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  1. It was removed last week https://usa.newonnetflix.info/info/80017034/s
  2. I don't see this on my Netflix - is it still available?
  3. I think it all took place during a government shutdown
  4. AlmostAGhost

    Musical Mondays Week 56 Flower Drum Song

    I'm totally behind P-Mac becoming Bon Iver
  5. AlmostAGhost

    The Last Picture Show

    For archiving purposes:
  6. This movie was dumb and I feel dumber having watched it.
  7. AlmostAGhost

    The Last Picture Show

    I disagree with the Sonny hate. I think he was terrific. I found him to be a relatively unique character for a film, a quiet non-vocal type. What was interesting, and perhaps disorienting for most, was that he wasn't given any sort of desires. Like we connect with Jacy's experimentation and trying to stop herself from this boring town and find some excitement and life experiences. Duane we could see his goal was trying to impress Jacy. But Sonny was just there. Oh sure he found some occasional moments of life - that's what the Mexico trip was - but I found him a great comparison with those other two, and frankly it is probably realistic to a lot of kids. Not everyone strives. I liked seeing that.
  8. AlmostAGhost

    Theme Month: Jan. 2019 - Westerns

    I've been thinking of Kurosawa bingeing for awhile. Should he be our February theme? Are his movies streamable anywhere? So far this month I've done 4 John Wayne movies, one spaghetti western, and one random old one. I'm gonna shift to some more spaghetti ones for the rest of January.
  9. AlmostAGhost

    The Last Picture Show

    Yea, and in Red River, John Wayne is decidedly NOT the 'hero' of his reputation. In the first ten minutes of the movie, he punches a boy in the face and stabs an Indian to death, before turning tyrannical and all the men he's leading turn on him. I'm not sure the use of Red River was as a 'western paradise/movies are fake' as an inverse reflection on the reality of the LPS town. It may have been the opposite.
  10. AlmostAGhost

    Musical Mondays Week 56 Flower Drum Song

    Vanilla is a flavor!
  11. AlmostAGhost

    Musical Mondays Week 56 Flower Drum Song

    Yea, I joked before I started that I assumed it would be, and it certainly isn't great by any means -- just way too many stereotypes that probably set the course for what people think about Asians for years afterward -- but you're right, it's not particularly racist. There is some weird 'other'ing of immigrants in there (like they never heard of a bank or whatever; immigrant refugees aren't automatically uncivilized fools). But still generally I am enjoying the film so far (I'm only halfway through as of yet). The cast is all so very cool, that's what is standing out to me.
  12. AlmostAGhost


    Yea, and I did note that too - in that the characters, all of them, seem to be given that depth. The evil cruel sheriff has some noble goals (to retire in peace, to keep the city safe), for example. Most characters have all these sides, and I think that is probably the best part of the writing in Unforgiven. Nobody is one-dimensional. However, I did feel like they were all still tropes, basically. I do think The Searchers was a little subversive, esp. in making John Wayne unlikable and rude. I guess though the question becomes why is 'subversive' always seen as a good thing? Black Panther was indeed engaged on the topic of race, actually. Very much so on the level of the others (I haven't seen them all, but from what I have). I would say BP is quite subversive both on the micro level of its story (about an African race deciding how to best interact with the outer world) and the macro level of the film's existence.
  13. AlmostAGhost


    I think The Iliad works here for sure. I couldn't say though if it was intentional, or basically such a standard classic that it is everywhere, but I like your connections.
  14. AlmostAGhost


    Oh yea I guess I was thinking 'hero' in answering that, but I guess that wasn't the question. I guess that is a modern thing -- basically nobody is good in this movie.
  15. AlmostAGhost


    It's not Clint? Aren't we rooting for him the whole film?