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  1. Left click, right click, double click, Jimminy Glick. by HaugDog
  2. Flip your lid and blow your cover. I just busted through that rubber. by Haugdog
  3. Fuel your mule, bury that burro. That donkey's drinking gasoline. by HogDog
  4. Come on in, sit right down. Pay the bill, get the hell out. By HogDog
  5. Wavy gravy? That biscuits in the navy! By HogDog
  6. Cancel Netflix, and prepare to be wowed by crackle. by Not Haugerman
  7. Orphan socks are ghosts of the children of the Industrial Revolution
  8. I retire attire when I'm tired of torn tie tirades
  9. To really get a pig to fly, throw its skin in a tight spiral. Oh, what a Delicious football pun. What do you mean you're leaving me? -HoggieDoggie
  10. Flowing like a flower, singing in the shower, has it been an hour? My water bill is going to be outrageus. -HoggyDoggy
  11. Burn baby burn, the disco witch is dead. So much for all that I Will Survive nonsense. -HoggieDoggie
  12. More than meats the eye, but less than what vegetables the ear. -HoggieDoggie
  13. A horse is a horse, of coarse. That, however, is Sarah Jessica Parker. -by HoggyDoggy
  14. Chicken Strips? Sounds pollo picante to me! by DynamicDan
  15. Care for carrots, Mate with Tomatoes