unspooled now? That doesn't seem right.
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    In the last year, Paul Scheer has been involved involved with multiple TV shows, movies, podcasts, has written comic books all while being a father of 2 and a devoted husband. This brings long hours, long days, lots of travel and very little sleep. One cold winter night, Paul Scheer couldn’t sleep. This was not limited to that night, he hadn’t slept in weeks. He would wander around in a daze of movie scripts, black mirror scripts, horrible movies as well as classics. His devotion to his family meant he was awake to make breakfast all the way through tucking his kids in at night. His devotion to his craft meant late nights watching films and reading scripts. One late evening after a double feature of One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest and Little Italy, Paul found himself nodding off as Hayden Christiansen professed his love for Emma Roberts in a Toronto airport and awoke an hour later to the sound of an Autobot transformation. in his brief, restless slumber he had hit the input button on his tv remote over to TV where the film Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen had been playing. In his exhaustion, Paul found himself drawn to the film. was it amazing? Was it terrible? It didn’t matter. At that moment, Paul found peace. Wanting to know more about the filming process And Michael Bays connections with the US military, he pulled out his phone and went to amazon.com to order a copy of the dvd so he could watch with directors commentary. Nodding in and out of consciousness, Paul fell asleep with his finger on the quantity button. When he came to he quickly finished his checkout and went to bed. Babies don’t sleep as well as he did that evening. After Revenge of the Fallen, Paul was infused with new vigor, new energy and a zest for life. He was more attentive, started writing Ghost Rider comics and went on a cross country tour for HDTGM. During this resurgence, Paul started to be haunted by his misremembering of that evening. It started with a mailbag and a letter. It continued with more DVD’s, instagram, Twitter and finally bleeding into his real life with appearances. What is real? What is pretend? People do it every day. They talk to themselves. They see themselves as they’d like to be. they don’t have the courage he has to just run with it. Little by little he’s letting himself become... Michael Bay. https://youtu.be/eCKRI2wEw7I
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    If true, it would be ironic that a Paul is a proponent of Team Sanity.
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    I just let out a shocked strangled "Paul!!!" To rival any June has ever uttered at hearing that Paul said he cried at The Hottie and the Nottie. I don't know whose more concerned my cat at my distress over whatever is going on with Paul or me worrying about Paul.
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    Also in my humble opinion this episode was nice, funny, and smart, but the conflict between the boys made it too scary for me. Hearing Sean and Hayes pretend to argue a little bit is like having someone tell you a mouse might have died in the room you're in. Just the idea that there could be a mouse skellington in the room and you don't even know it is terrifying. Good episode, but faint of heart listeners beware. This episode may be too scary. P.S. Tom is not an unfunny asshole. I think he's actually a pretty nice guy.
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    Hello Friendos! I made an Earwolf account now! It only took me about 6 years to get around to it but I finally made it! Am I literally too late? NoHorseMan said he was ready to declare the forums dead... Is that's true?
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    The whole thing, including the podcast, turns out to be a really slow burning Human Giant sketch.
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    Ok, thank you! That’s very helpful to know.
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    The end of the movie, as I recall, is a fever dream of multiple suicides. I will say that as a person who has struggled with mental illness and suicidal thoughts over the years, it was not triggering in the least FOR ME. Because it is just so stupid and poorly done.
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    *a single tear rolls down Matthew Perry's cheek*
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    If we're limiting it purely to The Odd Couple, Klugman/Randall over Matthau/Lemmon.
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    I think it's an overdose not a suicide and there's a murder staged as suicide that is very clearly a murder
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    The mothman YMCA song I know is "Mothman! There's no need to be down I said Mothman! Eat a kid off the ground! " Which while shorter paints a very vivid picture in a few words.
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    I watched "The Fate of the Furious" on TV a couple of days ago. And I noticed something a little interesting. When the football team The Rock was coaching performed the Siva Tau before the game, The Rock stuck his tongue out. Now, before the fight in Hobbs & Shaw, the Rock leads another Siva Tau, this time, there's no tongue (I realise that sounds weird now I've just read that back). Here's where it's interesting. There have been many who believe that in ancient polynesian culture, sticking the tongue out after performing a war dance, such as a Haka, or a Siva Tau, signals an intent to cannibalise their enemy. However, that shows a level of respect. As the belief was that by eating the enemy after defeating them in battle, they will consume their "Mana", their fighting spirit, their strength, and what made them a warrior, thus making the victor stronger. So, if you go by that line of thinking, The Rock was showing more respect to a girls football team, than he was Idris Elba and his army. Which adds a subtle layer to the themes of heart, and humanity that the movie had. Idris, and his army, were cybernetically enhanced, they had no warrior spirit, and were not worth consuming.
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    TOM SCHARPLING returns for another attempt to become the third host with guest WILL HINES.
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    I mean it's pretty clear she runs the prison and is just biding her time in there. I *almost* feel like she went to prison and stayed in as an elaborate plot to get the Shaw siblings ( That matter because fuck Owen he's apparently the Shaw family Gob) back together again. The family that breaks mom out of prison is the family that stays together! in conclusion this entire family could give a fuck about Owen Shaw.
