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  1. How does getting in a rabbit stream room work again?
  2. Who among us hasn't imitated a carnie for attention?
  3. You are a twisted person. I'm going to need lots of booze for this terrifying adventure. I can't wait!
  4. That awkward moment when Connie Britton came up... Jason if you need a hug I'm here
  5. I misheard and thought they said this was based on a book by E Nesbit the influential children's author from the 1900's. I was VERY confused.
  6. I also didn't see the movie but that's because I'm trying not support media with abusers in it. And Michael Fassbender has a history of domestic abuse. It makes me so uncomfortable .
  7. gigi-tastic

    Musical Mondays Week 61 The Long Dumb Road*

    Sorry I missed this week you guys! I was really looking forward to it! My cat Albus had to have two emergency (minor) surgeries . One on Thursday and one again Monday when I noticed he was bleeding. I just got him home and he seems to be MUCH better. The vet staff pretty much wanted to keep him forever lol. He was eating everything in sight though they said.
  8. So in the audience someone asked about Princess Michael of Kent. Princess Michael of Kent's father was a know member of the Nazi party. So right off the bat fuck that family. The brooch in question is a " blackmoor" brooch . Blackmoor jewelry depicts exoticized figurines of Africans and are in really bad taste. She claims to have done it as a " mistake " but this is the same bitch who yelled at a group of African American diners in New York to and I quote (from her correcting the media) " I did not say “back to the colonies,” I said you “should remember the colonies.” Back in the days of the colonies, there were rules that were very good.” Because you know that's not weird and fucked up. You know the colonies a time of SLAVERY. then there's THE FUCKING TIME SHE ADMITTED TO PRETENDING TO BE BLACK "I even pretended years ago to be an African, a half-caste African, but because of my light eyes I did not get away with it, but I dyed my hair black.” She also added that she spent time in Africa with “absolutely adorable, special people.” I HAVE NO WORDS. From a 2005 interview to show off her Nazi heritage "The English take the breeding of their horses and dogs more seriously than they do their children. God forbid that the wrong drop of blood should get into their labrador. But their children marry everywhere.” And the fact she apparently owns two black sheep named Venus and Serena.... so yeah I think she know exactly what that brooch meant. She may be one of the worst royals in living memory and we had one who was a legit Nazi fan during WW II. Thank God he fucked off with Wallace Simpson (another Nazi sympathizer).
  9. This has nothing to do with lefties or gingers but everything to do with nuns. When my mom was in like 2nd grade the nuns at her school switched from the full habits and veil headdress ( I don't know what anything is called I'm a sacrilegious heathen ) to the more modern skirts and she ran home screaming terrified to my grandma "The nuns have hair and legs!!!!!!" I guess she thought that they sort of glided and that their headdress WAS their hair?
  10. Oh interesting! I'm an idiot and for some reason I thought it was PRINCESS Charlotte who was her only adult legitimate daughter of her son George IV (I don't even remember how many mistresses that man had. ) I know when Charlotte died in labor giving birth to a stillborn the whole country was thrown into intense mourning. It w as akin to what happened when Diana died but perhaps more intense (imo) because of the fact that it wasn't unexpected for women to die in childbirth. Whereas Diana's death was so sudden in our modern world. For them to grieve her that badly shows how beloved she was. So I thought maybe that was a sign of of goodwill by America. But by then they would have been 2 years out of the war of 1812 which didn't officially end until 1815 (technically 1814 but there was the Battle of New Orleans which was in 1815 because it took forever to get back to America with the treaty which I fucking love. It was the greatest victory of the whole war for the Americans AND THE WAR WAS TECHNICALLY OVER! Ah history you crazy bitch!)
  11. It's so good!!!! I only really found out about Dido when the movie came out and then during this great programme on the BBC called A Stitch In Time which recreates outfits from famous paintings using period methods. It's my dream art/ historical fashion porn. I want to be Amber Butchart.
