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  1. I think Tobe Hooper thinking Texas Chainsaw Massacre is a comedy has to be an anomaly of intent more than anything. I'd believe he thought that because I've read he thought he could get a PG rating for it which also seems insane to me. I'd be curious to hear of other filmmakers who completely missed the missed the genre they intended (outside of gross incompetence resulting in an unintentional comedy).
  2. grudlian.

    Musical Mondays Week 68 Dance With Me

    I'm getting conflicting information here. Can you two do a dance battle so I know whom to side with?
  3. grudlian.

    Musical Mondays Week 68 Dance With Me

    I have a question about dance contests because the world of dance seemed weird to me. Would dancers in this kind of contest all be dancing simultaneously? Since everything is choreographed, it seems like that dancers would either be altering their routine on the fly or just bumping into each other constantly.
  4. grudlian.

    Musical Mondays Week 68 Dance With Me

    Yeah. I think he literally asked what she was doing. How can you dance without music? It's like, dude are you for real? In his entire life, he'd never seen someone practice a dance routine?
  5. grudlian.

    Musical Mondays Week 68 Dance With Me

    Yeah. Most dance movies I've seen are feeling the music vs. strict technical dancing or street vs. ballet. So, that seemed like what this movie was going to do. But no. Also, Rafael seemed to not understand choreography was a thing?
  6. grudlian.

    Musical Mondays Week 68 Dance With Me

    If I hadn't paused it and Amazon told me Chayanne's character was named Rafael Infante, I might never have known.
  7. grudlian.

    Musical Mondays Week 68 Dance With Me

    Maybe it's because I only took a year of Spanish or being wiped out from allergies when I watched this, but the movie opened with the grave saying "Familia Infante". I thought it was a grave for babies and this was a dark opening for a dance movie.
  8. grudlian.

    Episode 215.5 - Minisode 215.5

    Let's take the two grossest condiments and put them together in one easy to throw away container.
  9. grudlian.

    Episode 215.5 - Minisode 215.5

    Also ketchup and mayo? I legit gagged a bit when Paul said that.
  10. grudlian.

    How do you know what the Movie is for your live show?

    When I saw them in Chicago, the movies were on HDTGMinfo.com a couple weeks beforehand.
  11. grudlian.

    Musical Mondays Updated Rotation

    You can see where The Snowman was filmed! I assume that's why you picked Norway.
  12. Just because the audience isn't scared doesn't mean the movie isn't trying to scare the audience (I'll admit "scare" is limiting but frighten, disturb, unsettle, etc.). The hardcore horror audience may respond to things commonly found in horror differently but I think the intent of the film is what matters. If a horror convention attendee watches a horror movie and gets excited/happy/whatever, that doesn't negate what the film tries to do. If I watch Tootsie or The Graduate without laughing, the movies are still confused whether or not I find them funny. That's at least my take on it. As for horror comedy, I think the line is blurry (as are all genres). A true horror comedy, to me, would be something like those middle period movies in a slasher franchise. Nightmare On Elm Street is a horror movie. By the fourth one, Freddy is still trying to scare us but he's also doing one liners. By the time we get to Freddy Vs. Jason, we're just cheering him on and laughing. So, I don't consider that horror at all even though it's bloody and violent.
  13. grudlian.

    HDTGM Classics 88 Minutes (6/7)

    If Polly can't host for whatever reason, I should still be able to do Trespass. I don't have Starz.
  14. I think what holds me back on Blair Witch is that it's influential but not necessarily good. They continually talked about seeing it at the time. If we're talking top 100 ad campaigns, Blair Witch deserves a spot. But it's central ideas have been done better. Cannibal Holocaust (which I hate hate hate) used found footage nearly two decades before Blair Witch and is weirdly more believable in spots. Paranormal Activity uses it better and doesn't rely on marketing tricking you into believing it was real (it's marketing was also fantastic though). Blair Witch really only might belong because it popularized a new genre of found footage horror.
  15. grudlian.

    HDTGM Classics 88 Minutes (6/7)

    88 minutes is fine with me
  16. I think it's weird out of all the things people used to describe a horror movie, I don't think anyone said "scary". I think that's the only real prerequisite is intending (successfully or not) to scare you.
  17. What annoyed me most about Nina's breakup story is it seems to be putting her own breakup on a huge pedestal. She's equating her breakup, which is a pretty big breakup all things considered, to this epic story that takes place over years. It's like comparing one time you went hunting to Beowulf fighting Grendel. You're a bit out of your league.
  18. I just want to confirm that a family vacation is more important to you than Musical Mondays?!?!?!?!?! I thought I knew you but I guess not.....
  19. grudlian.

    How quickly do tickets normally sell out?

    They are very quick. When I went, tickets were still available after a half hour I think but there were technical issues with the site. I would plan to be at your computer the second the go on sale.
  20. The only sections I didn't really care much for was the parts with Nina Paley. I can see why she sees connections between her and Sita but everything else was much more interesting.
  21. That's how I felt. I strongly considered buying the Ramayana because of this. Those were by far my favorite parts of the movie.
  22. grudlian.

    Episode 214.5 - Minisode 214.5

    I just use a regular ol' spoon and put it in the dishwasher. I don't know why everyone is weirded out about cat food getting near their other dishes.
  23. I wanted to pick something either cheap or free that most of us can get easily. And this movie is literally free to watch on youtube or tubi or you can download it for free from the film's website. I also wanted something that most of us hadn't seen and, according to letterboxd, no one else has seen this. So, we're watching:
  24. grudlian.

    HDTGM Classics 88 Minutes (6/7)

    I'm kind of the same. I've only seen it once but I've seen bits of it many times and talked about it a lot. I'll watch it, as I said, but we can also move to whatever is next. I know we skipped Trespass because we couldn't find a place to stream it but I can stream it through my library if people want that. I don't think it's the most fun watch but I saw it by myself. So, maybe it's more fun in a group?