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  1. ChunkStyle

    The Octagon (1980)

    The Action Boyz podcast just did this movie. I'd never heard of it until then. It is absolutely perfect for HDTGM as well. It is streaming on Amazon Prime as of now.
  2. ChunkStyle

    Episode 200 - Action Jackson: LIVE!

    Maybe her reactions to the heroin and the fact that she was able to kick the habit in 6 hours had to do with them not seeming to bother finding a vein the times we see her get injected. She is like the sketch of someone acting drunk while only having non-alcoholic beer.
  3. ChunkStyle

    Episode 200 - Action Jackson: LIVE!

    Congrats and thanks for 200 episodes! HDTGM is a true source of joy. My question is what was Coach's original assassination plan for the president of the AWA? When he is having lunch with him to set up the party and the assassination he has no idea that Action Jackson will be involved and he'll have him as the fall guy. So Coach thought the best place to murder someone is at his house with tons of witnesses and no one to frame? In regards to the pickpocket taking Jackson's wallet the best I can come up with is that Jackson needed to be without his wallet for the weird pool hall scene because those guys would have searched him and found out he was a cop and then the "he's my touched in the head brother" rescue wouldn't have worked. That is me doing a lot of work for the movie though. They should have added an ADR line from a pool hall goon saying "we didn't find evidence to contradict your story" to Vanity. I had to go back and re-listen to the Action Boyz episode about Action Jackson to make sure I wasn't accidentally repeating their points. For anyone who doesn't know about Action Boyz I think it would appeal to a lot of HDTGM fans. It is three guys (Jon Gabrus, Ryan Stanger, Ben Rodgers) breaking down classic action movies. They do it in a more beat by beat way than HDTGM but with plenty of hilarious detours along the way. It is a Patreon podcast so it isn't free but there are some free episodes in the High and Mighty podcast feed to check out. I think it is great but fair warning Jason would not be the Jason of this group if you catch my meaning so it won't be for everyone.
  4. ChunkStyle

    Episode 199 - A Night In Heaven: LIVE!

    I noticed that too but it doesn't match up with the rest of the movie because I thought he was offering her punch with alcohol at the art party (maybe it was non-alcoholic) but then later for sure they are both having white wine with their Bojangles fried chicken. So if LAW being a hidden drinker was ever part of the story I think they dropped it and forgot to clean it up in the editing.
  5. ChunkStyle

    Episode 199 - A Night In Heaven: LIVE!

    This movie had so many characters that took one step on a story arc and then just stopped right there. The one I am most interested in though is Josephine who is an Artificial Intelligence???? At the very beginning of the movie when Whitney is finishing up his his night shift (why does a rocket designer need to work the night shift?) his little terminal screen pops up the question "Prior to 08:00 shut down, would you like access to Computer Games?". That reads like an automated script not something a person would say. But rather than just hitting the 'N' key Whitney replies by typing "Not tonight, Josephine". So is Josephine a human who speaks like a robot? Or did this movie give us a tiny glimpse at NASA's secret AI program which has been running since the early 80s? On a sincere note the recumbent bike ride past the Saturn V rocket makes me want to recommend the US Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, AL for anyone that has a chance to visit. They have built a museum around the Saturn V rocket there and I think it has to be one of the most impressive displays in the country. Unfortunately Huntsville is not a place you randomly pass through but if you happen to get a chance to see it take it.
  6. ChunkStyle


    I know I am in the wrong on this one. And nothing can ruin Real Genius.
  7. ChunkStyle


    I'll jump in as the philistine on this one. I had somehow managed to go my whole life without seeing Psycho until this week. But of course because it is so much a part of the culture I knew all of the major beats. And for me personally this movie didn't hold up to the classic trope of "it's even better watching it once you know the twist". It might be unfair for me to judge it that way since I didn't experience the shock firsthand and then rewatch it. It was like my first watch was the rewatch. With the tension mostly removed I just wasn't very engaged. To avoid having more pitiable creatures like me created I think we'll have to have watching this movie added to the national elementary school curriculum.
  8. This movie set a really terrible example when during the climax they run into the burning apartment building and they see Mikey coming out of the elevator with Julie and he is praised for saving his sister. If the power had gone out that elevator would have become their tomb. Take the stairs, Mikey. I was moderately shocked to see that this movie had credited writers and even more shocked to see that one of them wrote Real Genius! CameronH, I am sorry if you are learning that from me. I want to know who is responsible for Rona's lines during the gun in her face meet cute with the psycho brother. Rona first says "Mollie never said she had a brother." followed seconds later with her saying "Mollie said some wonderful things about you." I also thought it was a little weird that they didn't try and mine the unplanned pregnancy aspect for some comedy or some tension. It never gets a single mention through the whole movie.
  9. ChunkStyle

    Episode 197 - Beastly: LIVE!

    I realize that Peter Krause is an anchor and not a reporter but if he lacks the journalistic instincts to investigate anything at all about how his son came to be cursed and the existence of real magic in the world then I am afraid the people of New York are being poorly served by their local news.
  10. I definitely considered that and the movie is vague enough that it is an option. I just thought it was less likely because it would make Carruthers/Ragnar the hardest working person in the world. In that scenario it feels more likely that Carruthers starts out on the level and then slowly becomes disillusioned and takes on the Ragnar persona. Because to go into it as Ragnar from the start looking to infiltrate is an incredibly long con as I assume it would take many years to reach that level within whatever that organization was. Also how would he know which organization to infiltrate? It could just as easily have been the FBI going after him. I still think Ragnar killed Carruthers but any one of the backstories is good.
  11. I am hung up on one of Lance's lines that I think is supposed to be his most Bond-like. When the bad guys burst into the cabin bedroom with the two look-alikes Lance says "I must be in love. I think I'm seeing double." Is that a thing? And Lance would have had to do some really quick math about how those two might look from a few hundred yards away because they didn't look that similar. In the remake I'm going to suggest they change the line to "Hey, I've got that shirt."
  12. Do you mean when they were talking about Velvet's costume for the Incinerator Club show? They said that Linda Carter wore that same outfit to perform a Kiss song.
  13. Hilarious episode. My favorite part of the movie had to be Cliff. He is an absolute first ballot entry into the Roommate Hall of Fame. There is a good chance that Cliff and Lance never met before getting randomly paired up for their dorm assignment. Then a year or two later absolutely no questions asked he is a killing machine against impossible odds to help out Lance. Normally you are just happy if you have a roommate that keeps things relatively clean. Cliff puts everyone to shame. I don't know if the movie made this explicitly clear but Ragnar killed Carruthers and then assumed his identity, right? It makes me think the real Carruthers must not have had a great working relationship with his coworkers if no one in this organization ever batted an eye at his replacement. Also he must have had no friends or family to notice that he had gone missing. That unseen character is really bumming me out.
  14. ChunkStyle

    Episode 192 - Striptease: LIVE!

    I don't think this guy read to the end. I am standing firm. Until Miscavige sends me a cease and desist forum post. Then I'll back down since I have nothing riding on this.
  15. ChunkStyle

    Episode 192 - Striptease: LIVE!

    Am I the only person that passed (mild) judgment on Erin for walking away and leaving the lint trap full? I always felt like it was rude to leave it behind for the next person to deal with.