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  1. Spoiler alert: I've seen Fiddler multiple times. (Just playing. I have seen Fiddler but would love to discuss it sometime.)
  2. Rentable on Vudu as well
  3. In that case, Paint Your Wagon is going on my possibilities list.
  4. It's also rentable on Amazon.
  5. Cool! I've never seen this.
  6. OK, don't keep us waiting like TheWorstBuddhist did.
  7. @Cam Bert's Letterboxd review is spot on as this being "One part Rocky Horror", since Richard O'Brien wrote three songs for this movie.
  8. I'm getting into The Boys now. I liked the first episode but wasn't sure about the second. However the third really picked up and I'm ready to watch the next one.
  9. See kids?!? Gang signs are cool! Captain Invicible flashes them so you can too!
  10. I actually liked this overall. I was wondering if it was an Australian production but I can't confirm that. It had bigger names in it than would be normal. I did like they got Bill Hunter, my favorite Australian character actor, in there as the trainer to get Captain Invicible back in shape. (He played Barry Fife, the evil dance association head, in Strictly Ballroom. He was also the voice of the dentist in Finding Nemo.) I did wonder if the songwriters were about to go on break so they said "Hey! Let's make a song out of only one word!"
  11. I was so disappointed. I thought they had made this book into a movie.
  12. Cinco DeNio

    Musical Mondays Week 70 Eddie and the Cruisers

    Instead of Eddie & The Cruisers they should have called the movie Jersey Boys.
  13. Cinco DeNio

    Musical Mondays Week 70 Eddie and the Cruisers

    One other thing about Joey Pants' character. He says how he's never gotten a break all his life. It's why Joanne gives him the tapes. Then he makes all kinds of statements about how he's going to make the sweetest deal ever, how they're all set, etc. Yeah, right! He hasn't gotten it done in his life so far and he thinks he's going to take the corporation and their lawyers for a ride? (Also IIRC, Tom Berenger didn't even look in the wooden box at the dump just to make sure the tapes were in there and in good condition. I imagine being somewhat exposed to the elements in a wooden box for 18 years didn't do the tapes any favors.)
  14. Cinco DeNio

    Musical Mondays Week 70 Eddie and the Cruisers

    Apologies but I just finished watching this. Someone mentioned the ending being a copout. I just am wondering which part they are referring to? Joey Pants being the "mysterian" behind the search for the tapes? Or the bearded stranger in the TV store window? Overall I am glad I watched this but am disappointed Frank and Joanne didn't get together until almost 20 years later. Frank said he wanted to call her so many times. 1) Why didn't he? 2) What if she had moved? (Granted he didn't seem to have any trouble tracking down the others but still. He himself had moved.)
  15. Cinco DeNio

    Hobbs & Shaw (2019)

    This is what Star Wars movies like Rogue One wanted to be. Movies with a very tenuous link to the source material but are still entertaining on their own.