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  1. They must have! Baxter doesn't get the concept of fetch. He watches you throw a ball with an expression like 'why would you do that?' and then rolls on it like its a massage ball on his back. He does enjoy killing his toys though.
  2. I think he's plotting against me a lot. But he's also super lazy, so he'll never follow through.
  3. The beginning of this movie made me sad - who is selling kittens for five bucks, and then just abandons the ones that are left? Poor baby. I wanted to give him a hug. It probably doesn't help that I spend two days a week volunteering at an animal shelter, adopting out those same animals. Also, I'm insanely tempted to get the same set up for my dog that Georgette has. He already has his own bedroom since he took over the guest room with his toys. In regards to pictures, I don't have a cat, but my dog sometimes acts like a cat?
  4. Ugh guys, I rented this from the library and then was about to watch it last night, but my dog had a seizure and had to go to ER Vet. (He's ok, apparently aside from the seizure, he's extremely healthy. Dogs are weird). There's a lesson in procrastination in there somewhere. So I'm going to try to watch it tonight. And I've had the song "Why Should I Worry' stuck in my head since this movie was chosen, so I HAVE to watch it to get it out. This is very true of black cats at my shelter, but weirdly, brown tabbies are much more popular than orange ones. I don't know why - we have so many brown tabby and so few orange ones. Orange cats are like one step above black cats. People don't like Halloween colors I guess.
  5. Great news, my friend is coming but decided to drive up tomorrow instead. So I can join! Best of both worlds really.
  6. I may have a friend coming in tomorrow for the weekend - if she shows, I'm out but if she bails, I'm in. She's driving in from five hours away, you think I'd know by now. But no. I don't.
  7. I loved this movie. Great choice!
  8. SaraK

    IMPORTANT: Forum to be updated 7/4/2018

    In the search bar as well, or against any black background I suppose, its very hard to read the gray text while editing/writing. Not a huge deal, but just wanted to give my 2 cents in it. But i love the new look regardless
  9. I was reading an interview with Kristen Bell and Reefer Madness came up! Apparently the people from it are the reason she went to LA. Without that, would we have The Good Place, my favorite show on tv? Thankfully we don't have to know the answer to that. Kristen Bell Gets Candid About Her Codependency — and The Good Place’s Effect on Her Moral Code
  10. I just logged into this forum on a computer for the first time since the update, and wow my profile has a lot of information. Apparently I won the day in December? Was this always an option? And I was able to scroll back through my personal feed and see its just me talking to people about 12 Dates of Christmas, which sounds about right. Now I have to figure out a picture to put in here because I lost that trapeze photo I had years ago in a phone purge.
  11. I’m very excited about this mobile friendly version. That’s all.
  12. 12 Dates of Christmas! My annual holiday movie!
  13. Same. I've got a six hour drive (or ride I guess, I'm not driving) that I'm apparently going to be no fun on now Too bad for them. That ghost's haircut distracted me far too long in that movie. A Christmas Kiss is a much better double feature with Christmas Prince.
  14. Ugh I'm dreading that movie. I can't bring myself to watch it, but I guess I have time tonight now