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    Have we talked about how there's going to be an all female Fast and Furious apparently?!??!?!??? https://www.themarysue.com/all-female-fast-and-furious/
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    We see the virus capsules have entered her bloodstream, so they would have quickly circulated around her entire body, not remained in her hand. This is as good a place as any to break down just how ridiculous the virus-extraction machine is in terms of a fake piece of biotechnology. Nicole's Theranos joke was one of the best lines of the episode, but at least Holmes' bullshit was in the general vicinity of scientific plausibility. This machine, however, is so straight-up magical that Cliff Curtis fixing it with a 3D printer is one of the more realistic aspects of the movie. Putting aside how the virus is actually designed to work, let's focus on how it's delivered and that it's designed to be extracted if necessary. The virus appears to be encapsulated in engineered particles that are roughly the size of red blood cells. These particles are designed to naturally degrade in 72 hours, releasing the virus into the bloodstream. Let's also assume that these particles have been engineered to flawlessly hide from the immune system for that long, and aren't getting caught in any of the body's physical filtration systems, like the kidneys or spleen. All of this is impossible to do with the level of precision necessary to prevent the carrier from being pretty much immediately infected, but the real challenge is getting every last one of those particles out of the carrier's body before your Domino's order is delivered. The zoom-in shots we see of the particles being sucked up implies that a sharp metal tube knows the difference between them and the surrounding blood cells, but since that's the equivalent of "a wizard did it," let's walk through what it would need to do if it was working like a super-fast dialysis machine. Once Hattie's blood is inside the machine, it needs to be able to identify and capture the Eteon particles while leaving the red blood cells (and the various other healthy blood components) alone. The options are basically either a physical filter, which would be need to be tuned to the particles' exact weight, diameter, etc., or a chemical sensor, like antibodies, custom DNA strands or complex molecules that bind to biomarkers found only on the particles' exteriors. These are more-or-less in line with the kind of multi-purpose blood diagnostics machines Elizabeth Holmes was trying to build with Theranos. The problem she ran into is that all of these technologies are so delicate — dealing with physical properties that are right on the edge of single-molecule detection — that they can't be reliably used to tell whether you have high cholesterol, much less prevent you from contracting Genocitus-Shmenocitus. And that's assuming you know exactly what physical properties you're looking for on these 5-micron-wide particles. So unless Cliff has a scanning electron microscope in the back of his remote Samoan chop-shop, plus a fully equipped wet-lab for making new reagents, plus a forced-air-sterilized clean room for doing the nanoscale fabrication necessary for actually getting the particles back into the vial, everyone is shit out of luck. All of this leads me to believe the only thing that could be broken on the machine is the screen and the injection microfluidics — two things Cliff would absolutely be able to fix due to their similarity to the nitrous systems on his cars.
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    Okay, two things: 1. Are we not going to talk about Helen Mirren's full hair, makeup, and jewelry? Is she getting the Al Capone treatment in there? 2. We've established that Hattie injected the virus in capsules into her hand. The capsules will dissolve after the longest 72 hours ever and then.. end of humanity. When they plan what to do if they can't extract the virus in time, why does she have to die and burn her body? Why not just amputate her hand?! Is that a fate worse than death? Why is this not an option?
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    Couldn't care less about popular opinion. Don't care about critical opinion most of the time either, because so many so-called critics are just entertainment reporters with a press pass. Real criticism in any art form is not about giving a grade or score, it's about examining work in the context of its time and whatever other lens the critic chooses to use. I do use Pauline Kael's four-star system for rating movies as a way of very generally contextualizing a film - four stars is a classic, zero is a worthless forgettable film, two is average. I think it's a useful system because she was so consistent and thoughtful in her reviews, and that style was adopted by so many other critics who came after, most notably Roger Ebert. Of course Ebert also (to his chagrin) popularized the much less useful thumbs up/down system. I find Rotten Tomatoes-style "ratings" to be particularly offensive, as they really just distill the current atmosphere of making films a popularity contest. People behave as if they are shareholders in a movie studio because studio marketing understands that everyone wants to be on the "winning side". People who are nowhere near working in the film industry track box office results. Actual news has been replaced with so much entertainment "news". It's madness. I think that's one reason why I enjoy stuff like HDTGM and MST3K and on the flip side, Turner Classic Movies - they focus on the love of movies, many of which are excluded from the marketing machine because the stars weren't famous enough, the budget wasn't big enough, whatever.
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    Also I love at how much they've expanded the roles of Lance Reddick and Ian McShane over the last two films, especially Reddick who most people don't realize can be really funny. I have to assume that he just submitted this video as his audition tape and that was all they needed.
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    I will only accept this as a candidate if we start the podcast by announcing it as The Greatest Movie of all Time. Seriously though, how could you have left out Chris Tucker as bisexual radio host Ruby Rod? Because wow. And the fact that Jean Paul Gaultier was the costume designer? This movie is crazy in the best possible way.
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    If they make an email address for questions to close out the Pro Version and don't use the forums... we must declare the forums dead.
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