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  1. muttnik

    Bad Moon (1996)

    I mean not once they're transformed, it's the bit where they're first starting and maybe the eyes are a different color, or the men have scruffier faces (there aren't that many female werewolves on film now that I think about it), the clothing is ripped or coming off. Like that's the good stuff. MP just looked terrible in this movie. Which, maybe that' a good thing, but I didn't like it. The child actor was pretty good too. It drove me nuts at the beginning when neither of them petted the dog while saying goodnight.
  2. muttnik

    Bad Moon (1996)

    But see, I'd argue at least a lot of 80s male werewolves looked hot pre-mid transformation. Not here. Not here. The effects post-transformation were alright, but the use of CGI was a mistake.
  3. muttnik

    Bad Moon (1996)

    Wow, this movie. Hated the werewolf gaslighting another character about the werewolf's werewolfism. Like nah, wolfie, you knew you were a werewolf, you knew you were a danger. Also hated the inept fucking police and the terrible CGI. LOVED the dog actor. What a good boy (RIP). Would pet, belly rub, and give kisses to.
  4. muttnik

    Episode 221.5 - Minisode 221.5

    That sounds rad. Which games? I don't remember much from Unforgettable, but I do recall it not being as crazy as I'd hoped it would be.
  5. muttnik

    Episode 221.5 - Minisode 221.5

    Echoing the same sentiments. Though my weird issue is, while the puppets are beautiful, I've only ever seen bits of the movie because I have a negative visceral reaction to it. Still images from it, I'm fine, but in motion, it bothers me so much I turn it off. This doesn't happen for other puppet movies/shows of the time, or past or present, I can't explain it. Still, I appreciate its existence and I'm glad new audiences are being turned onto it via the series.
  6. muttnik

    Life Without Dick (2002)

    Hmm, it's been a while since I watched this one, and I only watched it for my shameful crush on Johnny Knoxville (¯\_(ツ)_/¯), so I'm not sure if it's HDTGM worthy. I mean it is bad, don't get me wrong, I just can't remember a whole lot about it, it very well might be. I do believe it's another one of those movies where the writer(s) have no real concept of death and what it entails. Harry Connick Jr. is a hitman who's never killed before, SJP is super trigger happy. It's a mess. Here's a trailer for those interested:
  7. muttnik

    Episode 221. The Hottie and the Nottie

    Jesus Christ. They made that child say, "I'm not a little girl anymore." BARF. Also, the non-predator characters came off super creepy too. Also, the advice they gave fifty times didn't even work because she was quickly overpowered. Also, that dinosaur design is just a straight-up ripoff of Woodstock. Good Lord.
  8. muttnik

    Episode 221. The Hottie and the Nottie

    Oh, I just realized, I think that tagline about love needing to be blind was supposed to be a play on Paris' hit song at the time "Stars Are Blind". Thanks, brain, for retaining that nugget of pointless information but forgetting basic math!
  9. muttnik

    Episode 221. The Hottie and the Nottie

    I wouldn't have put it past them to just have a black guy dressed in western wear come out. (un)Fun fact, A Chocolate Cowboy is the name of a terrible blackface movie from the 20s. I did sign spinning for a few weeks, first dressed as Santa and then as a clown. Passersby were very vocally supportive of Santa; honking, yelling/wooing out car windows, high fives. Save for one elderly lady who waved to get my attention and then gave me the finger, and one dirtbag that catcalled me. As the clown, people screamed insults at me, lotsa middle fingers, and someone gave me a Big Gulp driveby. I wonder how a mime costume would have fared. I don't remember having a crush on anyone in elementary school. What crushes I did have were either on actors, singers, musicians, or cartoon characters. I do remember a couple of kids "dating" in sixth grade and kissing, and I thought it was gross.
  10. muttnik

    Episode 221. The Hottie and the Nottie

    Oh boy, watching and then listening to the podcast, the bit about having the stalker websites dedicated to Paris Hilton's character reminded me of Amy Boyer. She was cyber stalked and then murdered by an unrequited crush who had websites dedicated to her and how he was going to kill her. I remember reading about her murder in Teen People in 2000ish; the article basically ended with the suggestion that the readers look themselves up to make sure no one was fixated on them.
  11. muttnik

    Episode 221. The Hottie and the Nottie

    This semi trashy famous people aughts nostalgia is making me miss The Soup. I think it's Super Smash Bros. Melee. The main guy reminded me a lot of Shaggy from Scooby-Doo.
  12. I really like this one. It's very bad, but it's also charming? It's a shame they ended it trying to set up a sequel, but I get why they did (XXX, Riddick, F&F).
  13. muttnik

    Episode 220.5 - Minisode 220.5

    Isn't that what stickers, pins, and/or patches are for?
  14. muttnik

    Weekend at Bernie's 2

    Aw, I used to like this and the original as a kid. I've not watched them in ages but I don't doubt this one would be good to do. Stuff like this and zombie media has really opened my eyes as to how little people seem to understand their bodies and what actually happens after you die.
  15. muttnik

    Episode 220.5 - Minisode 220.5

    Cassette tapes are somewhat making a small comeback. I don't really understand it myself, but you can buy current albums and (full price !!!) players. My first college date was organizing a massive DVD collection after my date had a hard time trying to find a specific movie. I told him I'd be happy to help him get it organized. We took everything off the shelves, dusted them, made sure the correct discs were in each case, and then set them in stacks to organize (by letter (leaving out the articles), keeping series together in order of release, and a separate director's section for his favorites in order of release). I think at the time he thought it was true love or something, that I'd happily do that for him, but really I just like organizing things. Always have. I remember going to Zany Brainy for Goosebumps books and finding the section badly out of order, so I started reorganizing it. I still do that. Just last month I was trying to find a specific lipstick tester but all the testers were in the wrong places, so I put them all back where they were supposed to be. Anyway, I go back and forth with myself on physical vs. digital media. On the one hand, it does cut down on clutter and environmental waste, and it's much easier to find niche and out of print materials. On the other, algorithms, being at the whim of third parties on what and when you can see something, issues of ownership, rights issues, horrible redubs, etc. Plus, streaming killed video and music stores, and those were the two best jobs I ever had. (So much organizing!)