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  1. I got a little nervous for this one when it seemed like they didn't quite get how the buttons were supposed to work...but it ended up being quite enjoyable. Loved the giraffe stuff at the end.
  2. KatieSatterfield

    Episode 423 - Time Bobby 4

    IIIIIIITTTTSSS BEEN far too long since these two made an appearance. Oh happy day.
  3. KatieSatterfield


    Oh Colin Hanks, bless you for the Rasheed Wallace reference! It made my day.
  4. KatieSatterfield

    May 17 - Dallas, TX, The Texas Theatre

    I was really hoping for Craigory's trust fall off of the building to end with him falling on to a Leesa mattress.
  5. KatieSatterfield


    Yeah, I remember this happening with Spontaneanation, but I was always able to get it by going to the page on iTunes when it didn't automatically download onto my app. I guess I'll try on Howl tomorrow.
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    This isn't showing up in the pistol shrimps feed for me. Or the itunes feed.
  7. Can Paul and Lauren do on the street ads every week? I was crying.
  8. KatieSatterfield

    May 11 - Atlanta, GA, The Tabernacle Atlanta

    I love that you can hear pft laughing in the background before he even comes on stage. Edit to add: Yay for Spontaneanation/CBB crossover, and Drew Tarver is a delight!
  9. KatieSatterfield

    May 9 - Washington DC, The Lincoln Theatre

    I can't imagine having a better experience at my first live show. Never have I every laughed so hard for such an extended period of time. I can't wait to listen back to it and for everyone else to hear it!
  10. KatieSatterfield

    Episode 420 - Todd Is Too High with Rogue Wave

    I'm assuming the Boston shows were shorter as to fit in 2 shows and meet with fans after both...
  11. Big Sue makes me laugh SO MUCH.
  12. This entire episode was a delight, unlike the news about NYSU. Booooooooo.
  13. "They call him a little teapot cause he always has his hand on his hip". This, and the subsequent description of the dad, had me in stitches.
  14. That and Chuck got me the most.
  15. KatieSatterfield

    Episode 415 - The Longest Pig Pile

    I was a little sad when no one acknowledged Gino's joke about the tagline being "you're it".
  16. KatieSatterfield

    Episode 55 - Land Rover

    I QUITE enjoyed the absurdity of this episode. I saw a chicken once as big as a Christmas tree!
  17. Everyone knows chickens are known for their lung capacity.
  18. PFT talking about Bob Dylan's weird lay lady lady voice made my entire day.
  19. I truly hope that hoes are welcomed in next week's episode.
  20. KatieSatterfield

    Episode 410 - You Know John Leguizamo

    No, it's a clinic.
  21. KatieSatterfield

    Episode 410 - You Know John Leguizamo

    The part about the bank was so funny.
  22. KatieSatterfield

    Episode 50 - Santa Fe Art Gallery

    One of my favorite episodes so far. Cocobee had me snort laughing at work.
  23. KatieSatterfield

    Ask Paul!

    Hi Paul, Do you think you will ever incorporate any parts of your monologues into your stand-up? Or would you rather just leave them as a one-time thing? Either way, they consistently make my Monday mornings one trillion percent better.