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  1. Men's Rights. Men's Lefts. Men's Steps. Men's Kicks. Ok from the top. And a-one and a-two. Do the MRA shuffle!
  2. Excuse me miss, I can't gaslight this diss, cause a diss like this can't be gaslit.
  3. Gentlemen, Paul Blart your engines.
  4. Manufacturing drinking vessels for fun is a mug's game.
  5. I'm not here to make friends so there's nothing for me to do at this Build-A-Buddy store. I don't know why I came.
  6. Uber Premium should be called Uber Uber.
  7. By night we all walk the Boulevard of Broken Wind.
  8. Well it's one for the money, two for the show. So three years jail time in total for fraud and indecent exposure. Another damning indictment of our lenient court system.
  9. No Catchphrase this week for legal reasons. Please refrain from discussing this on social media.
  10. Jet fuel can't melt steel and it can't keep you warm at night either you pathetic lonely conspiracy nerds. (Too harsh?)
  11. Everybody keeps saying that Chaka Khan but nobody stops to ask if Chaka Should.
  12. Memes and fails and Keyboard Cat tales That's what Ebaumsworld is made of.
  13. Dissed & dismissed but still on the guestlist.