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  1. grudlian.

    Episode 203.5 - Minisode 203.5

    My favorite contestants are the ones who don't even read the recipes. It's one thing to miss a step but it's something else to go "nah, I, think I got this. What's a professional have that I, a total amateur don't?"
  2. The bigger issue with face blindness, I just realized, is how do the step sisters not recognize her? Ok. You don't think it's her because Cinderella is scrubbing floors at home and doesn't own a fancy ball gown. But certainly you'd notice they look the same? As a kid, I always thought it was ridiculous that the glass slipper didn't fit anyone else's foot. In the whole kingdom, no one had the same size foot? But this face blindness is really over the top.
  3. grudlian.

    Episode 203.5 - Minisode 203.5

    Unless It's A Wonderful Life qualifies as holiday romance, I won't even consider it because it's the only one I can stomach.
  4. grudlian.

    Episode 203.5 - Minisode 203.5

    Holiday In Handcuffs is down there for my least favorite movie HDTGM has done. I was legit angry within the first few minutes. I would watch Bratz again over this.
  5. grudlian.

    Episode 203.5 - Minisode 203.5

    After that steamy kiss with Sal, I'm shipping Nicole and Sal for life.
  6. Here's the thing that really jumped out to me: How does the prince not recognize Brandy? How does no one recognize her? Normally, I always chalk that up to being a fairy tale or maybe there are some similar looking women in the village or "magic" of some kind. But Jason Alexander makes a point to say to Bernadette Peters something like "We think she was probably younger than you." That line really broke the immersion for me because you can get a general age for her but you haven't narrowed it down "definitely not a white woman"? You could have went down the line and easily eliminated 90% of the women in city. I commend the movie for having an interracial romance on a mainstream television show in the 90s but it's really silly in a movie with a mystery woman.
  7. grudlian.

    Episode 203.5 - Minisode 203.5

    On one hand, that seems a bit unfair that these people are getting less time. On the other hand, they consistently mess up baking the cake itself and if you can't get that right, how much hope do you realistically have?
  8. grudlian.

    Episode 203.5 - Minisode 203.5

    As someone who isn't much of a baker, are the times they get to make these cakes realistic? Could a professional baker who never saw these particular cakes make one of them in the time given? Because 90 minutes to recreate the massive designs seems impossible.
  9. grudlian.

    Schindler's List

    For me, I didn't watch it and it's been well over a decade since I saw it. So, I don't have much to say except in very broad strokes. Plus, it really is the probably definitive narrative film on the holocaust both in reputation and merit. There are other good ones (I remember really liking The Shop On Main Street), but outside of The Pianist, I don't think there are others that come close in the general consensus. As others have said, I'm curious (and shocked) how this came to be the introduction to the holocaust for Americans. The statistic from Amy seems unbelievable. Roosevelt even ordered footage be filmed to prove it happened. So, how were we unaware? I was going enough that, in 1993, we probably wouldn't have discussed the holocaust in school in gory detail. I know we watched some documentary in church youth group around this time but maybe we wouldn't have without Schindler's List being released. But I feel like I certainly would have been aware of the holocaust without this movie.
  10. grudlian.

    Episode 203.5 - Minisode 203.5

    Double fired because I didn't even know Nailed It! had new episodes.
  11. grudlian.

    Schindler's List

    Depends on how we define "personal story". You're right that facts only take us so far but I don't see how someone can know the story then see documentary footage of bodies piled in mounds shoveled into mass graves without being affected. That's not necessarily "personal" but it certainly puts the numbers in perspective in a human way.
  12. grudlian.

    Schindler's List

    I agree that it's not the function of this particular movie to show the full breadth of the Holocaust. I'm not sure any movie could. The closest I've seen is Shoah. It's a 9 hour documentary that is primarily victims and survivors of death camps telling their story. It's haunting and Schindler's List, for all its power, seems almost quaint in comparison.
  13. grudlian.

    Episode 203.5 - Minisode 203.5

    Holiday In Handcuffs is free here.
  14. I'm sorry to hear about your father, Cameron.
  15. grudlian.

    Episode 203 - Perfect Stranger: LIVE!

    So, a really weird thing taking up space in my brain is that I've heard the phrase "no matter how attractive a woman is, there's a guy tired of her." The place I heard it was on one of those VH1 comedians joke about the news shows like Best Week Ever or I Love The 90s. The news event I remember it being in was Halle Berry's husband cheating on her. So, I wondered if that was put in there intentionally because those shows were all over the place for a while and it's something Halle Berry or someone writing a Halle Berry movie could easily have seen.