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  1. gigi-tastic

    Episode 201.5 - Minisode 201.5

    I screamed WHAT out loud and upset the cats. To be fair I was more upset than the cat.
  2. Ok now ladies(yeah!) We gonna break this thing down for just a second. Now don't have me break this thing down for nothing! I wanna see y'all on your baddest behavior. I am your neighbor lend me some sugar! Shake it, shake it, shake it, shake it, shake it,shake it, shake it, shake it, shake, Shake it like a Polaroid picture! Now all the Beyonce's and Lucy Liu's and baby dolls get on the floor! Sorry I'm a Hey Yeah completest (at least up to the Beyonce Lucy Liu line)
  3. If it's Terrence Howard do you think he's going to rave about his new math and how one times one has to be two? https://mashable.com/2015/09/14/terrence-howard-one-times-one/ I'd link the actual Rolling Stones article but it's fucking insane and it gives me a headache just thinking about anyone trying to read it
  4. This has nothing to do with the chicken on this poster but a close friend of mine owns a metal rooster they named Richard so they can say they own a metal cock named Dick. I've never been so proud. Also there's a truly giant concrete rooster statue on someone's lawn in my town I have totally taken out of town guests to see this thing and had our photos taken with it. I have no shame.
  5. I have no idea what this movie is about but there's a chicken on the poster and I'm utterly intrigued so I'm in. I am obsessing over this chicken. I'm going in full June Diane Raphael on this one you guys and I can't wait!
  6. Well that's got to be the greatest honor EVER bestowed upon a piece of cinema! Fuck the Oscars this is what means you've made a real film!
  7. gigi-tastic

    Episode 201 - Skyscraper

    You probably have to have a key or code to access the residential floors. I've been in a lot of hotels with bars and restaurants that let you access those floors but you need a keycard to get to the other floors. Still I bet the people living there would hate having to share an elevator with the public. They should have a separate elevator.
  8. gigi-tastic

    Episode 201 - Skyscraper

    I want to know if he was just stewing about this for all these years and suddenly an opportunity presented itself to get revenge (if so damn he went in HARD) or if he's been planning a way to kill or destroy the Rock all this time and he just got a perfect opportunity. Like does his apartment have a creepy wall of photos of the Rock with the eyes all gouged out or something? Has he been actively plotting ways to murder/wreck this man? Because it's one thing to frame someone (still an insane reaction) but it's another thing entirely to kill him and his family. Do the other surviving members of the Rock's former team hate him this much? Is Linda from H.R plotting to do away with him next? I think that the Pearl would be a novelty in Hong Kong but I don't think it would be the world's number one attraction. It would be interesting because it's new but that's about it.
  9. gigi-tastic

    Episode 201 - Skyscraper

    He no longer has use of his hands. They are just burnt off stumps. He full on is nothing but a 4th degree burn from touching that molten steel. 4th degree burns go down to muscle and bones. If the woman who was horrifically maimed by McDonald's coffee got 3rd degree burns his hands should be like ash. They should have died not just from the intense heat and heat shock but also from smoke inhalation which kills 50- 80% of people in a fire. Your breathing in burning hot air and gasses which fries your lungs and can send you into cardiac arrest, carbon monoxide and a bunch of other shit like cyanide. Also being called "The Neil Degrasse Tyson of Pandas" just made my week. I might need to get business cards....
  10. gigi-tastic

    Episode 201 - Skyscraper

    So I was skeptical about the nighttime panda feeding and thought maybe the movie meant red pandas which are nocturnal and crepuscular (and the cutest things on this planet) but I wanted to do some research. It turns out that the movie might be correct! I don't think the Hong Kong zoo has a nighttime feeding . I don't even think they have pandas. I know there's a sort of panda theme park but I don't think it has anything to do with the actual zoo. Regardless according to this article( http://thewildlife.wbur.org/2015/08/07/pandas-dont-play-by-the-rules/ ) about research done by scientists from MSU (always nice to read something that isn't about horrific scandals for a change. ) pandas have three peak times of activity: Morning, Afternoon, and Midnight. " In a statement from MSU, research associate Jindong Zhang said, “We cannot simply say the panda is a crepuscular creature. Giant pandas show complex activity patterns that are closely related to food quality and water availability,” Zhang said. “They need to eat food more frequently, such as at midnight, since the nutrition quality of bamboo is low. The study of the activity patterns of pandas opens a door to discovering the unique adaptations of pandas to their environment.” " So there you have it. My insane brain is FINE with people running around a burning building willy nilly, cutting steel cables with an ax, and jumping off a fucking crane but nighttime panda feeding , that shit needs to be fact checked!
  11. gigi-tastic

    Episode 201 - Skyscraper

    I want a hilarious comedy about a thief accidentally stealing a fancy Business Lady vibrator instead of the high tech McGuffin they were hired to get now
  12. gigi-tastic

    Episode 201 - Skyscraper

    .Kimi Yes!! Unless they have a bad guy in H R or are in charge of hiring/ what was the plan if The Rock didn't get the job? Were they going to take out his competition so he's the only applicant? Also wouldn't it have just been easier to stack the deck of applicants with bad guy contractors you paid off to infiltrate the company so that you would know for sure you would get the iPad? That way you don't have to fight anyone at all.
  13. I love each and every one of these!!!! How about Light My Menorah or maybe Love and Latkes? Perhaps Verklempt in Vermont (it would be about an advice columnist who is too busy working to take their own advice and find love. Or maybe dueling advice columnists forced to spend Hanukkah snowed in together in a romantic Vermont inn.)
  14. Ok so are there any Hanukkah t.v.movies out there? I want to be inclusive in my garbage films. I know about 8 Crazy Nights, The Hebrew Hammer, and that one episode of the Rugrats but I can't think of a single made for tv Hanukkah film. Hollywood get on this! Let me have wacky romcoms that involve ust while Person A helps Person B light the menorah. Show me how A is an uptight/ clumsy whatever who finally starts to learn to value family with a scene of them making Latkes with their grandparents recipe. Have them receive a present every night from a secret admirer! Give me something, anything I'm not picky!
  15. THAT WIG THO. This movie MUST be done. If not by the gang than we must do it ourselves. Maybe we can figure out a holiday movie day each week after Thanksgiving or something. Because we also need to talk about my favorite version of A Christmas Carol the ICONIC A Diva's Christmas Carol starring the one and only Vanessa Williams. It is EVERYTHING. Kathy Griffin is the ghost of Christmas Past! I cannot stress enough how bonkers this thing is.