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    The Losers (2010)

    This is a film that is such a guilty pleasure, it is in no way a great film but it is so enjoyable and watchable in a switch of your brain way
  2. MarcNado

    Airplane vs. Volcano (2014)

    Or how me and my friends refer to it Dean Cain vs Volcano's This is a terribly bad film from the asylum but pretty fun to mock for being so bad
  3. MarcNado

    The Secret of My Success (1987)

    Nope.. no this is an 80s classic there is nothing bad about this film
  4. MarcNado

    Caddyshack II (1988)

    We all know sequels usually are never as good as the original and even less so when it comes to comedies. But I actually do not understand how they could take a film that was so good and beloved as Caddyshack. Mean this film is basically the first with a lot of the best parts ripped out, less plot and less gopher. They then refill it with re-used and bad jokes and add a sprinkle of Dan Aykroyd instead of Bill Murry but trying to be as mad a Murry and failing. Such a disaster of a movie and not even in a good way.
  5. MarcNado

    Real Genius (1985)

    this is another great example of one of those 80s rediculous but brilliantly so film. Loved it as a kid still enjoy watching it now even for all it's flaws
  6. MarcNado

    Desperate Measures (1998)

    Back in 98 when this came out a friend of mine made me go see it with them..... I had forgotten all about it till now and now all I can think about is,is this film as WTAF as I remember it being
  7. MarcNado

    Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (1991)

    It wasnt a bomb though, it made about $390M at the boxoffice back in 91 and was the second-highest grossing film of that year
  8. MarcNado

    Fast Food (1989)

    I recently watched this... still really am not sure what the f**k was going on or actually why did this get made
  9. MarcNado

    Operation Dumbo Drop (1995)

    This film it just bad, I remember seeing it as a kid and thinking what is this. Then never seeing it again until a couple of years ago when I spotted it and thought I would give it a re-watch as it couldnt be as bad as I remembered... nope it is actually even worse
  10. MarcNado

    Family Business (1989)

    Havent seen this film in years but back in the day when it came out I remember it being quite good, or was that because I was just young!?!
  11. MarcNado

    Live Wire (1992)

    Synopsis: Danny O'Neill is a bomb disposal expert assigned to a case where terrorists have developed an "invisible" liquid explosive which is activated within the human body. The targets of the terrorists are U.S. Senators, one of which is having an affair with Danny's wife. IMDB Found this film by pure chance and you can tell right away that is has one foot in the 80s and one in the 90s like many early 90s films. The basic premise of the film is insane, a liquid that can turn people into bombs yet you can cure them with antacid tablets. But to complicate matters further our hero has to save the guy who is estranged wife is now shacked up with. Apparently this was supposed to be a big summer box office movie and was made as such, but they decided against releasing it when it was done and just pushed it straight to TV instead.
  12. MarcNado

    Split Second (1992)

    I knew someone had to have suggested this one before. I just recently watched this and oh my god this is utter perfect fodder for the HDTGM team. There is just so much to cover from the actors in it, their characters and traits (as mentioned above ones like for only chocolate and coffee and nothing else) to the acting, the fact that london is flooded yet we can quite clearly see in many shots, it's not or the evil animal type thing (literal demonic monster) they fight at the end which looks like a rip of of the alien from Aliens. So much is covered and so much is not explained... love it absolutely loved this bat shit crazy film
  13. MarcNado

    The Return of the Living Dead (1985)

    Would love for them to do this film, it is perfect fodder for them and we all know Jason would be loving this for an obvious reason
  14. MarcNado

    Grimsby (2016)

    This is one of the worst films I have seen in the last 10 years, absolutely nothign redeaming about it nor is there anythign really funny in it. I can't believe Mark Strong's agent even sugested doing this one, if he didn't fire him after doing it then he should have
  15. MarcNado

    Brenda Starr (1992)

    I really wanted to like this film as it sounded like it should be pretty bonkers, but it just doesn't work. I will say that Brooke Shields looks the part in this film but her acting in it is so so poor, in fact most of the cast are pretty poor, so I am not sure if its them, the dialogue or just the film as a whole thats bad.