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    Musical Mondays Week 69 Girls! Girls! Girls!

    She probably has arthritis and the humidity is bad for her.
  2. gigi-tastic

    Musical Mondays Week 69 Girls! Girls! Girls!

    Most stores had accounts back t hen. They were the precursor to a credit card. Women in that era wore a lot more hats than women do now. So it's understandable that you would have an account when you need multiple hats to go with your outfits.
  3. I slept in my mom's bed on and off until middle school. My poor mom! I'm not a silent sleeper by any means, I thrash around like a wild beast and talk in my sleep. I refuse to sleep over at partners homes or let them stay at mine because I'm such a bad sleeper. However it was like well into high school for Elvis though from what I remember hearing.
  4. Hi guys! So this is my first time making a topic I hope that I did right. So I'm up next after @WatchOutForSnakes on the Musical Monday rotation and I have a few ideas but so far nothing I want to do is streaming for free. I wanted to ask if you would be ok with renting a movie? I would be willing to pay someone to get it to Rabbit( because I don't know how to) if need be. If that's too much trouble I can pick something else. I'm just trying to get ready in time because I always forget until that Monday. Both ideas are two of my favorite classic films and I think we should have fun with either but I have some others as well I can look for!
  5. They covered him on the awesome podcast Big Gross Movies as well which is how I know he had creepy mommy issues. Every episode covers the highest or second highest grossing film of a particular year and the first half covers news and one specific deep dive on an interesting story from the year of the movie in question. Plus a "Canada Corner" segment because they're Canadian. The episode I'm thinking of did a deep dive on the Elvis hip shaking on tv scandal. I learned Elvis and his mom shared a bed for like... Ever. Partly because they were dirt poor and partly because she was OBSESSED with him. She used to walk him to school and when he made her stop she would still secretly follow him.
  6. Oh yeah no he's full on a creep. He got involved with her when she was like 14 and he was 24. As you do . Also not his fault but he had a real weird relationship with his mom. Since we don't have to pay for it I don't have a problem with seeing it. Plus as you said he's dead and has been for a while.
  7. You had me at sings about shrimp. I need no other context. I'm in!
  8. gigi-tastic

    Episode 215.5 - Minisode 215.5

    Hey so a fellow fan in the Facebook group had asked me to reach out and see if anyone knows how to maybe get a download of Not The Bees songs that was on the mini because it's a pure GIFT from heaven above! Does anyone know if Nate ( I couldn't hear all of his last name) is on the boards and might be willing to give his fans what they crave? if it makes him more inclined the song reminded me to get my Epi pen script for the year so that my last words won't be " Not the bees! "
  9. gigi-tastic

    Musical Mondays Updated Rotation

    Is it sad that I grew up wanting to see Norway because of The Witches by Roald Dahl? The stories that the grandma told of boating and exploring small islands appealed to me.
  10. gigi-tastic

    Musical Mondays Updated Rotation

    Have fun! Please frolic along a fjord for me!
  11. So are these bears eating enough? In order to find out we need to know if the bears in this world hibernate. If they do they need to be eating A LOT to put on the much needed weight to survive the winter months. If they are are brown bears then according to the National Park Service Alaskan brown bears eat up to 80 to 90 pounds of food a day in the summer and fall. They can gain anywhere from 3 to 6 pounds A DAY.
  12. Welcome back!!! You've been missed. I'm so happy to hear that you are doing better! Happy very early birthday in advance I hope you have an amazing time and get to do ... I'm honestly not sure what there is to do in Wales. I honestly only know of Cardiff and a vague sense that Wales was somehow important in the War of the Roses... I clearly need to read up on Wales. Whatever fun things that the Welsh do I hope you get to do and more importantly that you get to enjoy spending time with your friend!
  13. Same!! Honestly you had me at Vanessa Williams period
  14. This is Polar bear Antarctic researcher erasure!
  15. Are you telling me that we have a lead in getting Paul a Country Bear Costume? Surely Scott must know someone from his bear days!
  16. So I think that the only explanation ( and it's a weak one at that) is that they've been driving all over the South getting the band back together and having adventures so the people around them are now aware of the event. However they never tell those people when or where the band will be playing just that they're getting the band back together. The only other exposure they had was that news warning to be on the look out for them because they supposedly KIDNAPPED A CHILD Which leads me to this. Not ONCE did they question what Beary was doing with them or where his parents were. They didn't even ask him to explain the kidnapping thing. They have to understand that a random child showing up with no parents or adult supervision is suspect. There's something wrong with that picture. Even if they had explained to the cops that Bery wasn't kidnapped they are still driving around God knows where, possibly across state lines, with a runaway minor. Taking kids across state lines is a big deal apparently because of anti trafficking laws. Even if they were in the clear the end result would be Beary having to go home ( as it should be). What exactly was the plan here anyway? Were they adopting him? Is he going back after the concert? Is he becoming a child hobo?
  17. the reason Beary freaked out was because they had just seen a breaking news piece claiming that police were looking for the Country Bears ( and Mr. Chicken) in connection to his kidnapping. I don't know much about tabletop role-playing games but I do know I love a bear in a hat ( except in this movie)!
  18. Oh yes! Loved that song from Legally Blonde ! The diner waitress is Jennifer Paige who was a one hit wonder I think. I know her one song Crush I loved as a kid in like 1999/2000.
  19. Ok so my inner June is a little confused and worried that MC Gainly said he raised his children in the tour van. Do you think he thinks of that chicken as his child? Did he possibly have more than one? Or were actual human children raised in this van and I'm having a spaghetti robot moment? Either way I have questions and am UPSET
  20. Thank you! I thought maybe I misheard it at first but I guess I didn't. it was such a bizarre line. The only explanation I can think of is that pandas are really popular? That still doesn't excuse bear racism though. Which makes me wonder about if the bear community deals with racism and did they have their own civil rights movement inside the community? Did they have one to be recognized as citizens?
  21. So this movie means that we get to talk about my favorite week of the year! FAT BEAR WEEK!!! Every year in the fall Katmai National Park in Alaska holds a March Madness style competition online to see which of their Brown Bears is going to be the reigning champion and be the fattest, most chonkiest, Absolute Unit of a bear they can possibly become before hibernate kicks in. It's truly an amazing time. Last year's winner was the magnificently corpulent BEADNOSE! I can't wait for this year's event!
  22. She has mentioned being at the Factory as a kid....
  23. So while you can't get drunk off honey you CAN get high.There's a form of honey from the black sea region of eastern Turkey and parts of Nepal that has hallucinogens in it from the natural neurotoxin grayanotoxin in some rhododendrons nector. It's know as "Mad Honey". It's been around for millennia and has even been used as a tool of war. In B.C.E. 67 Pompey the Great lost over a 1,000 men in a battle with the Persian King Mithridates after they were tricked by the pots of honey the Persians had left out for them to eat . The men were too sick and weak to fight back . In parts of Turkey and Nepal mad honey is used as a form of traditional medicine. It's used as a way to get a boost of energy, relive hypertension,and is seen as a form of natural Viagra. Mad honey gives you a sense of euphoria, lightheadedness, and sometimes hallucinations . However the honey can have unfortunate side effects like vomiting, diarrhea, loss of consciousness, seizures and although rare, it can be fatal if you eat too much. It's also one of the most expensive honeys in the world at $60 to $80+ a pound .
  24. gigi-tastic

    Shameless Self-Promotion

    This is everything I never knew I wanted?! Please talk about how disturbingly long and supermodel like Tom Selleck's legs are? Heidi Klum who?! Also clearly Jessica is the world's GREATEST serial killer.