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  1. Gimme a half-foam full-choc double caffeine mocha sugar shake with ice-cream and vodka and make it snappy, I've got a panic attack to induce!
  2. I'll have what she's having! Yes, the anxiety attack... with bacon please.
  3. Stand still Double-0-Seven, this injection could save your life on this mission. And even if it doesn't it'll clear up all that gonorrhea you dirty slut.
  4. I get no kick from champagne. Mere alcohol, it doesn't move me at all. I'm a crystal meth addict.
  5. World Health Organisation let the dogs out!
  6. Y2K? Because 1K is never enough. TOPICAL!
  7. Gentlemen, shart your engines.
  8. There's difficult opportunities a-plenty at the school of hard knocks.
  9. Have you ever wondered what It's all about? Well wonder no more. It's about a killer clown.
  10. The sweeter the sweater, the deeper the debtor.
  11. Poitical Humour is like the bus. I don't get it.
  12. Hey Biden - whaddya call those armoured caterpillar things with guns we used in Iraq? "Tanks Obama!"
  13. I don't watch Twine Peaks - there's too many plot threads to untangle.
  14. Stuffed Crust Earthers never get a look in these days.
  15. Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo, Buffalo Gals won't you come out tonight. Buffalo Stance do the dive every time you dance. Buffalo Buffalo.