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  1. nohorseman

    Episode 265 - Reggie Watts, Our Spooky Friend

    react to this post if your proud to be in the most annoying fanbase!!!!!
  2. nohorseman

    Episode 263 - John Levenstein, Our Showbiz Friend

    this is a very good episode. Sean and his wife and Bosch's hiking trip looked like a lot of fun, I hope they learned something about each other out there in nature's majesty
  3. nohorseman

    Episode 262 - Brett Gelman, Our Close Friend

    Pentatonix guesting on A Very Wicked Halloween then Brett Gelman on Hollywood Handbook!? File these two under the "Epic" category!! Then give yourself a raise, my administrative assistant who files things for me. I'm a benevolent executive willing to put my money where my mouth is, or rather my money where my employees' mouths are as I would like resign and turn this whole thing into an employee-owned collective!
  4. nohorseman

    Episode 261 - Jameela Jamil, Our Close Friend

    great posts this week, see y'all in the flagrant ones patreon comments (slaps your hiney with a towel, after you assure me it's consensual and we're both having a good time, its just the best outcome of some playful locker room antics and no one feels bad in anyway about this behavior)
  5. nohorseman

    Episode 260 - Jo Firestone, Our Gameshow Friend

    I've been out of the country but don't think I haven't been using my time away to cook up a really "spicy" post here goes nothin, prepare yourself for the post a few weeks in the making get your emoji reacting fingers ready: good stuff, very funny!
  6. nohorseman

    Episode 256 - Tom Scharpling, Our New Host

    hey i already heard this one edit: oh its new. nevermind, will check it out
  7. nohorseman

    Episode 255 - Stefani Robinson, Our Close Friend

    aw shucks my popcorn gallery question didn't get picked this week. oh well, hopefully my friends were amused by it at the least! maybe a little puff of air huffed out of your nose. see you all again friday night and we can mix it up all over again!! never gets any less fun oh and another thing, great ep
  8. nohorseman

    Episode 254 - Erin Gibson, Our Close Friend Part 3

    gonna pretend that Hayes and Sean remembered the first Erin Gibson ep from reading the HH wiki, that was one of the ones we did when Slayner and I were at the helm. Now that's out of the way, here's today's detached semi-ironic post in that classic forums style: "gonna start a fantasy HH draft where we all get to draft Hayes and Sean and the laughs are points and we all tie for first." that's a "dinger" (member the little league kid who said that from earlier this northern hemisphere summer?) out of the park this week.
  9. nohorseman

    Episode 253 - Little Esther, Our Brand Ambassador

    countin down to labor day folks
  10. nohorseman

    Episode 253 - Little Esther, Our Brand Ambassador

    Would be such a hoot if Sean and Hayes did a popcorn gallery this weekend for american labor day, would qualify as some of that irony stuff they do that I can pick up on every single time 100%
  11. nohorseman

    Episode 252 - Joe Mande, Our Southern Fried Friend

    All the new characters on the pro version were great fun. They're the cinnamon bun and swedish fish etc flavored oreo to Intern Andy's Double Stuf tho, daddy wants the classic
  12. nohorseman

    Episode 251 - Tim Baltz, Our Close Friend

    **cracking my knuckles and jiggling my fingers over the keyboard getting ready for tomorrow's post**
  13. nohorseman

    Episode 251 - Tim Baltz, Our Close Friend

    been browsing r/flashlights and the tech here has improved drastically in the last five years due to advancements with batteries and high energy emitters. throw your maglite away bitch and get you a 90+cri nichia angled headlamp with a 18650
  14. nohorseman

    Episode 250 - The Doughboys, Our Shrimp-off Friends

    We lost Bernie Mac 10 years ago. Here's some really good jokes by him, and also remeber that time when he slaps a surfer on the belly and asks got any wax in Charlie's Angels full throttle http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WsDN5BHp4NE
  15. nohorseman

    Episode 250 - The Doughboys, Our Shrimp-off Friends

    more jokes at scott aukerman's expense please. more everything at his expense, really, where can I send all these receipts