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  1. Did someone say more? You're welcome.
  2. I haven't finished the movie yet, but yeah, so far they were just like "ugh we have to wait 7 years." I really think they believe the condition will resolve on its own in 7 years and that's why the wife is concerned with getting good grades and applying to college.
  3. The guys touched on this a little bit, but I think it deserves more attention. In the beginning of the movie, the daughter goes to a sleepover and the parents have a date night in the house and reminisce about their past. Duchovny tells a story about how on the second night of their honeymoon in Provence, he had to find her a roast beef sandwich or else they weren’t gonna bone for the rest of the trip? First, they’re only on the second night in Provence, so it feels too early to start craving food from home, unless they started their honeymoon earlier at a different location. But secondly, why would anyone crave a roast beef sandwich? It’s not some exotic food that’s hard to obtain and I feel like Provençal beef stew would be an acceptable alternative to satisfy the craving. So I think the natural conclusion is that the roast beef sandwich is some sort of a kink and she needed it or else there wasn’t gonna be any sex for the rest of the honeymoon.
  4. Even after she goes back to school, why not tell them she has amnesia from the accident? I thought it would’ve been a good cover for any “odd” behavior.
  5. The 1954 Judy Garland version is 2 hours and 56 minutes long. I don't know if I can do this...
  6. Did you listen to the Bitch Sesh episode with Jason Mantzoukas? His reaction to discovering Vanderpump Rules was priceless.
  7. Well, the steak looked like it was past well-done, into burnt territory, lol. Also, never forget when LVP stopped Adrienne from washing her raw chicken with soap before cooking it.
  8. I wanna say the trailer floor steak from earlier?
  9. Also, important question - what was in those sandwiches??
  10. I definitely prefer the Lady Gaga version over the '37 version, but imo they're so different. My favorite pairing in the Lady Gaga version was actually the Maine brothers. That really got me. Fortunately I was in the window seat of a plane at the time and nobody saw me lol.
  11. Oh weird! When I was Googling it before watching the movie, most of the images were in B&W
  12. Was everyone's '37 version on Amazon Prime a colorized version? It looked weird to me, like the worst Snapchat filter ever. I wish I had seen the b&w version instead. For me, the '37 version had too much comedy in it, sometimes at inappropriate times. However, I did like the sassy grandma in the beginning and the trailer scene, which reminded me of The Long, Long Trailer.
  13. I dunno, it’s not even on page 1!