  12. Not really on topic but if you guys would like to know about an actual person who was from a noble family I would really encourage you to look up Dido Elizabeth Belle. She was the daughter of a slave and Sir John Lindsey. What's fascinating about her is that by all accounts she was brought to England and raised by his uncle William Murray the first Earl of Mansfield very similarly to that of her white cousin Lady Elizabeth Murry who he was also raising with his wife. This is fascinating because that just wasn't done back then. By all accounts (tragically few sadly) Dido was treated as a regular member of the family (as she obviously should be) the only time there was ever a difference being when guests were there which must have been awkward because she was sort of an open secret. there's a really famous painting of both Dido and Elizabeth together that is known because of the fact Dido is treated as a person and not an object. It was unheard of for a person of color to be so present and engaging with the viewer. The fact she's even the same size as Elizabeth is significant. This painting is so fascinating it inspired a (pretty good imo as a fan of historical tv/movie nerd) movie Belle.
  13. I think it has less to do with that (her grandfather is a baron I want to say) and more that she was just generally seen as bad news.They freaked out about Camilla because she was seen as unsuitable with a "reputation" . Charles left on some navy thing and didn't ask her to wait for him and she and her first husband were on again off again. I guess their parents actually put an engagement notice in the paper forcing his hand.
  14. I don't even think that that term applies. It would never have been thought of in those terms in the 1700s. It wouldn't even thought of like that now. Outside of propaganda no one would actually think that the Queen was mixed race. Mario de Valdes y Cocom is the only historian I know of touting theory. If it were to be real than technically a lot of royalty at the time was "mixed race" because Charlotte shares that branch (again 9 and 15 generations removed) with several others because that is how royal purity weirdness do. Do I think there are probably a lot more unknown people of color in royal families? Probably but they would be descendents of servants or slaves if they lived abroad (I'm speaking of all European nobility. Empress Josephine grew up on a plantation in Martinique for example. So it might be possible someone could trace their ancestry back to a member of her family tragically.) So I don't think that it's not impossible just... Improbable? I do think it's important that we look at the people history would rather is not look at rather than trying to make something stick. Like in a way I get the point that everyone even the royal family has ties to people of color in their family line and we need to acknowledge that but this is grasping at straws.
  15. I could kiss you I'm so excited!
  16. to call Caroline biracial is....frankly ridiculous to me. If we go by the reasoning that is given she's a descendent of a branch of the Portuguese royal family related to a 15th century Portuguese noble woman Margrita Dr Castro e Souza whose 9 generations removed. And SHE'S then supposed to be able to have HER ancestry traced back to the 13th century ruler Alfonso III and his lover Madragana who is BELIEVED to be a Moor. Never mind that the term Blackmoor often could just mean someone Muslim and not actually African. We're tracing her supposed, possible ancestor back 5 centuries! You cannot call someone biracial for POSSIBLY having a person of color in their lineage. It's outrageous and frankly insulting. It goes beyond even the my great great grandmother was a 1/39 Native American so I'm practically a shaman bullshit some people pull.
  17. I distinctly remember explaining to the other kids that the driver had a drinking problem because my mom was active in A.A my whole life lol.
  18. I too was very affected by the loss of Princess Diana. I think she was the first person in the public sphere who I was aware of and whose death meant something. I was only about 6 or 7 when she died but I can still remember hearing the news on the tv and talking about it to my school friends about it. Like at recess during first grade having in depth (for children) discussions about it. I think my top three interests as a kid were the Titanic, Cleopatra, and Princess Diana.... As you do.
  19. I'm more freaked out about all that hair
  20. I'm just mad we didn't get to watch The Windsor s Harry and Meghan special which is one of funniest shows out there. It's absolutely stupid and ridiculous and I love every second of it.
  21. I wish I could see this but I'm probably going to be out again this week! I'm going away to visit my oldest friend for a girls weekend! (in that I've known her the longest. My oldest friend is in her 60's should anyone care.) This looks fascinating because my mom loved the Talking Heads and I remember always looking at their cds and then blatantly ignoring them for Maddona, The Rolling Stones, and my favorites The Barenaked Ladies and this one Sarah Brightman singing the best of Andrew Loyd Webber BECAUSE I HAVE TASTE (and by taste I mean I was an insufferable theater nerd)
  22. true but I don't remember the Romans conquering Lake Michigan or any cities on it.