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  1. I've been listening to it all week apropos of nothing. Just love it, all of it, all the time. Taylor, if you get the chance, you should see Book of Mormon. Its hilarious.
  2. I just clicked all the ones I had seen. When I went with my actual favorites, it gave me a weird one lol Actual favorites from that list - Les Mis, Lion King, Hamilton, Wicked, Book of Mormon Movie they recommended from those five was 'Opening Night', which I have never heard of and sounds super weird. And also has JC Chasez on the poster - Edit: I just realized Paul is in it too
  3. Guys, I'm real bored at work and thought you'd all enjoy this Buzzfeed Quiz Check off your Favorite Musicals and We'll Give You One to Watch on Netflix I got this one:
  4. Strong maybe from me. As of now I have nothing going on, but I have this nagging feeling I'm forgetting something that weekend
  5. SaraK

    Musical Mondays Week 46 Enchanted

    There's suppose to be a sequel to this - maybe she'll get to sing in that! I mean, she's been living in cartoon world so it would make sense story wise
  6. SaraK

    Episode 179 - Eudora, AR

    This was an insane episode, and I loved every minute
  7. SaraK

    Musical Mondays Week 46 Enchanted

    The weirdest scene in this movie is where Giselle puts a fish in her mouth and spits it out in front of the assistant. WHAT IS THAT? I know she's cute and quirky, but even cartoon Giselle wouldn't put her fish friends in her mouth especially since they talk in her world.
  8. SaraK

    Musical Mondays Week 46 Enchanted

    That is 100% how Dempsey got cast, this would have been like season 3 or 4 of Grey's, right when it exploded? Also, the whole point of the love interest is to be somewhat boring right? So 'realistic' and down-to-earth that he's just plain ordinary compared to James Marsden. While he's a good looking guy, he plays haggard and exasperated (but super rich) single dad pretty well.
  9. SaraK

    Musical Mondays Week 46 Enchanted

    Poor Nancy really got the short end of the stick here. Her boyfriend for FIVE YEARS up and leaves her for a girl he met two days prior, and she had just agreed to marry him too (Their engagement talk was a little confusing, I don't know if they were engaged, or just agreeing to become engaged)! They seemed happy prior to Giselle appearing in their lives, though not overly emotional or romantic. But they probably would have been fine if they had married, she seemed nice and lovely. I think she just gave up after he reacted so quickly to Giselle's poisoning, like 'why fight it?' Also James Mardsen was perfect casting as a Disney cartoon come to life. He's too good looking to be a real person. This is also why he makes sense as a robot in Westworld
  10. This is an adorable story
  11. I like to imagine that Cal and Sarah reunited after the finale, and he lives with her in Mrs. S' old house. I feel like that's what would have happened if he had time to come back. Or they would have killed him off too -so maybe, good he couldn't?
  12. I know he's from Game of Thrones, but I never saw that, so my first intro to him was when he was in one of the seasons of Orphan Black. I desperately wanted him to come back but he got real popular because of his Blake Lively movie and never returned. Total bummer.
  13. That's on my list for sure! Aside from loving Michiel Huisman, I will watch anything Glen Powell is in. Ever since he was in Scream Queens saying ridiculous things, I've been a fan. He seems to have pretty good taste in projects.
  14. Oooh ok. I didn't realize I was so close to being up! My brain has been in easygoing Rom-Com mode this weekend, since I watched two Netflix ones (Set It Up and To All The Boys I Loved Before - both are very cute) and made plans to go see Crazy Rich Asians later this week. So the first one that pops in my head is in a similar vein.