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  1. Crummy Scrimmage

    Episode 199 - A Night In Heaven: LIVE!

    The name of the strip club is Heaven, and Faye does seem to have a hard time reconciling the fact that she's there. She's finding it hard to believe that she and her sister ("we") are in Heaven. I hate myself for trying to defend this mess.
  2. Crummy Scrimmage

    Episode 199 - A Night In Heaven: LIVE!

    Sheena Easton?? Seriously though, none of the women in the strip club were dressed like that. Lots of ruffled blouses and -- to the MC's credit -- polyester. It's likely that the poster was created simply to further piggyback off the success of Flashdance. My biggest grievance against the poster is that it makes the movie look fun. This movie was NOT fun.
  3. Crummy Scrimmage

    Episode 199 - A Night In Heaven: LIVE!

    He smack-grabs her ass as he says it, too. All to the tune of a music cue that sounds like it's from Laugh-In.
  4. Crummy Scrimmage

    Episode 199 - A Night In Heaven: LIVE!

    Well, he *does* deliver the line like a coked-up Paul Lynde, so ca-rotches is possible. My wife -- very confidently -- claims he says "you can put your face in their cock bags"
  5. Crummy Scrimmage

    Episode 199 - A Night In Heaven: LIVE!

    Cargo pants?? Carpet bags??? I've re-listened to it more times than I care to and it's still a mystery.
  6. Crummy Scrimmage

    Episode 199 - A Night In Heaven: LIVE!

    And I guess there isn't a day shift worker in his department, since he appears to shut off the mainframe on his way out of his office.
  7. Crummy Scrimmage

    Episode 199 - A Night In Heaven: LIVE!

    The director was also the editor, heaping even more blame on his already full plate. I can only imagine the series of events that led to that. Good point regarding the song licensing. The material that was written for the movie became huge hits long after the fact (and are not necessarily linked to this movie in the public mindset), so they were probably commissioned for dirt cheap. Bryan Adams was not yet "Bryan Adams" in 1983.
  8. Crummy Scrimmage

    Episode 199 - A Night In Heaven: LIVE!

    We get a clue about the relationship between Slick and Rick when the security guard watching Slick's car commercial mentions that "Tony" says she is his buddy's girlfriend. Cut to Tony the NASA janitor guy, who is none other than Deney Terrio, host of Dance Fever at the time. Sure, John G. Avildsen directed Rocky and The Karate Kid (which is pretty much a retelling of the Rocky story), but he was also responsible for sapping the momentum from John Belushi's last film, Neighbors...and Cry Uncle, which is a far more disturbing film than A Night In Heaven.
  9. Crummy Scrimmage

    Plugs McMurphy

    2018 re-entry
  10. Also this was one of the best improvs of the year. "That sounds like cowardice."
  11. Was Paul sick when he was cutting the spots? It barely sounds like him.
  12. Crummy Scrimmage

    Episode 63 - Dan O'Brien - Spotlight On: Glen-Garry Glen Schmaltz

    Haha, wow some of those slams hit a little bit close to home I bet. Nothing gets you closer to your true feelings like filtering them through a character.
  13. Crummy Scrimmage

    E.T. The Extra Terrestrial

    I also agree that E.T. rises above the Goonies Conundrum, though I may need to reiterate my steadfast belief that I've always thought the Goonies was shit.
  14. Crummy Scrimmage

    E.T. The Extra Terrestrial

    Also, a great would-be sequel to E.T. was pitched in episode #523 of Comedy Bang Bang
  15. Crummy Scrimmage

    E.T. The Extra Terrestrial

    Growing up, my mom worked opposite hours of my dad so someone was always home. One weekend, she told my dad to take my sister and me to see E.T at the theater. My dad haaaaaates kid-related entertainment, so instead he took us to see Poltergeist (which, interestingly, was also rated PG). BUT we got there late -- right at the part where Steve Freeling was arguing with his neighbor about the television. Anyway, we missed the titles...and I mustn't have gotten the memo that we were no longer going to see E.T. So I'm watching Poltergeist, thinking it's E.T. and being like "Why is E.T. doing all this terrible stuff??!" I was 6 years old.