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    Episode 221. The Hottie and the Nottie

    I haven't finished the movie yet but I need to write Gloria Steinem a personal letter of apology and donate to the Geena David Institute on Gender in Media like NOW. The shame and more importantly THE RAGE I feel as a woman and an intersectional feminist! Ooooh boy!
  2. gigi-tastic

    Episode 220.5 - Minisode 220.5

    My dads are all pretty old 4- 7+ years or so but I have a lot. I got most of them as gifts.
  3. gigi-tastic

    Episode 220.5 - Minisode 220.5

    I have a very off filing system for books and movies. I go by theme? Like my fiction bookshelf starts with classic children's books like Mary Poppins then flows into historical fiction jr fiction (the books set farthest in the past being first) then eventually after many themes ends up with adult mysteries on the top shelf. I can't even remember how my DVD cabinet is but I know that I have a whole set up devoted to spy/ thief shows with my beloved Leverage having pride of place. I'm fully aware it's insane but I can't have it any other way. No one should live like me it's pure madness!
  4. gigi-tastic

    Fateful Findings Seattle Show

    Oh God I forgot about that! I'm so sorry GrahamS! I have a deep aversion to self harm and I agree personally it wasn't very affecting. Granted I was drinking and trash talking the movie with a group of people and there was a cat I wanted to snuggle so I might not have been the best viewer
  5. gigi-tastic

    Michael Bay Fight Club Theory

    I've never seen a Transformers movie and all I know about them I know because of Lindsay Ellis and her amazing series on it "The Whole Plate: Film Studies through a Lens of Transformers". It's hilarious and insightful and if we ever do give in to Anonnamoose I will be ready with some hot takes!
  6. gigi-tastic

    Fateful Findings Seattle Show

    I think it's an overdose not a suicide and there's a murder staged as suicide that is very clearly a murder
  7. gigi-tastic

    Episode 220.5 - Minisode 220.5

    I just let out a shocked strangled "Paul!!!" To rival any June has ever uttered at hearing that Paul said he cried at The Hottie and the Nottie. I don't know whose more concerned my cat at my distress over whatever is going on with Paul or me worrying about Paul.
  8. The mothman YMCA song I know is "Mothman! There's no need to be down I said Mothman! Eat a kid off the ground! " Which while shorter paints a very vivid picture in a few words.
  9. gigi-tastic

    Fateful Findings Seattle Show

    I saw it when I spent the day hanging out with a girl I was seeing and her roommate and her boyfriend. They streamed it for us and I'm pretty sure they neither paid for it or used pornhub to get it. I know she said she was moving to Japan soon but I can text her tomorrow and ask if she can ask them. I'll keep you guys posted! It's truly a WILD movie and you must see it.
  10. I mean it's pretty clear she runs the prison and is just biding her time in there. I *almost* feel like she went to prison and stayed in as an elaborate plot to get the Shaw siblings ( That matter because fuck Owen he's apparently the Shaw family Gob) back together again. The family that breaks mom out of prison is the family that stays together! in conclusion this entire family could give a fuck about Owen Shaw.
  11. I honestly thought it was Zach Galifianakis in something like a Funny or Die type thing
  12. Have we talked about how there's going to be an all female Fast and Furious apparently?!??!?!??? https://www.themarysue.com/all-female-fast-and-furious/
  13. YES!! THE QUEEN HAS RETURNED! I'm so happy you're back! I've missed This Week In Feminism ( and you of course!). I fully agree about the lack of women with true power and agency in these films. It's a strange version of the Smurfette Principal. From what little I've observed of the movies it seems like yes there's more than one woman with a decent role in the groups but they tend to either be romantically linked with a man in the group they belong to or want to be ( be that The Family,the various Bad Guys team, the FBI, etc) they are related to someone ( Mia, Samantha Hobbs, Hattie and her mother, I guess wives might count?), Or they are villains to take down. Which great give me complex women! But I don't feel like they do that very well. I will be honest and admit I haven't seen them all and I'm not a huge fan of them but it always seemed like every woman i on screen was either in love with a guy, his sister or mom, or trying to kill him and even then they seem to want to fuck them.
  14. I cannot make up because I'm a possum impersonating a human woman but I love make up and other people's abilities to use it. I'm very much on board for a How Did This Get Made Up segment on Wig Talk
  15. So I haven't had a chance to see the movie yet. I know they go to Samoa but are they going to the country Samoa or the American Samoa territory? Fun facts the country of Samoa has no military and should they need an army relies on New Zealand's military. Ironically the American Samoa territory has the largest U.S military enlistment than any other state or territory. However citizens of America Samoa cannot vote for President, and are not considered nationalized citizens at birth. It's truly fucked up.
  16. I'm fighting a weeklong migraine and misunderstood who Vanessa Kirby is. For some reason ( meds. Full on hardcore meds) I thought they were talking about Vanessa BAYER from SNL. Vanessa Kirby: Vanessa Byer: Two VERY different women. I'm not going to lie though I loved the idea of Hobbs and Shaw with Vanessa Bayer more .
  17. Paul Paul! PAUL! Love yourself enough to hope for more than to get things out of a hamper.
  18. gigi-tastic

    Episode 219.5

    And about the greatest gift Casey ever got her! Hint it involves a pizza but no music in the harsh Sunday light of day.
  19. gigi-tastic

    Episode 219.5

    THE QUEEN RETURNS!!!!!! May I be the first to welcome you back and offer you my still beating heart?
  20. These actually made me like the movie more? I would have preferred this version of the film. It even made Mickey likeable
  21. gigi-tastic

    HDTGM movie defenders

    I mentioned it in the other thread but I loved Spice World as a kid . I don't think it's a masterpiece of cinema, it's absolutely perfect for this podcast, but I was sad that they didn't seem to get its fun kooky vibe. I thought I would be in for a fun happy time of tomfoolery ala The Room or any of the other ridiculous but fun movies we have seen. It's not a gem like Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night 2 but I did think that they seemed to not get the vibe. It's camp! It's fun! It's Spice World! Now if anyone needs me I will be blaring Say You'll Be There and other works of musical genius out of my TARDIS like tour bus.
  22. Truly it's the only course of action anyone should ever take.
  23. While I agree no one should trust a mall concert it seemed like she just wandered over there to catch her breath and get away from Fred after the restaurant fiasco?
  24. I like how our sides now have official bands. We need to draw up official other things as well and just fully commit to this very odd version of the Jets and the Sharks we got going on here.
  25. Fucking Fred would love the Sex Pistols and their nihilism. Team Sanity however prefers The Clash because we want our punk music to stand FOR something not just be against everything.