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  1. congrats on the thread robotam. really digging the vibe in this one
  2. nohorseman

    Episode 293 - Alyssa Limperis, Our Moms Friend

    hoping they post the new episode while im asleep tonight so it pops up on the web by the time i wake up
  3. nohorseman

    Episode 293 - Alyssa Limperis, Our Moms Friend

    huh, just finding out the hollywood handbook guys do a paid version of the show called the pro version that comes out on wendsdays
  4. woke up early this morning, listened to the ep, better than coffee
  5. nohorseman

    Episode 291 - Desi Lydic, Our Close Friend

    "good episode" - nohorseman
  6. nohorseman

    Episode 288 - Tony Hale, Our Close Friend

    Cool now that all the classic fans (and where was TheNarnold??) were mentioned I'm really looking forward to this weekend's Popcorn Gallery
  7. nohorseman

    Episode 282 - Kaitlin Olson, Our Close Friend

    would have been cool for "try month" they went on a bunch of other podcasts as guests to help bring in some new listeners to the show
  8. checking in for a double dose post of "listened and loved it" to the regular and pro version of hollywood handbook this last week of february
  9. nohorseman

    Episode 278 - Sasheer Zamata, Our Fyre Fest Friend

    recently on the flagrant ones, sean and hayes confirmed they thought the popcorn gallery was "good." looks like it will be returning tomorrow evening I'll see you all here
  10. nohorseman

    The Masked Engineer, Our Masked Friend

    the ep is a hit. to celebrate, let's do a popcorn gallery this friday evening, i'm clearing some stuff off my schedule should be good to go
  11. Just hearing the boys (sean and hayes) are considering doing an extra episode of hollywood handbook a week for people subscribed to a particular service. more to come, stay tuned
  12. “I want to smell you, I want to breathe you in. I want to hold you tight.… I want to kiss your lips…. I love you. I am in love with you,” Jeff Bezos now confirmed Handbook Head
  13. nohorseman

    Episode 268 - Adam Conover, Our Close Friend

    this was a great episode I saw recently on instagram that Sean was playing the game Codenames. Thats a really good game!! If you like Codenames, there is a similar game called Decrypto that's also great, especially if you have a group that has played Codenames a lot and loves it. It's also less than 20 US bucks. I was able to play it for the first time by bringing it to Thanksgiving and the family had a ball with it.
  14. nohorseman

    Episode 267 - PFTi, Our Close Friends

    I think the Boys talking about the circadian control of avian vocalization behavior means they've been reading my research papers! And/or Tsuyoshi Shimmura, but who even knows what podcasts he likes
  15. nohorseman

    Episode 265 - Reggie Watts, Our Spooky Friend

    The Thanksgivings I attend here in KY are usually lacking in green vegetables not-covered-with-cheese, so I selfishly usually bring one or two along! Here are two favorites that are imo easy to pull off. I can help you think of fancier things or things that are more rich also if these aren't to your liking. Also these recipes won't make you buy a bunch of spices you may or may not have on hand. I'm making this post as if you you're like so many of my friends who don't cook often so sorry if it's insulting at all. I think Alton Brown's recipes are usually trash (if you want a reliable Food Network recipe source, it's Ina Garten), but his very simple holiday Brussels Sprouts dish is perfect. Brussels Sprouts with Pecans and Cranberries The recipe says "1 pound fresh Brussels sprouts, rinsed and trimmed" then tells you to shred them yourself. Trader Joe's sells pre-shredded 10z bags of brussels. I accidentally made this recipe with just 10oz when I first discovered this and it was still fine, but I usually buy two bags like a good boy who follows the rules, plus there are lots of people at my meals. Any old supermarket probably has them too, I definitely recommend buyin em preshredded because all the electric shredding things I try always turn everything, yes, even brassicas, to mush. If you have a Trader Joe's nearby you're in major luck because I love their dried cranberries way more than Sun Maid or whatever you're going to find at the mass market store. But TJs makes you buy a huge bag of pecans so there's extra three bucks lost if you don't use them often. Brussels are good because they're not often in casseroles so you're less likely to compete with your sister-in-law for side dish supremacy. Here's a green bean recipe from Chrissy Teigen's first cookbook, that absolutely slaps. That's a great cookbook I've made so much stuff out of it and only a couple of duds. It requires a 12" skillet and some means of covering it, so hopefully you have that. Buttery Green Beans Ingredients: 1 pound of fresh green beans, ends trimmed if you don't buy the bag of pre-washed ones. This means cut off the little stick part on the one side and any mushy dark green parts. This kind of takes a while but I think it's fun 1/4 cup of sugar 2 tbsp. of butter 1/4 cup slivered almonds. Sliced almonds are also just-as-good. I usually buy raw and toast em myself so they're nice and brown but who cares! Salt and pepper, to taste First toast the almonds if they're not already roasted. Put the same skillet you're about to use for the beans and set it on medium heat, no need for oil you just want the heat. Now occasionally flip em around or otherwise stir them and do your absolute best to keep paying attention to them because I always burn them. You want them to turn a nice brown to dark brown color and smell nice. If you're like me some of them will be kind of black because you get so bored at this point and that's fine too. In a large skillet, combine 1 cup of water + the 1/4 cup sugar + some Salt Bring to a boil, stirring until the sugar is dissolved Add green beans, cover + cook until the sugar water begins to reduce, about 9 minutes Uncover + stir + continue cooking for 7 minutes. Don't worry about these times too much, the previous step is forgiving but this one is where you could mess up your dish by not cooking enough. You really want all the liquids to turn into a glaze here so make sure there's lots of boiling and steam coming off and keep cooking till the beans, well, get glazed! As in coated with the shiny sticky sugar water. The recipe in the book concerns itself without getting the beans from getting mushy, well if you're making this in your kitchen and taking it somewhere they're going to kind of look like shit when you get there, but they will still taste good. Transfer to serving dish and + top with butter + pepper + almonds if you're making them at the same place where you're going to eat them. Otherwise, melt the butter and do the seasoning in the skillet away from the heat. ------ A note about taking these dishes to someones house: I have a bunch of the glass/Pyrex leftover containers and when I make these they both just go in there. Then I just take its lid off at the place and people can serve out of the very plain-looking glass bowl and I don't care that it's plain. Also keeping them a little warm somehow is nice but don't worry about it too much cause they're both fine if they cool off. Put them in any bowl and cover and take em over though who cares it's nice that you're bringing something! Oh yeah and all those salt and pepper to taste things... in regards to these recipes at least, If you taste it and it doesn't taste like much, it probably needs salt. Maybe I'm broken but to me, if you can't think to yourself "oh yeah you can tell there's salt in here" than it doesn't have enough salt. If you do indeed start from a pound of vegetables I would start with a teaspoon of kosher salt (a bit less by volume of regular table salt) and maybe have to add more. This does require actually eating some nibbles out of the skillets before you pack it up and head over. Same thing for pepper but luckily you can also see the pepper. You probably want to be able to see little black specks after mixing for both of these dishes.