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  1. sycasey 2.0

    Mr. Smith Goes To Washington

    I liked that Paul and Amy focused on how dark this movie is, and how much it offended real Senators at the time. The popular imagination of "Capra-corn" doesn't quite track when you actually sit down and watch some of these movies. He earns the happy fantasy ending by first depicting a dark, corrupt world. As I've often mentioned before, until that last sequence, It's a Wonderful Life is about why a decent man with a wife and young children would want to commit suicide. Personally, I think Lovett's comments are maybe missing the point a little bit, in that he's asking this movie to better resemble the real world. It's not trying to do that; it's trying to depict an ideal we as Americans ought to aspire to. That ideal comes into sharper focus because of the darker side of our politics that it does acknowledge. I think it belongs on the list because of its distillation of this idea, which seems quintessentially American.
  2. sycasey 2.0

    Mr. Smith Goes To Washington

    (That one also has a little High Noon reference, with the badge toss at the end.)
  3. sycasey 2.0

    Listener Questions Special

    I am aware. I remember the heated online debates about it at the time, though I feel like sentiment has moved in its favor over the years.
  4. sycasey 2.0

    Listener Questions Special

    Regardless, it's a memorable film from that year.
  5. sycasey 2.0

    Listener Questions Special

    Maybe Paul and I can be honorary Cams.
  6. sycasey 2.0

    The "I Voted" Thread

    Sure, but the Dem Congress can just rev up their own investigations once they take power.
  7. sycasey 2.0

    Listener Questions Special

    I really agreed with Amy's suggestion of 1999 as the best film year. That was the one that probably made me a real "movie buff." I was in college and so many interesting movies were coming out all at once, it was incredible. She didn't even mention Eyes Wide Shut!
  8. sycasey 2.0

    Listener Questions Special

    1. 2001: A Space Odyssey 2. Citizen Kane 3. Taxi Driver 4. E.T. the Extra Terrestrial 5. Raiders of the Lost Ark 6. Psycho 7. Double Indemnity 8. Apocalypse Now 9. All About Eve 10. Singin' in the Rain 11. The Wizard of Oz 12. King Kong 13. Lord of the Rings 14. Duck Soup 15. Platoon 16. Bonnie and Clyde 17. High Noon 18. The French Connection 19. Titanic 20. The Shawshank Redemption 21. The African Queen 22. The Sixth Sense 23. The General 24. Ben-Hur 25. Swing Time
  9. sycasey 2.0

    The "I Voted" Thread

    Amen to that. If Trump really wanted to obstruct justice he probably should have done it before there was a Democratic House to make his life hell.
  10. sycasey 2.0

    The "I Voted" Thread

    Beto's coattails had a lot of impact. I don't think Democrats flip those two House seats (almost three) without him driving turnout. They gained ground in the state legislature too. But the biggest thing was that because of him there is now an actual electoral infrastructure for Democrats. They aren't going to be non-competitive like before.
  11. sycasey 2.0

    The "I Voted" Thread

    Well, we didn't fuck it up! (Not quite.)
  12. sycasey 2.0


    We'll do this movie later, but I remember seeing Rear Window in a film class and some of the students were tittering at the dated aspects of it (Grace Kelly sneaking around in her bright sundress). But then it reached that moment where Raymond Burr looks right up at Jimmy Stewart's camera, and the whole class was suddenly hushed in dread. That Hitchcock guy was pretty good.
  13. sycasey 2.0

    The "I Voted" Thread

    Vote! Don't fuck this up!
  14. sycasey 2.0

    Ranking The First 25 Movies

    Yeah, a bunch of us posted our Letterboxd lists over here. I've been updating mine as we go along: https://boxd.it/1YEKo
  15. sycasey 2.0

    Duck Soup

    I'd say Annie Hall is definitely a romantic comedy, but one with some dramatic elements to it. It also probably gained some of its reputation for being the obvious move for Woody Allen into a more "serious" tone. But it's still a comedy.