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  1. Sit and swivel just like Jeremy Piven will.
  2. Hands up if your deodorant isn't working.
  3. SideofMcG

    Episode 593 - Get In The Way Gremlin

    Did Peter Griffin start to talk about Graham Norton during this episode?
  4. Chomping my way through another Sear's catalogue. Romping along with my Siamese cat in clogs.
  5. Hitler? I hardly even knewtl her.
  6. You want tray bakes? Go talk to that stoned waiter.
  7. Once bitten. Never smitten. What's for dinner? Please don't say kitten.
  8. One for sorrow. Two for joy. Three to get ready. Let's go on a killing spree!
  9. Charles Manson humming tunes by Hanson. It ain't a good show unless you get Charles Dance on.
  10. They don't make 'em like they used to. The 'Em factory is all robots these days.
  11. SideofMcG

    No you imagine dragons, nerd.

    Your Mom imagines dragons.
  12. I'm not PantsLESS, I'm PantsFEWER.
  13. I'm a head-in-the-railings, call-the-fire-brigade cause I ate all the butter kinda babysitter. Why do you ask?
  14. Buying word games to own the mad libs.
  15. Doggone it, Maude Gonne, yo boy gone to Sheboygan.