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  1. AimeeMcCarthy

    Episode 572 - Changerous

    What a delight!
  2. AimeeMcCarthy

    Episode 571 - Rope Beats Rock

    This Classic episode almost makes up for not having a Halloween one.
  3. AimeeMcCarthy

    Episode 570 - The Dirty 27

    Sick ep, bruh.
  4. AimeeMcCarthy

    Help us with the CBB 2019 Calendar!!

    Is That a Nov?
  5. AimeeMcCarthy

    Episode 569 - Dull Knives, Sturdy Eyes

    This was too much fun! C+
  6. AimeeMcCarthy

    Episode 567 - Midnight Junket

    This is what I needed!
  7. AimeeMcCarthy

    What happened to the games?

    CBB still plays games, but just once in a blue moon now; they probably wanted to make more room for improv.
  8. AimeeMcCarthy

    Episode 556 - Tips 'n' Tricks

    What a C+ +references ep!!
  9. AimeeMcCarthy

    Episode 554 - Educainment Squad

    Too silly/dark for its own good and I giggled so much I turned pink. NO stars!!
  10. AimeeMcCarthy

    Episode 553 - Let's Write On The White

    This should be obvious, but spoiler alert: this episode is mostly about race. Fun (sarcasm).
  11. AimeeMcCarthy

    Episode 552 - Hey, Keep Readin'

    Congrats Weird Al!!
  12. AimeeMcCarthy

    Episode 551 - New to the Wax with The Sloppy Boys

    Loved this!
  13. AimeeMcCarthy

    Episode 550 - Cheesing Out The Wave D-Hole

    What's up... HOTDOG?!?!?!?
  14. AimeeMcCarthy

    Episode 38 - Larkin Christie

    While I am part of the LGBT+ community, and was homeschooled most of my life...I don't agree with nonbinary genders and "whiteness problems", so that's exactly why I listened to this. I may not agree with Larkin, but she sure is well-spoken. And let's not forget, some people may not believe in nonbinary genders, but we can always show basic human decency.
  15. AimeeMcCarthy

    Episode 548 - Know What I’m Saying?

    This episode was clean, know what I mean?!