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  1. gigi-tastic

    Episode 217.5 - Minisode 217.5

    This is exactly my dilemma. Fuck killing people during the Purge I'm breaking into the zoo to play with the red pandas God damnit!
  2. gigi-tastic

    Musical Mondays Week 69 High Society

    I feel like it's implied he also cheated on her? Like her dad did to her mom? Which if so makes sense that she left his ancient ass Fun fact about All About Eve Celeste Holms HATED Bette Davis
  3. gigi-tastic

    Musical Mondays Week 69 High Society

    #TheDressThatGotAway we all have one
  4. gigi-tastic

    Musical Mondays Week 69 High Society

    Obviously that liver spot and Tracy grew together! And in a few years when Tracy turns 30 he's moving on to the next Lord . He already wrote her a creepy song and everything, and according to Caroline they are engaged.
  5. gigi-tastic

    Musical Mondays Week 69 High Society

    Mine is the swim dress cover-up I love the costumes on this movie, and the sets! The light green room from the opening where they were sorting presents? I want it exactly as is don't change a thing.
  6. gigi-tastic

    Musical Mondays Week 69 High Society

    I love Audrey Hepburn and I think my favorite movies are Charade and How To Steal A Million. Paris When It Sizzles just wasn't for me I think I if I'm remembering correctly?
  7. gigi-tastic

    Musical Mondays Week 69 High Society

    Yeah no The Philadelphia Story is by far the better movie. I'm lucky I saw this first because ooof. I think Grace Kelly is trying her hardest with what she's got. I love the but where she first meets the reporters. I genuinely laughed at the bitchy things she said.
  8. gigi-tastic

    Musical Mondays Week 69 High Society

    If I had a dollar for every time a man in this movie told Grace Kelly she was " Cold " and " not a real woman" because she was pissed her father has a mistress and has standards, I would have lots of money now.
  9. gigi-tastic

    Musical Mondays Week 69 High Society

    Fun fact time! As previously mentioned in the preview this was Grace Kelly's last movie before marrying Prince Rainier of Monaco. +They actually met because of movies, when Grace was the U.S delegate head for Cannes .) The STUNNING engagement ring she wore in the movie is her actual ring. The film's costume designer Helen Rose is the person responsible for her iconic wedding dress as well! Her wedding was the first media frenzy royal wedding and we wouldn't see anything like it until Diana and Charles. I know too much about this woman, and yet not nearly as much as I know about Audrey Hepburn.
  10. gigi-tastic

    Musical Mondays Week 69 High Society

    So the music is by the great Cole Porter. Did anyone else find that the style of music didn't feel like a Cole Porter song? I love his music and I don't know if the songs were written in the same time period or what but you can tell that Dream A Little Dream Of Me, Delovely, Your The Tops, Lets Do It( Lets Fall In Love), Love For Sale, and Night and Day are all by the same composer. Not that they sound alike exactly but there's... I don't know they have a flow to them? Maybe this is just his lesser work. I know that besides the opening, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire,and What A Swell Party( mostly because it was two greats together than the actual song) I was more interested in the speaking parts of this musical than the songs which was not a great sign. I did enjoy Samantha but that felt more like a song for radio than a musical because it was literally just a single refrain or two.
  11. gigi-tastic

    Musical Mondays Week 69 High Society

    So I'm starting to realize I might have gotten Bing confused with Fred Astaire in Funny Face. Which I also haven't seen in a while but he's in his late 50's while Audrey Hepburn is in her mid to late 20's. Maybe it was because I myself was much younger when I last saw them but it *felt* like they were both so much older than their costars. I still stand by the fact he was way too old for the part of Dexter though.
  12. gigi-tastic

    Musical Mondays Week 69 High Society

    Are you telling me you don't like when a movie literally tells you when it starts and ends?
  13. I also really loved Gone With The Wind at the same time period in my life as this movie ( the costume design is next level) and I actually own a 4 disc DVD set that now just sits there daring me to be insane enough to waste a day or three watching the whole thing. If you find yourself awake and done with a movie that has the good guys join the KKK ( truly GWTW is next level cuckoo bananas ) feel free to watch, if not no pressure!
  14. Welcome back! I hope you had a great time and if you're too tired it's ok to skip. I'm delightfully confounded by the Goofy porter statue from your trip.
  15. gigi-tastic

    Episode 217.5 - Minisode 217.5

    WFRR is really weird. I was shown it as a kid by a teacher because they thought it was a kids movie during day camp. That was an ....interesting... Day. Apparently a lot of people thought it was a kids movie which is CRAZY