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  1. KellyMegan

    Swordfish recording...

    That show was insane! I’m excited for others to hear it.
  2. KellyMegan

    The Squeeze (1987)

    It has to be a live show too, it’s really meant to be a shared experience
  3. KellyMegan

    The Squeeze (1987)

    Harry’s ex-wife has asked him do one small favor: to get a parcel from her apartment - without telling him what's in it. Harry instead finds a dead body and ends up with a device that is worth quite a bit to some thugs. With the help from a rookie Private investigator, Rebecca, together they try to figure out what kind of game is being played. ...just never talk about the dinosaur in the room. Okay that was the best I could do to describe this movie. I found it by accident on Amazon prime and all I can say is just watch it. It stars Michael Keaton, Rae Dawn Chong, Joe Pantoliano and Meat Loaf. It is pretty obvious that everyone wants to forget this movie was ever made. According to IMDB It cost $22 million to make and it made $2million, a stunt man died making the film and look at the poster! I could go on... do you like volcanoes exploding at a night club, watching Michael Keaton escape probably 6 drownings, an honest commentary on American greed and (I’ll bring it up) even dinosaurs?? Then you need to watch this movie! Seriously I don’t know if I care if this movie ever gets picked, I just need to share it with somebody. Enjoy.
  4. I wanted to mention the 2nd opinion where the reviewer calls the movie a “show”... my grandma calls all media “shows” and despite the number of times we call them movies, she consistently calls them shows. So there is precedent for this term and my grandma is a really sweet lady
  5. KellyMegan

    Unknown (2011)

    It’s the perfect Thanksgiving movie... as it actually takes place over Thanksgiving. Liam Neeson has a particularly set of skills... he just can’t remember them. It’s not particularly bonkers but it is bad. One odd part of the movie is that you’re expecting Liam Neeson to kick tons of ass except he is constantly just standing by and watching others do his work. There is a decent twist but it is very slow to get there. The only saving grace is that it could set up a Liam Neeson cinematic action movie universe. Worth a watch if you’re bingeing his film
  6. KellyMegan

    Look Who's Talking Now (1993)

    Ha! I was at the live Look who’s Talking too and there’s a good reason for the third one!
  7. KellyMegan

    Robin Hood (2018)

    I just saw a review for it and the take aways were: - Jamie Foxx is wasted the entire time - Ben Mendleson chews up the scenery. - a spinning “love” scene - and this movie scene by scene rips off the Dark Knight I am in!
  8. KellyMegan

    Celebrate #HDTGM200 !!!

    What was your first episode of HDTGM? I found HDTGM in 2016 through another podcast while I was working at a soul crushing office job. I started at the beginning with Burlesque and I managed to binge through the entire catalogue in maybe 3 months. I had never even heard of the gang before listening. Favorite catchphrase? I love What’s up Jerks! I yell it in my car. A clip or moment that you'll always remember? (timestamps are nice ) I cannot remember the episode but I died laughing in my chair when Jason revealed that clowns plagued his neighborhood growing up. The episode you revisit the most Face off and Con Air... family favorites before and even better now! The movie that you loved or hated watching I did not enjoy Free Jacked, but I’ve been pretty lucky finding bad movies I actually enjoy. I see a lot of hate for Ninja Terminator here but I friggin had a ball watching that movie! I thought there was something incredibly entertaining watching a movie made of stock footage for other movies. What the show has meant to you after all these years or any other sappy stuff I’ve discovered an entire genre of podcasts through HDTGM. Through this show I found Spontaneanation and many comedians that I would have never found otherwise. And thank you so much Paul for picking my comment on the Wraith, I know I won nothing. Like I mentioned before my old office job was killing me but because of this show I felt like I spent my days there with friends. I quit that job, I’m in a much better place now and I’ll bring you guys wherever I go. Thank you so much gang for being there and it was a dream come true to see you live in Denver! It’s honestly my dream to be a guest on the show, but we’ll see where the next 200 take us Oh and as for the next 200 I will shamelessly plug The Core, PS I Love You and The Reign of Fire for future episodes
  9. KellyMegan

    Episode 199 - A Night In Heaven: LIVE!

