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  1. i'll hold the mike

    Episode 204.5 - Minisode 204.5

    Forget Jacob's Ladder Scenarios, there's a caller on this episode who posits a June Lockhart Scenario!
  2. i'll hold the mike

    200th Mini Retrospective Clip Show Spectacular!

    It's hard to pick a favorite moment, but I really enjoyed the supercut of "Gooby", which mutated into "Gewby" and then "Gewpy". I almost printed up a "Gewby" T-shirt for a recent live show, with June's quote on the back, "I'm not upset that I saw Gewby". I may still do that!
  3. i'll hold the mike

    Episode 200 - Action Jackson: LIVE!

    Sorry, we're only doing observations for this episode
  4. i'll hold the mike

    Episode 194 - Yes, Giorgio: LIVE!

    As a wise woman once said, just because something is difficult doesn't mean that it's good. Also, what's Italian for "Scribbles"?
  5. i'll hold the mike

    Episode 194 - Yes, Giorgio: LIVE!

    The budget was $19 million, and it made just $2.2 million at the box office, meaning that Yes, Giorgio makes it into the top 10 of least profitable HDTGM movies! Just below Steel, but just above Gigli. See https://hdtgm.info/ for the details.
  6. i'll hold the mike

    Episode 194 - Yes, Giorgio: LIVE!

    "I like a bigger boy." ... "I like a bigger boy."
  7. i'll hold the mike

    How Did this Get Graphed?: The HDTGM Infographic Project

    Update: spurred by this week's change to Chrome* I've put in an HTTPS cert, so you can now go to https://hdtgm.info/ * https://www.engadget.com/2018/07/24/chrome-now-alerts-you-to-unsecure-http-sites/
  8. i'll hold the mike

    Episode 193 - Blues Brothers 2000: LIVE!

    Something else I just noticed: there's a character in the new vidya-game Floor Kids that's named Scribbles. Maybe June has been playing this game (and winning all the levels, since she's obviously got massive dance skills)
  9. i'll hold the mike

    Episode 193 - Blues Brothers 2000: LIVE!

    No, the name is just in honor of Paul's regular request. I didn't have anything to talk about for these movies, so I wisely kept quiet for all of the shows. I'm no Balcony Monster. Also worth noting: BB2000 makes it on the bottom 25 list of least profitable HDTGM movies, having made just a little over half of its budget back at the box office. See the list and so much more at http://hdtgm.info/
  10. i'll hold the mike

    Episode 193 - Blues Brothers 2000: LIVE!

    BB2000 was the second show on Saturday night. By the first show on Sunday night some clever audience members had printed up "SAVE SCRIBBLES" T-shirts and brought them to the show.
  11. i'll hold the mike

    Episode 191.5 - Minisode 191.5

    The next episode features an EPIC rant by June that is not to be missed.
  12. i'll hold the mike

    Episode 191 - Rad: LIVE!

    Two things: 1) I wonder if Paul felt sympathy with the Hell Track announcer when Duke grabbed the mike and started explaining the race. 2) I referred to that bike-hopping maneuver as "bike humping". I feel like if Jason had been in a more amorous mood we would have gotten an "I came" moment.