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    Likes: Swimming, eating, and long walks on the beach.

    Dislikes: Drowning, starving, and short walks on the beach.
  1. Reach out and touch someone.
  2. Might as well bump...BUMP!
  3. If it Hertz, than you probably need to rent a smaller car.
  4. Brought to you by Superman XXX: The Quest for a Piece of Ass
  5. Please sign our petition to make sure George Lucas keeps his hands off Mambos number 1-4. We don’t need any more of our childhood ruined by that man.
  6. Tuna, of course. I spotted her leaving Sam’s Club.
  7. I got more rhymes than all those dope MCs, it’s a benefit of ven-er-EE-al disease! Boyeee!
  8. or as the Scots call it; shakin' yer booooty!