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    I saw this movie when I was five years old. I didn’t rewatch it before listening to the podcast. The only parts I remember are the scene at the end when he gets abandoned with no clothes on in the boat and when the lady passes out at the sight of the stripper’s wiener. Both scenes horrified me enough that they stayed with me all these years. The rest is such a blur that listening to the podcast was like hearing comedians make fun of a dream you barely remember having.
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    I've never actually seen The 7 Year Itch all the way through. I've somehow only managed to see the first half and snippets here and there. Besides the iconic dress scene I wasn't too impressed with what I saw (though I was slightly vindicated that Monroe's character also keeps clothes in the freezer during heat waves. ). Is it worth sitting down and seeing all the way through?
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    I want to see HER movie about a meek abused housewife who spends a weekend in Florida visiting her sister, going to male strip clubs, banging (presumably) a stripper/ random she meets from said club and finding herself so she can go home and leave her worthless piece of shit husband and have a successful life. Also maybe trying to sleep with her brother in law? They were wayyyy to close at that art gallery. She can wear the perfume and dress he likes while serving him divorce papers! On the subject of creepy controlling husband's when they first go to Heaven doesn't LAW say her husband doesn't know she drinks / approves?
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