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    more jokes at scott aukerman's expense please. more everything at his expense, really, where can I send all these receipts
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    i like the character mitch does on hollywood handbook, its funny
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    lol i guess hayes is freaking crazy if hes going to a shrink. what a lunatic. you dont have to be crazy to have a podcast here but it helps
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    just want to say how truly grateful I am for H&S showing me love on the Chef Kevin AMA Pro Version and on this week's HH. for the past few years both my parents have had Alzheimer's disease, a form of dementia. my Mom was diagnosed in '04, my Dad in '15. during these years HH and this forum have provided a much needed escape from all the hellish bullshit of reality. making the pictures especially, getting lost in pixels for hours has been a valuable coping strategy throughout my Mom passed away in April. I played ukulele and sang at her funeral. so to have the boys be so nice on top of doing their great funny shows makes me feel that despite life's gloomy dark thunderclouds dropping constant pain and sorrow, sometimes a warm ray of light might shine through, offering a little hope and healing
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    Hey look, I drew a ball on a bigger ball chasing a ball. While looking up references for this, I did find pictures on google of Pavarotti playing tennis. But he was wearing the same outfit in all of them, so I can only confirm he's played at least one game of tennis outside of this movie.
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    hello from the magic tavern, forum jk i just mean hello hows it going
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    I thought of a funny bit where I'd take the clip of Tom Cruise in Vanilla Sky where he shouts "tech suppooooooooort" into the sky and replace the audio with the boys shouting "KEVIN!", but upon reviewing Vanilla Sky I've now rejected that idea. His face looks awful (Cruise's face, not Kevin's.) Also my reference is outdated. Back to the drawing board. Hello, this is my first post. Going to see the boys in Boston Aug 31. Super excited.
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    dont be shy kevins mom, make an account and post with us (nobody do this as a bit, real mom only please)
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    hayes and sean should "break the seal" on the new forums update and do a popcorn gallery (much like those buckets of popcorn that had the butter sealed in and you'd break it with a fork and then the butter would drip down on the popcorn)
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    This is a good one. I especially liked the funny parts
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    if you like posts like this please like and subscribe to my earwolf forums account,
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    wow check out how improved this new unreadable color palette is
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    saving the podcast universe, one listener at a time
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    hey yall its time for me to chime in here and say enough is enough. please just agree to the earwolf cookie policy because its only there to make the site better and its for you really. i know a lot of you "alt comedy" types are anarchists who dont like to accept policies but ut the politics aside for a minute and do the right thing. for my less tech-savvy readers, you accept the cookie policy by clicking the circle heart in the bottom right corner of this post VVV
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    the new forum makes me want to do more posts
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    Next week's episode 250 seems like a milestone number. Next week's Brett Gelman seems like a milestone guest.
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    they say good fences make good neighbors but a nice shed makes the best neighbor in my humble opinion. love to look out the window over the sink while i sip my coffee in the morning and admire my neighbor's shed. ive never been inside and lord willing i never will but just knowing its there keeping his lawn mower out of the rain fills me with ineffable joy
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    I think something needs to be said for how progressive Cliff's performance is, considering the context of when this movie was made. He's an Asian-American supporting character from the 80's that doesn't speak with an embarrassing accent or make offensive Asian metaphors. The fact that he's Asian-American isn't even referenced, which seems pretty much unthought of back then. Granted, he's a genius inventor, which could be considered a stereotype, but at least it's not an offensive one, which was a rarity.
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    Kevin’s mom reads these forums, so keep it clean friends.
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    Mr Branum has a really endearing laugh so when he's around dem boys? You better believe you're in for some endearment, pal. That's what the flim-flam men and women of finance call a, "Take to the bank. It? By you? Yes".
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