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  1. KEVIN???

    Episode 251 - Tim Baltz, Our Close Friend

    I like that Tim is high status, Seeso's Shrink is low status and, Seeso's Berjillion's Glenn is low status failing to be high status
  2. More on the parking lot universe please. Is Mitch good or even just okay at talking and jokes in the parking lot? Scared to imagine parking lot Bosch cuz he's just so good and perfect as he in our universe.
  3. KEVIN???

    Episode 248 - Triumph At Comic-Con

    Remember when Obummer was in WTF? Me neither *restarts this episode*
  4. *acts out parody of the SNL five timers club except it's the two dozen listeners club, puffs on bubble pipe looking pleased with self for this joke, high fives self, tries not to let face betray that it was an unsatisfyingly weak high five sure to poor coordination, is not very successful doing so, face tells it all, becomes self conscious about joke, begins to flop sweat, saves face by hiding behind self deprecation before anyone else can criticize the half baked joke and subsequent flailing first*
  5. KEVIN???

    PRO VERSION: The 29 minute long one

    i know it's technically unprofessional whatever but i just freakin LOVE it when the boys break HA HA
  6. KEVIN???

    Episode 238 - Joe Mande, Our Close Friend

    Wow. WOW. Did not realize how badly I needed a Carlin roast. Very punk rock ep, so brave.
  7. KEVIN???

    PRO VERSION: The Coachella Performance

    going in, i was nervous that an extended version of the "how long has it been?" song wouldn't deliver (easy to go astray), but jesus what a magnum opus.
  8. KEVIN???


    just in case you haven't already made the same mistakes i have, don't write poetry on earth day. i can't make heads or tails out of this stuff!
  9. KEVIN???


    if the stem is dry as bone, well... i have a microphone for a top secret mission and you don't, so you will listen without doubt or dismay to every damn word i have to say... and you will smell my finger for i am the wedding singer
  10. ummmm Hole Shebangs Theory: the William Hung story. is that something?
  11. KEVIN???


    if it pricks, the ridiculous 6 has a 0% on rotten tomatoes
  12. grab a comfy chair cause i got a treat that's gonna knock you right on your tight toned tushies. you thought stitcher was great when you had a data connection? think again. now pay attention cuz this is important: first load up some sweet sweet eppies in your play queue, hit play and head deep underground where the data man can't get ya (or just turn on airplane mode) and let the good times roll. there's no other app, free or paid, that is so dedicated that it will attempt to play those eps despite having no signal and then panic when none of the Hollywood handbooks in your queue can be played (not even the pro versions) and you better believe it tosses them good boys right out of your play queue because of course you don't want to try again later, who the heck has time for that? it is truly an honor to cough up the big bucks to be rewarded for finishing an ep in between subway stations with the startling realization that my play queue is coming apart at the seams (or unstitchered) until i scramble to force quit the app. hey stitcher, never change, xoxo -sous chef kevin
  13. KEVIN???

    Episode 233 - Nicole Parker, Our Close Popcorn

    Not selling out is the new selling out because being too afraid to take money from 5ive is basically admitting you can be bought but being careful not to hurt corporate feelings in case they might want to try to buy you even though they can't is both nice and cool but also radical and handsome and punk and just good business senses.
  14. KEVIN???

    PRO VERSION: The Threequel

    This is a new low for Stitcher. They must have a lot of shovels at Scripps because there's no limit to how low they're willing to go to streamroll the boys to promote other shows. Clearly someone at the top has it out for our dear host and sidekick, someone powerful with deep pockets. Look, how are we supposed to enjoy this premium content when it's all smashuped together?! Well, jokes on you because now I don't even NEED to watch threesome because... the boys. did it. better.
  15. Sean and Hayes have a little fun with doing a freedom.