    That really grossed me out! And everyone is just watching them ... some show! I’m also wondering if anyone had hoped Slick character was going to be expanded on? I got the vibe that she might have been a Mr. Fagin type controlling Rick and his personal life. She hated him being around Faye and she knew how to get to him. I also want to give this movie one small compliment. I actually really liked the shot where the girls are walking into the first strip club and Slick’s new car pulls in front of them and drives off. I don’t know it was nice small detail that you had to be looking for. Compliment over.
  10. KellyMegan

    Episode 199 - A Night In Heaven: LIVE!

    My favorite character was Tony the janitor because he was the only person with a complete story arc in three short scenes. He has the night shift at NASA where he can dance, listen to music and clean the floors. Tony is under appreciated at work as seen from the old man who enters and yells at him. Whitney treats Tony as an equal, he complimented him on his dancing and has even shared information with him about the bike. Tony visits Rick at the strip club and his friends are excited that he has the night off. Tony reveals he was actually fired (I guess NASA really wanted to clean house after getting that sweet military contract). Rick wants him to join as a dancer but Tony doesn’t believe he could ever do anything like that because he’s Catholic and his wife would kill him. In the end Slick is unable to find Rick at the stip club and recruits Tony to be her new lead dancer as the Service Man. There are holes in Tony’s story sure but considering he goes through the most growth throughout the movie, I’d say Tony is in fact the protagonist.
  11. KellyMegan

    The Core (2003)

    Please pick this movie! I love it so much! Near the end of the movie the last two surviving characters are trying to escape the core and it cuts back and forth to the control room cheering for them. There is then a jump cut to the control room with a title card saying something like “16 hours later” but the scene actually doesn’t skip a beat! It’s like in editing they realized “oh it actually takes some time to travel through the center of the earth”!
  12. KellyMegan

    12 Feet Deep (2017)

    Oh my gosh this movie is ridiculous!! Two dumb, dumb sisters get trapped under a pool cover at the gym. They freak out, try to break the cover and then talk about their feelings. The movie gets amazing when a janitor shows and blackmails them into giving her money in exchange to let them out. It's crazy, so impracticable and has to be covered by Paul and the gang! Check out the trailer:
  13. KellyMegan

    The Book of Henry (2017)

    I want to see and discuss this movie sooo bad after watching this video. Warning it spoils all of it but honestly the trailer says nothing about what this movie is. This is the Everest of HDTGM
  14. KellyMegan

    Reign of Fire (2002)

    Does anyone else remember this movie? I think it's a strong contender. Matthew McConaughey, Christian Bale, Gerard Butler, dragons, tanks, Star Wars reenactment, post apocalyptic setting... it nearly has it all! It's about dragons living underneath London that are released when construction wakes them up. The dragons quickly overwhelm the humans and no weapons are strong enough to destroy them. Years later Christian Bale leads a small group of survivors, constantly living in fear of the dragons. That is until a group of dragon hunters, lead by Matthew McConaughey, arrive. They threaten to put Christian Bale's community in danger. The dragon hunter believe they can end this reign of fire and Christian Bale must decide to either protect his people or fight! The dragons are barely above a birdemic level of bad and there are multiple battles of tanks vs dragons! The production design is so bleak it's one of the most ugly movies I've ever seen! What do you guys think?
  15. KellyMegan

    Episode 164 - The Wraith: LIVE!

    I'd argue that it is more likely that a Jacob's latter scenario would apply to Billy rather than Jamie. And maybe this movie was the inspiration for Fight Club? Is it possible that this whole movie is Billy's fantasy to cope with his brother's murder? Billy takes on the identity of Jake (much like like a Tyler Durden persona and the director) and takes revenge on the people he knows are responsible. Maybe Keri was so traumatized by the attack that she has surpressed the entire experience leaving her a shell of her former self. Billy angered by the harmed done to people he cared about, creates Jake to care for Jami and kills the the people who committed the crimes. And much like Fight Club Billy uses Jake/ the Wraith to beat the gang at their own game slowly killing them off and excusing it has supernatural intervention. Think about it in the end only Billy remains and he watches Jamie and Keri ride off together like they've always should have. He's also left with the murder weapon by Jake like the final FC scene and instead of defeating his alter ego Billy allows Jake/Jamie to pass on. Billy is the only one left with ties to the original crime and like it was mentioned in the episode he knows an awful lot about all that is happening!