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  1. IIRC, they only said "Rowling" once, but I was thrown off the rest of the time. I was really surprised that Jason didn't chime in with some Harry Potter quip.
  2. 1. Was anyone else confused early on when someone said "JK Rowling"? I thought I had missed something. That would've made for an entirely different film. 2. Jason made the episode for me when he mentioned "Sigur Ros playing in the background".
  3. For what it's worth, I had a hard time with all of them, which I mentioned. "Erin yelling, Bryan booming, Jason yelling. Poor Paul."
  4. Erin screaming and Bryan seemed hellbent on over-emphasizing everything he said. Glad it gets better later on!
  5. I just started, but this episode seems like a complete mess. Erin yelling, Bryan booming, Jason yelling. Poor Paul. I was really looking forward to them covering this..."film"...but I'm not sure I'll make it through if this continues.
  6. Even in bedrooms? I mean, how can you sleep with all that light coming in?
  7. Why cut off your nose to spite your face when you can take someone else's face and pretend to be Hannibal Lecter?
  8. Pol Pot was a real rascal.
  9. O Comedy, Comedy, wherefore art thou Comedy? Shall I hear more, or shall I Bang Bang into your mouth?!?!
  10. A penny for your thoughts, a nickel for your kiss, a bitcoin for your black market goods.
  11. My wife is loyal to Lifetime movies. Watches them all the time. She said this one was too bad. Did not recommend. Also, a sequel is coming. Will there be lions?
  12. IRONicmerMAN

    Episode 588 - Lil' Choices

    I have listened to this episode twice already. This is Best Of material for sure. If ever there were to be a full episode on video (maybe some exist), I wish that this one was it. On another note, several mentions of Big Dog and him being gone too soon. Does anyone else think that Middle D was supposed to come in as Big Dog but told Scott he wanted to do something else instead?
  13. Get ready for some brown note, because this song is the shit!
  14. IRONicmerMAN

    Mindgamers (2015)

    I'm not actually sure what to say on this one. "A group of students attempt to create a wireless neural network of collective consciousness connected through a quantum computer. They discover that motor skills can be transferred through quantum theory and freely spread their technology, which they believe is a step towards intellectual freedom. The group later discovers they are a part of a larger, more sinister experiment." Trailer
  15. I have not seen this film yet. I've been slowly making my way through the podcast episode and decided to start over today. After about halfway through, I finally realized that I was picturing Keanu Reeves whenever they were talking about John Cusack. I imagine that would have been a much different ride.