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  1. It's easy to be opposed to inbreeding when you have an ugly family.
  2. Guys, it's time for me to come clean. This entire podcast series has just been an elaborate, long-game way to own the libs.
  3. Is there a goat who's actually considered the GOAT? Asking for a friend, who is a goat.
  4. The mood of the date changed after I asked if she'd like to compare ringworm. Women, right?
  5. IRONicmerMAN

    Et tu, fartface?

    Et tu, fartface?
  6. IRONicmerMAN

    Mandy (2018)

    This just showed up in my Vulture updates. I have not seen this film, but I want to...and I want the crew to cover this because it's going to be madness. "...I watched a bloody Cage scream for two or three minutes straight during a scene..." Nicolas Cage in Mandy seems to be utterly bananas. The film looks awesome...and also bananas. It's getting great reviews, so this would fit in the Crank-like area that the crew has covered before. I just Googled this and found a prior entry from Vulture. This is a rebirth of our beloved Sir Nicolas Cage. "Has Nicolas Cage reached his final form? If you subscribe to the Pokémon theory of evolution, he should have blown through his three phases long ago: First, there was his stint as an unusual young up-and-comer, then he became an Oscar-winning lead with his fair share of eccentricities, and finally, he plunged into “I’ll do anything” ignominy. Mandy, which premiered this past week at the Sundance Film Festival, suggests that Cage has broached a fourth form: a mega-evolution, if you will." "This is also a movie where Nicolas Cage slays a demon alien and then does a huge line of cocaine, but that almost seems redundant. Nicolas Cage doesn’t need to do cocaine to get lit. Cocaine ought to try Nicolas Cage." Trailer: Vulture Piece: http://www.vulture.c...attle-axes.html
  7. IRONicmerMAN

    Monkeybone (2001)

    $75M BUDGET!!!
  8. IRONicmerMAN

    Episode 191 - Rad: LIVE!

    Crap. Definitely not what I was thinking, but I appreciate you giving me a new song to listen to while I crunch numbers at the office!
  9. IRONicmerMAN

    Episode 191 - Rad: LIVE!

    Random question: does anyone know what song the ukulele-based Second Opinion them was modeled after? it sounded so much like a song I'm familiar with, but I couldn't nail it down and it's driving me bonkers. Moving on, it was probably one of the best Second Opinion themes to date.
  10. IRONicmerMAN

    Gotti (2018)

    I had not looked at the number of reviews, but it looks like you're on to something. Maybe JT got some Sea Org members to do overtime work? The audience score is down to 59%. Interestingly, the Rotten Tomatoes link under "External links" is gone (still in References) but the slightly more favorable IMDB link still exists. https://en.wikipedia...ore_controversy
  11. IRONicmerMAN

    Episode 191 - Rad: LIVE!

    Great ep. I was a big fan of this as a kid. I was a stupid kid. I was also a fan of Gleaming the Cube. You guys should have done these back-to-back.
  12. IRONicmerMAN

    Episode 36 - Shaun Diston - Spotlight On: Kent O'Yellow

    I just listened to this ep all the way through for the second time. In my daily routine, I keep saying, "we in the club..."
  13. I'm going blonde: Kim Basinger. I know they've done My Stepmother is an Alien, but it looks like KB has been in a bunch of turds despite being in some good films. Cool World? Bless the Child? Daryl Hannah. I don't think she has been in a film on here yet, but there is some real garbage in her filmography, again despite being in some good films along the way. High Spirits would be a good start.
  14. IRONicmerMAN

    Gotti (2018)

    Yes indeed, but this also appears to be one where the critics and audience disagree by a wide margin. 75% audience approval. Not the 91-point discrepancy of Rad, but still a wide moat. On another note, this Gotti from 1996 appears to be much more watchable. I call for an HDTGM spin-off that chronicles films that are similar in nature, but one is good while the other is a huge turd. https://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/gotti
  15. IRONicmerMAN

    Gotti (2018)

    I'll let the NY Post review do the talking. https://nypost.com/2018/06/15/gotti-flick-is-the-worst-mob-movie-of-all-time/ "‘Gotti’ flick is the worst mob movie of all-time"" "'...the long-awaited biopic about the Gambino crime boss' rise from made man to top dog took four directors, 44 producers and eight years to make. It shows. The finished product belongs in a cement bucket at the bottom of the river.'" "Travolta, who’s made a career out of Italian stereotypes, obviously thought the Dapper Don would be his Don Corleone. It’s his Chef Boy­ardee." Other notes: Nick Cassavetes and Joe Johnston were then also attached at different points to direct, as were Al Pacino, Lindsay Lohan and Ben Foster to star in various roles Joe Pesci was cast as Angelo Ruggiero early in development and gained 30 pounds in order to properly portray him. After having his salary cut and being recast as Lucchese underboss Anthony Casso, he sued Fiore Films for $3 million; the case was settled out of court. It was originally doing to be direct-to-VOD. Guys, you've jumped on the Travolta Train before. If you don't take a ride on this piece of garbage, to you I say, "“whatsamattayou?!”"