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  1. SideofMcG

    Episode 206 - Little Italy

    Loved Jason calling people out left right and centre this week! Franklin Leonard and Silversun Pickups should be on the show and write a theme respectively.
  2. Come out ye Black and Tans. Come out and podcast like a man.
  3. Dribble fo' shizel but don't nibble on my kibble.
  4. You can't whore out MIke White before Labor Day.
  5. Tailgate me Jesus into the parking-lot of hell.
  6. You may be a rhinestone cowboy Sir but you still have to be 4'8" to go on the Whirligig Ride here at Squaresville Fun Fair.
  7. Jim Hen son? Ah yeah. Jim Henned all night long baby!
  8. Dance your cares away. Worries for another day. Let the music play. And let the bodies hit the floor!
  9. Seize the day. ID the day. Press charges against the day. Plant evidence against the day. Watch the day go down for a crime it didn't commit. Exonerate the day. Regret the day you ever set eyes upon the day.
  10. You can't tell but this catchphrase is really sarcastic.
  11. He's a bedwettin', sublettin' sunabitch. Yeah he's my landlord with bladder problems but I love him summit terrible.
  12. Your gazpacho may be cold but it still has feelings you know.
  13. Just because this cease and desist is written on a McDonald's napkin doesn't make it any less absorbent.
  14. Due to a copyright claim the Camptown Ladies may no longer sing this song. Doo-Dah-Doo-Dah.
  15. Good lord you just created a character!