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  1. Mediocre Joe

    Episode 251 - Tim Baltz, Our Close Friend

    This one was clearly an all-timer, except we all know an ep without Sean can't be an all-timer. So it is simultaneously an all-timer and not an all-timer, Schrödinger's all-timer.
  2. Mediocre Joe

    Episode 250 - The Doughboys, Our Shrimp-off Friends

    Signed up for a year of Stitcher Premium when they first announced Hollywood Masterclass, & now only 13 months & another yearlong signup later we're getting a second season? Heheheh I think I'm gonna like this grift...
  3. Mediocre Joe

    Episode 249 - Guy Branum, Our Close Friend

    You are the best this world has to offer, CMB, and you always have been. Thank you for brightening our days (and The Boys').
  4. Mediocre Joe

    Episode 249 - Guy Branum, Our Close Friend

    Absolutely livid b/c of Kevin's story about his neighbor muscling him for his parking spot, getting on my bicycle right now to go give em a piece of my mind.
  5. Mediocre Joe

    Episode 248 - Triumph At Comic-Con

    Absolute unit of an episode, a legend
  6. Mediocre Joe

    Episode 247 - Patton Oswalt, Our Close Friend

    Forget Janelle Monaé, Sean's recent trend of telling old-timey jokes to Hayes's great amusement is giving me life Also Kevin I love you but the Pro Version was short and you must be exiled.
  7. Mediocre Joe

    Episode 247 - Patton Oswalt, Our Close Friend

    Release the Mulaney tapes, Josh
  8. Mediocre Joe

    Episode 246 - Aparna Nancherla, Our Close Friend

    Would like to thank Sean and Hayes for not talking about any Street Fighters from after 1992, too new = too scary
  9. Mediocre Joe

    Episode 245 - Riki Lindhome, Our Close Friend

    Finalizing my 47-minute Vimeo video about Engineer Cody infiltrating that marketing firm to promote Sean and Hayes from within the deep Hollywood state. Cody had to leave the nest so The Boys could fly.
  10. Mediocre Joe

    Episode 244 - Joel Kim Booster, Our Close Friend

    "What kind boat is it?" Joel Kim Boostin' old bits (he is truly a fan just like us)
  11. Mediocre Joe

    Episode 243 - Jordan Morris, Our Sci-Fi Friend

    After finding out this week's show is about a dystopian cyberfuture where technology has run amok (and which has a little something to say about stuff today), it made more sense that Stitcher didn't want me to hear it.
  12. Mediocre Joe

    Episode 242 - Julie Klausner, Our Pilot Season Friend

    These days? ....................... yes.
  13. Mediocre Joe

    Episode 241 - Live from Onionfest

    Genuinely touched by Sean saying he's at peace with my decision to give growing as a person and moving on a big "no tanks."
  14. Mediocre Joe

    Hollywood Handbook Live in Chicago 31. May-Who going?

    Did Hayes mention where he got that nails jacket he was wearing that night? He's too shy to tell me on social media.
  15. Mediocre Joe

    Episode 240 - Adam Lustick, Our Sad Friend

    I really don't want Kevin's mom to hear today's Pro Version. The mouth on that kid, and the things on that kid's mouth...