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  1. If Prince can change his name to a symbol, so can you.
  2. America's test kitchen better stop snitchin'.
  3. The best defense is having the best offense, unless you can get Shrek to represent you in court.
  4. If you're getting too many robocalls, do not contact robocop for help. Robocop is busy drinking robitussin and recording his robo-cast.
  5. There is no God. There is only Godzilla.
  6. If Shrek can fit twelve golf balls in his mouth, so can you.
  7. Edible arrangement in the streets, incredible derangement in the sheets.
  8. Trenton Makes, The World Takes pictures of Trenton making the world take pictures.
  9. "Forever 21 is my IQ."
  10. Patience is a virtue, find it if you can: rarely in a woman, but often in a mannequin.
  11. I've got to get my props. / Cops come and try to snatch my crop tops.
  12. Spare the A-Rod, spoil the A-child.
  13. What's up, Ghost Dog: Way of the Samurai? $3.3 million gross at the box office? The competition was...assassinated.
  14. Better late than pregnant, especially if you're a man.
  15. "Wolf cannon" is the name of my band, my lifestyle, my wolf cannon, and my religion.