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  1. Too bad you weren’t born a raccoon with naturally fabulous smokey eyes. @Elektra Boogaloo @taylorannephoto speaking of raccoon eyes...
  2. Ok, I was just about to respond to Elektra to say KvD's tattoo liner was my go-to. That stuff would stay on even when my face was sweating waterfalls. However, I stopped supporting that brand due to the above reasons. @Elektra Boogaloo the JH lipstick under a microscope:
  3. tomspanks

    Shameless Self-Promotion

    There's a new Magnum? You mean this guy?
  4. I got a Attack of the Killer Tomatoes vibe
  5. Fun fact: the role of Patrick Swayze was played by Taimak from The Last Dragon
  6. tomspanks

    Shameless Self-Promotion

    HOLD. UP. There are Murder, She Wrote movies???
  7. tomspanks

    HDTGM Classics

    So apparently Kast had a q&a on Discord () and when someone asked if they would be using Rabbit’s virtual machines, they said they would “look into it.” Sorry to be a Debbie Downer but it doesn’t sound very promising.
  8. Uh probably none, judging by his lip syncing.
  9. tomspanks

    HDTGM Classics Pluto Nash 7/12

    The problem is rabbit might poof at any time and it's been buggy as heck.
  10. The Cats trailer was legit disturbing.
  11. So, who’s gonna pick Cats in December?
  12. Terrible quality, but here’s a link dailymotion
  13. tomspanks

    Musical Mondays Week 69 High Society

    She looked at the model boat and it put her into a trance. Perhaps that? No, but seriously, she was constantly being mansplained about how to be a good woman and to come down from her pedestal - I think "high priestess" was thrown around - and maybe we're supposed to believe these talks put some sense into her? Anyhoo, did anyone notice the weird gray makeup on Frank Sinatra? And towards the end when we get a full shot of him from the left, you can see a gnarly scar on his face. Apparently, Sinatra's mom had a difficult birth and the doctor had to use forceps on the baby's face during delivery, which left a huge scar.
  14. tomspanks

    Musical Mondays Week 69 High Society

    Tracy wanted Dexter to become a “serious composer” or a diplomat, but instead he became a “jukebox hero,” which is not a reputable career, I guess?
  15. tomspanks

    Musical Mondays Week 69 High Society

    That was totally creepy, right?? I can't really blame Caroline, as she's been fed milk and arsenic for too long and that probably messed up her brain. I loved that cover-up. It reminded me of this JCrew dress from a couple of years that I love and would've bought if the damn thing didn't sell out in 5 seconds. #istillhaveragrets