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  1. Wait so you already made the pick and you're just not telling us now?
  2. I'll just add that Norwegian/Scandinavian art and literature is quite often dark af -- serial killers, existential detectives, gruesome bloody scenes, etc. It's also the home of Satanic-based death metal music, even though most of the country is really quite secular. I've read a lot of Nesbo's books (including this one), but also many similar Swedish and Icelandic books. Basically what I'm saying is, this is a genre. It's not a Jo Nesbo thing. My theory is that it's about the long dark winters and maybe Nordic/Viking mythology. Anyway I haven't listened to the ep yet (nor watch the movie) but as I said in the mini-ep thread I'm quite curious because the book is very good. I'm in for a fun weekend lol
  3. AlmostAGhost

    A Night At The Opera

    Well... Bugs Bunny is like them. They came before Bugs Bunny, and he often acted like Groucho directly. One thing that I think hasn't got too much attention in this series is boundary-pushing, and I think these two Marx Brothers movies really point that out. Duck Soup was an original. There's been a lot of insane joke-jammed movies since, but find me one that came out before 1933. It pushed the boundaries of comedy so so far. It's the Citizen Kane of comedy. Buster Keaton, Charlie Chaplin, etc. are hilarious, but not in this anarchic way, and Duck Soup really set a level which you see in all our favorite things -- best eps of The Simpsons, Monty Python movies, Will Ferrell's absurdity, etc. Opera, on the other hand, plays more within the boundaries of what people expect a film to be. That's fine, but that's also why I don't think it has a place on the AFI list. Put more comedies on there, yes please, but put ones that help to redefine what a comedy movie is. Also, I'm not so sure taste in the Marx Brothers has to do with childhood nostalgia; it's just that comedy is subjective.. which is also why I think boundary-pushing is a good measure for comedy.
  4. AlmostAGhost

    A Night At The Opera

  5. AlmostAGhost

    Saving Private Ryan

    Oh for sure. There's no chance they'd actually have been nominated, but certainly all 3 are high enough quality, and have made big impacts on culture.
  6. AlmostAGhost

    Saving Private Ryan

    Rushmore, The Big Lebowski, The Truman Show were all 1998
  7. AlmostAGhost

    A Night At The Opera

  8. AlmostAGhost

    Amy's new podcast ZOOM

    Amy is starting a new semi-regular film podcast
  9. AlmostAGhost

    Musical Mondays Week 61 The Long Dumb Road*

    I'm not gonna defend all the dramatics, because I also felt it wasn't a great film in that regard. Maybe pushing it to the end would have helped give Richard's story some form. But I think as it is, it had to do with Nat taking him to her house and even forcing the confrontation - remember, Richard chickened out there and wanted to leave. They were helping each other move forward. Did Richard actually move forward? Probably not, in the end. Even though Richard blurting out "I love you" and angrily insulting her family wasn't the right move, Nat did get him literally to the point where he could bury these imaginary feelings that were his big hang-up. And it does make an impact as it leads directly to him proposing to the other girl, who clearly is just a replacement obsession. (Yes, there's no real growth to Richard's arc, but it is the progression of his story. I think they're related occurrences.)
  10. AlmostAGhost

    Musical Mondays Week 61 The Long Dumb Road*

    Went looking... here's an interview with Jason about his view of the character/story https://www.slashfilm.com/jason-mantzoukas-interview-long-dumb-road-john-wick-3-how-did-this-get-made/
  11. AlmostAGhost

    Musical Mondays Week 61 The Long Dumb Road*

    In my personal experience, this was pretty accurate. Like if you're smitten with someone for a long time, and it won't ever happen, it's all in your head, you just need that one thing to push it behind you. Sometimes that moment is hard to get to or find, but when it comes, it goes fast. That's what I saw happening here. I didn't take it as 'whatever'. It was an actual break in his obsession of her. If he were that mercurial, he wouldn't have held on to his feelings for so long, so I don't think that's an excuse here. He makes cringey bad decisions for sure, but I don't think they're totally crazy either.
  12. AlmostAGhost

    Musical Mondays Week 61 The Long Dumb Road*

    I enjoyed the ending. The stealing of Francois' car was satisfying to me. Also I took the very end as Richard didn't really change at all, he just went straight to the slots and moving his life to Vegas (where certainly his wild nature would be uninhibited). Nat continues on his journey, walking on to the train, to keep moving forward. It didn't seem all that ambiguous to me! I do agree that a little more pre-story would have been helpful in fleshing the characters/story out a little more though.
  13. AlmostAGhost

    Saving Private Ryan

    The way I usually hear it is just someone using it to say an actor did a good job. Not necessarily the best, just maybe a bit better than good. Maybe if someone is saying 'this is a historically notable performance' than it's fine. But rarely I think they mean that. I don't know, I find it a weird shorthand.
  14. AlmostAGhost

    Saving Private Ryan

    One that also never shows up here is 'Oscar-worthy'. That's just such a circular meaningless phrase, but it seems to be a go-to for most people. Maybe because just about every movie we discuss is famous for being great. Anyway, either way, yea we're better than Facebook.
  15. AlmostAGhost

    Episode 208.5 - Minisode 208.5

    Ah The Snowman had been on HBO app for like 6 months... until last week! Also I've read The Snowman book, and it's great! Curious how the film gets it so wrong