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  1. I mean, I fully have always acknowledged that Cakebug Tranch is the stupidest login name ever, but I always liked that it was so weird that it has absolutely no connection to my real life and I could never be tracked down through this forum (it sounds paranoid but I had some bad experiences of the sort through Twitter, using real names or identifiers). I like that it's completely random, even though it's super dumb.
  2. Hey guys! My parents are visiting from Australia so things have been so crazy around here that I haven't actually logged on to the forum since the update. Sorry to be AWOL, but it's nice to know that there's a community there waiting without judgement for when I finally get my act back together. Then again, I start a new four-course teaching load on the 27th, so things may well go to hell for a bit there too. Anyway, have fun with Billy Joel-singing stray animals! I'll be back soon, I'm sure! (Also, I should probably change my name back: Kit Walker was my original login name but I changed it years ago...)
  3. Cakebug Tranch

    2001: A Space Odyssey

    I went out to the Toronto International Film Festival Bell Lightbox last night to catch the 70mm version of '2001', and I can't say enough great things about it. I fully agree with Paul's take on the sound - the signal sound from the moon was truly jarring, for example - and the placement of the intermission (15 minutes) right after the lip-reading revelation was mind-blowing even to the group of film geeks in the cinema last night who knew it was coming. I can't imagine how incredible it would have been to viewers in 1968. I have a longer review on my letterboxd account, but in short, please go see this if you can. It's incredible.
  4. Cakebug Tranch

    2001: A Space Odyssey

  5. Cakebug Tranch

    2001: A Space Odyssey

    That's how I felt when I finally read Ulysses - I had been daunted by its 'Mount Everest' status but once I made the decision to read and not to try to understand everything, but let it wash over me, I loved the experience in just about exactly the same way I loved 2001.
  6. Cakebug Tranch

    Episode 191.5 - Minisode 191.5

    Or if it was, it would be a Rob Schneider comedy treatment.
  7. Cakebug Tranch

    2001: A Space Odyssey

    I really appreciated how much attention he gave that sign. Really read it through, which suggested that it was serious business.
  8. Cakebug Tranch

    2001: A Space Odyssey

    Its playing all over: http://www.movingimage.us/programs/2018/07/26/detail/2001-a-space-odyssey-new-70mm-print/ Or, come up to Toronto and see it with us!
  9. Cakebug Tranch

    2001: A Space Odyssey

    I thought I had seen 2001 until this week when I watched it again and found that aside from a couple of iconic scenes and things I knew from The Simpsons, I definitely hadn't seen it. I absolutely loved it and immediately booked tickets to see Christopher Nolan's 70mm re-release of the film that is playing in Toronto this week only. I'm seeing that on Wednesday - looking forward to reporting about how it looks on a giant screen!
  10. On the other hand, if you see any Illinois Nazis on a bridge, then go for it.
  11. Cakebug Tranch

    Musical Mondays Week 40 La La Land

    Uh, bad news Taylor... http://www.flare.com/tv-movies/kevin-spacey-movie-billionaire-boys-club/
  12. Cakebug Tranch

    Musical Mondays Week 40 La La Land

    It's not Wright, it's the truckload of money Sony dumped on his doorstep. He went from being staunchly anti-sequel to writing it in minutes.
  13. Cakebug Tranch

    Musical Mondays Week 40 La La Land

    I'm not sure about anything. But honestly, would anyone be surprised if it were true? I mean, http://www.nme.com/news/film/baby-driver-2-already-in-the-works-2168341
  14. Cakebug Tranch

    Musical Mondays Week 40 La La Land

    This popped up on Letterboxd this morning. https://letterboxd.c...m/la-la-land-2/ Why?!?!? (I guess I'm not the only one asking: https://letterboxd.com/eivrylp/list/why-would-someone-do-that/) Also, I wish this article was real. https://aboveaverage...ing-saving-ska/
  15. Cakebug Tranch

    Episode 191 - Rad: LIVE!

    That lady also said that the parade (or her inability to remove her cake from the oven) was "UnAmerican." Seems like she's got a pretty 2018 interpretation of what that word means way back in 1986, where "UnAmerican" equals "inconvenient."