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  1. ChunkStyle

    Episode 197 - Beastly: LIVE!

    I realize that Peter Krause is an anchor and not a reporter but if he lacks the journalistic instincts to investigate anything at all about how his son came to be cursed and the existence of real magic in the world then I am afraid the people of New York are being poorly served by their local news.
  2. I definitely considered that and the movie is vague enough that it is an option. I just thought it was less likely because it would make Carruthers/Ragnar the hardest working person in the world. In that scenario it feels more likely that Carruthers starts out on the level and then slowly becomes disillusioned and takes on the Ragnar persona. Because to go into it as Ragnar from the start looking to infiltrate is an incredibly long con as I assume it would take many years to reach that level within whatever that organization was. Also how would he know which organization to infiltrate? It could just as easily have been the FBI going after him. I still think Ragnar killed Carruthers but any one of the backstories is good.
  3. I am hung up on one of Lance's lines that I think is supposed to be his most Bond-like. When the bad guys burst into the cabin bedroom with the two look-alikes Lance says "I must be in love. I think I'm seeing double." Is that a thing? And Lance would have had to do some really quick math about how those two might look from a few hundred yards away because they didn't look that similar. In the remake I'm going to suggest they change the line to "Hey, I've got that shirt."
  4. Do you mean when they were talking about Velvet's costume for the Incinerator Club show? They said that Linda Carter wore that same outfit to perform a Kiss song.
  5. Hilarious episode. My favorite part of the movie had to be Cliff. He is an absolute first ballot entry into the Roommate Hall of Fame. There is a good chance that Cliff and Lance never met before getting randomly paired up for their dorm assignment. Then a year or two later absolutely no questions asked he is a killing machine against impossible odds to help out Lance. Normally you are just happy if you have a roommate that keeps things relatively clean. Cliff puts everyone to shame. I don't know if the movie made this explicitly clear but Ragnar killed Carruthers and then assumed his identity, right? It makes me think the real Carruthers must not have had a great working relationship with his coworkers if no one in this organization ever batted an eye at his replacement. Also he must have had no friends or family to notice that he had gone missing. That unseen character is really bumming me out.
  6. ChunkStyle

    Episode 192 - Striptease: LIVE!

    I don't think this guy read to the end. I am standing firm. Until Miscavige sends me a cease and desist forum post. Then I'll back down since I have nothing riding on this.
  7. ChunkStyle

    Episode 192 - Striptease: LIVE!

    Am I the only person that passed (mild) judgment on Erin for walking away and leaving the lint trap full? I always felt like it was rude to leave it behind for the next person to deal with.
  8. ChunkStyle

    Episode 192 - Striptease: LIVE!

    Well it definitely sounds like the whole series was a group effort. But whatever the real story was something changed drastically towards the end of the series. The books went from being funny (to an idiot 16 year old) to the worst thing I have read. I almost didn't finish the series even after investing all that time up front. I never bothered reading Battlefield Earth.
  9. ChunkStyle

    Episode 192 - Striptease: LIVE!

    The limo driver reading the L. Ron Hubbard book jumped out to me to me as well. Except I am here to tell you that was no L. Ron Hubbard book! He was reading the 9th (out of 10) books in the Mission Earth series. My friends and I read the series in high school. They are extremely pulpy sci-fi. Dumb fun that should only appeal to a boy in high school. They were mixed with a healthy dose of his Dianetics views which I didn't know at the time. The cover art made a big deal throughout the series that it was going to be a giant 10 volume masterwork. It is said to be the last thing Hubbard finished before he died. I was the last in the group to read them and my friends warned me that Hubbard didn't actually finish them. He died first and because the Church of Scientology wanted the shine from him having written this 10 book series they brought in a ghost writer to finish them. This was my friends' own pre-internet theory based only on having read the books. I thought they were full of crap until I read for myself. Half way through book 8 it slams into a brick wall. It goes from being good bad writing to just extremely bad. Books 9 and 10 are an absolute slog to finish. Whoever they brought in was hired only for their ability to keep a secret and writing ability was a distant second. I haven't figured out yet how this ties into Striptease. Maybe a message from the 2nd unit director about who should really get credit for the movie.
  10. ChunkStyle

    Episode 192 - Striptease: LIVE!

    It isn't during sex like Jason wanted but the best call of "Burt Reynolds" occurring in nature that I know of is from this. Paul Westerberg playing Can't Hardly Wait on SNL. Apparently Paul told his drummer to yell out whatever came into his head when the song hit its pause. He went with Burt Reynolds. It happens at 2:15. These poor fools in 1993 didn't even know they had Congressman David Dilbeck to look forward to.
  11. ChunkStyle

    2001: A Space Odyssey

    Hot of the presses. Potentially Kubrick's view on the ending of the film. https://io9.gizmodo.com/this-may-be-stanley-kubrick-himself-explaining-the-end-1827363975
  12. ChunkStyle

    2001: A Space Odyssey

    I don't remember when I first saw 2001 but I was pretty young. I didn't see it again for many years. In the intervening time it split apart into two movies in my mind. There was the movie about the killer computer in space. That was a thriller. There was also the trippy experience movie with the Space Baby. Then I would think is 2001 the movie with HAL? Or is that the movie with the Space Baby? My kid brain had decided the two parts were so different they couldn't have come from the same place.
  13. ChunkStyle

    Episode 191 - Rad: LIVE!

    They could have made this movie a hit with one simple change. Make it Paperboy: The Movie. I think there was enough connective material there already they wouldn't have had to change anything but the title. It would have made 10x at the box office because that game was the best. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paperboy_(video_game) Where was the Oscar nomination for Jack Weston? I was more creeped out by his town hall speech than anything Anthony Hopkins did as Hannibal Lector. And that happened before he was revealed as the villain of the movie.
  14. ChunkStyle

    Episode 190 - Hurricane Heist: LIVE!

    Paul was well within his rights to forget that this movie takes place in Gulfport, AL because there is no Gulfport in Alabama. I'd say they made up a small town on purpose so they didn't besmirch the sheriff of an actual city. Or they got it confused with Gulfport, Mississippi and never bothered to check. About even odds on those two.
  15. ChunkStyle

    Episode 190 - Hurricane Heist: LIVE!

    Not to defend this movie but I think that audience member's take down of the hurricane science was based on mishearing what the character said. I don't think they ever said 600 mph winds I think they said the storm was 600 miles across.