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  1. I watched the movie last night. All I can say is "Ask my agent."
  2. I have never seen it but it seems like it would be worth buying some groceries and settling in for a watch.
  3. Tom Ewell also starred with Marilyn Monroe in The Seven-Year Itch.
  4. You are correct about her house. I hadn't heard of that so I just looked it up. Searching "Pink Palace" got me a place in Tennessee. I had to add her name to find it. I also know there's a room in Graceland (the Jungle Room IIRC) that has carpeting on the ceiling but that was practical. They would record in there sometimes and the carpeting helped with the acoustics.
  5. Yes, you can see the nipple on Jayne's right breast (her right) starting to peek out.
  6. Hopefully it's OK to post this. I love Sophia Loren giving Jayne the side-eye. Here's Sophia's side of it.
  7. I've never seen the show. Just went looking for GIFs after Taylor's comment.
  8. Can't sleep. The_Triple_Lindy will eat me.
  9. Cinco DeNio

    Musical Mondays Week 49 Meet Me in St. Louis

    Rereading this I think maybe it is more like belly dancing and was just so scandalous to people of the time. Belly dancing can be suggestive but I have seen nothing that would make me rethink having young girls learn it.
  10. Cinco DeNio

    Musical Mondays Week 49 Meet Me in St. Louis

    One other thing I'm not sure about. I wanted to know what the "hoochie cooche" (mentioned in the title song) was. It was a dance done by women and was suggestive. Maybe not the best thing to be teaching Tootie? (Although given her other proclivities this is probably the mildest one.) Wikipedia does mention its last "hurrah" was at the 1904 World's Fair and then was gone by WWII. Wiki link