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  1. I have seen a baby start bawling for no reason other than because my dad had a goatee, and let's face it, Jason has a LOT of facial hair.
  2. If it existed, it would be "I Hate Math Monthly". (I'm not an actual accountant.)
  3. Appropriately I listened to this episode while doing basic accounting work at my store. I didn't watch the film before listening. I do clearly remember renting all three of the movies on VHS as a kid. I recall feeling uncomfortable at fertilization stuff, but otherwise I remember nothing about any of them. I feel like that might not be unfortunate though.
  4. JammerLea

    Episode 196.5 - Minisode 196.5

    I think you mean, "A-one, a-two, a-one, two, three, fuh" Sad to hear the new album is not great. I'll probably pass on that one. Also, does anyone mind telling me what film the next ep is covering? I've been too busy to listen these past couple weeks. Hoping I get some down time soon...
  5. Aghhhh, I've never seen Enchanted, but I've always wanted to. And I'm deep into con prep this week and next, so I don't think I'm gonna get a chance to watch this. Nnoooooooooooooooooooo!! I am still going to try to keep up the spreadsheet list, so I'll plug that too if anyone new wants to catch up on the old discussion threads Musical Mondays Google Spreadsheet
  6. JammerLea

    Musical Mondays Week 45 Oliver & Company

    I love Tug of War and Flaming Pie. I feel like I really need to get Ram sometime. My roommate got me the re-release of Flowers in the Dirt and I was enjoying that, but haven't listened to it that much yet to really have a strong opinion. I have a few of his albums after Flaming Pie, but I think even with those there's just a couple songs that I really like, and the rest I'm a little eh about.
  7. JammerLea

    Musical Mondays Week 45 Oliver & Company

    May I ask what your fave McCartney albums are?
  8. JammerLea

    Musical Mondays Week 45 Oliver & Company

    Paulie, why... Also, um... shouldn't it be "INCOMPLETE Lyric Video"? Let's get it right. (I promise I'll post a pic of our cats, once I stop being lazy and get the pics off my phone.)
  9. JammerLea

    Musical Mondays Week 45 Oliver & Company

    We have three cats, a tuxedo, a black cat, and then some mixed up fat faced thing that cries like a kitten despite being the biggest of the three. I'll try to get pics later.
  10. JammerLea

    Episode 194.5 - Minisode 194.5

    It looks like it's fine on Stitcher, but Soundcloud still has the static.
  11. JammerLea

    Episode 194.5 - Minisode 194.5

    I thought about that too, but they did do a review on that movie on their youtube channel, so it doesn't make sense to me...
  12. JammerLea

    Musical Mondays Week 45 Oliver & Company

    Also, can I say I'm still sad that Rita's song "Streets of Gold" is not in the movie in full? There's a whole other verse, but it's more about about stealing, so I wonder if that's why it was cut.
  13. JammerLea

    Musical Mondays Week 45 Oliver & Company

    I've seen this multiple times over the years, and I was still ready to cry during that opening song. Also because it's personalized and Huey Lewis is singing directly TO Oliver. I ended up watching this twice over the weekend (because my roommate wanted to see it too). I agree that the animation seems inconsistent. Especially during Georgette's song, where her movements and expressions are much more exaggerated and cartoony than almost everything else in the movie. I still love this film though lol
  14. JammerLea

    Episode 194.5 - Minisode 194.5

    To turn this back to positives, I want to say I enjoy the Ask Paul segments when it covers life advice. As someone who is also dissatisfied with my job, I don't know if I can get away with not caring, but I'll try to keep it in mind when things start getting to me.
  15. JammerLea

    Episode 194.5 - Minisode 194.5

    Yikes, yeah, the Movie Bitches review is just static. I was not ready for that to hit my ears. I hope it can be fixed... But yay! My first win!!