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  1. Hosey

    Episode 186 - Geostorm: LIVE!

    All of Mary Roach's work is great! I'd also recommend Gulp and Stiff, the former about the alimentary canal and the latter about all the different things that happen to dead bodies. They take off on wild tangents and are a lot of fun to read.
  2. Hosey

    Episode 186 - Geostorm: LIVE!

    I just want to say this episode was amazing. I listened to it twice consecutively, over the course of a few commutes. So many great bits. "Italian meatball hero" "No has ever felt safe around Ed Harris!" "... laying on the floor, possibly having commited a hate crime..." (I hope there's a visual for this somewhere.) I already love any Earwolf episode with Zouks and St. Clair, so I'm definitely biased, but I would vote yes for her to be permanent sub host.
  3. Hey-o! Huge CBB fan here. Thanks for all the laughs! My band made a little Plugs theme inspired by our favorite part of the last Holiday Special. Hope everyone enjoys it: "Make a pizza..."