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    when erin described the lady's body it really caught my imagination and i couldnt stop myself from moaning "...the perfect woman..." out loud and now my wife is PISSED
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    Very cool having a private hangout with 3 of my best friends. Thanks for the memories guys!
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    Just came here to say that the new forum looks sexy af...wait am I even allowed to say that anymore?
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    This is amazing Shannon! Thanks for putting this together! I want to be able to answer all questions right now but I can't so I'm picking three and running with it lol Favorite catchphrase? Always always always, "What's its mission?!" June says the BEST shit and I wish I had snagged some of that merch before Disney yanked it off the site but alas I missed that and now it's forever stuck in my mind as one of the actual best moments of the show. I have to also give a beautiful shoutout to just "bonkers" because it is this show that has put that into my everyday vocabulary lol. The amount of things I have called T to B bonkers is in and of itself a little bonkers. Have I said it enough yet? Bonkers! The episode you revisit the most? "Sleepaway Camp" and "Deep Blue Sea" without a doubt. I do usually do a double feature of Deep Blue Sea and Lake Placid back to back since they were taped on the same night and PFT is in both, but DBS is the one that I absolutely love to listen to the most out of the two. And Sleepaway Camp is just a golden statue of an episode. It should go down in podcast history purely for the 10 minutes they spend trying to figure out who is related to who. It's also the episode I tell people to start on if they are just getting into the show. A perfect little nugget to get them introduced to the wild theories and hilarious banter between the three hosts and the guest. It makes me happy LITERALLY every time I listen. What the show has meant to you after all these years or any other sappy stuff. God, where do I start? I think it's safe to say that as a member of this board, that this show has meant a hell of a lot to me from the get go. I was a little late getting into it, joining in 2014, but once I did I felt immediately welcomed by the crew already here and it felt like an easy transition to start posting my own thoughts and C&Os. The way that Jason, June, and Paul have brought together a large group of people who all have a love for movies (good or bad... but mostly bad lol) is absolutely astounding. I love the people that I have met because of this podcast. I love that I was able to actually MEET other fans of this podcast. I love that Paul interacts with us and chimes in and values our opinions and asks us every time to keep going because he loves reading what we have to say. Oh lord, I'm getting verklempt. Talk amongst yourselves for a bit... Anyway, this podcast above all others has never strayed away from what the core mission was supposed to be, and that's 4 friends talking about shitty movies that confound them. And now they have thousands of other friends talking along with them still trying to figure out how the FUCK did these get made??? I love this community, and I love this show, and I love Jason, June, and Paul. Thank you for 200 episodes (plus many mini eps)! Thank y'all so much for the entertainment and for staying true to who y'all are, and especially thank you for never quieting yourselves when people want you to shut up and stick to comedy. I think that above all else makes me feel safe as a fan of this show. I know this podcast and this forum are safe spaces for us all to come without fear of being ridiculed or yelled at or thrown away because any of us are not considered "normal" or what have you. Ugh I'm truly getting emotional so I better stop now lol. Thank y'all again and much love from your resident Texas photographer!
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    gonna pretend that Hayes and Sean remembered the first Erin Gibson ep from reading the HH wiki, that was one of the ones we did when Slayner and I were at the helm. Now that's out of the way, here's today's detached semi-ironic post in that classic forums style: "gonna start a fantasy HH draft where we all get to draft Hayes and Sean and the laughs are points and we all tie for first." that's a "dinger" (member the little league kid who said that from earlier this northern hemisphere summer?) out of the park this week.
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    got some tickets to see joe mande live after hearing the caliber of his material on the podcast. i cant wait to hear these great bits irl. VERY refreshing after so much alt comedy bullshit on this network
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    This is a great episode. Very funny and very informative. Both sides made some good points and I have a lot to think about. Lots of love, robotam
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    yes it was nice to hear @JulyDiaz one of the greatest thread posters of all time on there but the fans demand the return of andy kneis @kneisage
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    My friend Robert played Mikey's double in this movie. Should I call 1-800-PAUL-ASS?
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    #meeeow You’re a great friend Dalton. Thanks for the cab sav.
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    Hey checking back in on the forum for the first time in a while, it looks all new! and the liking system has changed. While I'm not sold on the new forum style; I AM sold on HH still pumping out the best podcasts every week!
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    This movie set a really terrible example when during the climax they run into the burning apartment building and they see Mikey coming out of the elevator with Julie and he is praised for saving his sister. If the power had gone out that elevator would have become their tomb. Take the stairs, Mikey. I was moderately shocked to see that this movie had credited writers and even more shocked to see that one of them wrote Real Genius! CameronH, I am sorry if you are learning that from me. I want to know who is responsible for Rona's lines during the gun in her face meet cute with the psycho brother. Rona first says "Mollie never said she had a brother." followed seconds later with her saying "Mollie said some wonderful things about you." I also thought it was a little weird that they didn't try and mine the unplanned pregnancy aspect for some comedy or some tension. It never gets a single mention through the whole movie.
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    I would be careful there because it is a thing, however it's typically a thing done by conservative outside parties not cool with how consenting adults have fun in the bedroom. This wouldn't be kinkshaming because if Katie doesn't like this then that's her decision and not shaming the dude at all. Although one would argue maybe we should shame this dude's kink cause that's crossing a line in my opinion. But everything else I agree with. Life is too short for bad sex, and this dude sounds like danger. Katie please leave him.
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    Can we get an O-face reaction smiley? That's my go-to reaction to most things.
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    Always nice to listen to and hang out with my best friends Sean and Hayes. Erin Gibson is a GOAT guest, but where’s is my sweetie Kevin?
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    Posting here only so that people don't worry about me. I'm safe and still listening. ----And yes I'm on my way to being the next friggin robotam
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    hey if any of you guys feel sad that you missed the glory days of forum hangouts come catch the magic this weekend. it wont be exactly the same because we wont just be talking about HH but you can make me talk mostly about HH if you want
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    saving the podcast universe, one listener at a time
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