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  1. muttnik

    Episode 217.5 - Minisode 217.5

    The video store I worked at had two copies of WFRR; one copy was in the comedy section and the other was in the children's section. Make of that what you will. Watership Down was also in the children's section, though I later manually changed it to the special interests section as I wouldn't call Watership Down light children's fare.
  2. muttnik

    Episode 217.5 - Minisode 217.5

    But seriously, if small kitties love butt scratchies, then big kitties must also love butt scratchies. What if crocodiles are excellent cuddlers? One day I will find out.
  3. muttnik

    Episode 217.5 - Minisode 217.5

    I will never stop judging Sea World! But I definitely would love to pet a great white in the wild, like underwater as one passes by whatever safe container I'm in. Or if I'm sitting on a boat and it goes underneath. My previous comment was hypocritical! I'm the type of person who has to touch everything! I will one day lose a hand!
  4. muttnik

    Episode 217 - Jaws 3-D

    I had that book too. Edith Hamilton's Mythology was like my ancient tome though; I carried it everywhere as if I could conjure the Gods and creatures inside. I wonder what the crossover rate is for people into Lola Bunny and those into the Na'vi. So they didn't have any security cameras in those underwater tunnels, did they? There's an underwater shot from a camera pointed at the tunnels, and one pointed at the outside of one of the filtration tanks, but nothing for inside the tunnels. That, like so much else, seems like a terrible idea. Did they have any security at the park?
  5. muttnik

    Episode 217 - Jaws 3-D

    I don't recall any kissing disasters, but I too used to pour myself a drink after school and pretend it was an adult beverage. Like apple juice in a cold beer glass, grape juice in the wine glasses, and Sprite with an olive and toothpick in a small tumbler because we didn't have anything close to a martini glass. There were construction paper cigarettes too. Much worse, I used to take a big plastic tumbler and fill it with strawberry soda- my stand-in for a goblet of goat's blood- and then kneel in front of my window for a tribute to Zeus.
  6. muttnik

    Double Dragon (1994)

    ::happy shoulder shuffle::
  7. muttnik

    Episode 217 - Jaws 3-D

    I believe the plum job at Sea World is masturbating the whales for their liquid gold. So for me the nuttiest thing was the waist-level open pool they put the baby Great White in. That's a pool meant for gently touching starfish and small rays. Realistically eighteen dumbasses a day would put their hands in that water and then sue Sea World into the next millennium. Also, when we first see the coral thieves they scan the lagoon with their flashlights and happen upon a crab, a snapping turtle, and a large toad just hanging out on the rocks together. Only those three distinct animals who scatter after they're spotted. Those critters were clearly conspiring. What other business would they have to be there together at that very moment?! That's the better movie.
  8. muttnik

    Episode 216.5 - Minisode 216.5

    Yeah, bread shark! For those with a cable subscription, right now all the Jaws movies are free on demand with STARZEncore.
  9. That's actually (sadly) true to life. I've owned a few games where the NPCs will walk in a straight line toward the player or whichever place they're sent to. Game GPS has also directed me in as straight a line as possible to a goal. Which is great until you reach a steep cliff or unscalable mountainside, insta-deadly water, insanely high-level enemies, or your unescorted NPCs die in the wilderness.
  10. I mean, the twist of this movie is just the final episode of St. Elsewhere. It traded an autistic boy looking into a snow globe and reimagining the people in his life, to an autistic boy looking into computer code and reimagining the people in his life. I know that they don't specifically say that he has autism spectrum disorder, but he's definitely written that way. The stepfather calls him a 'creepy weirdo' who stays in his room all day with his video game, but that his teacher says he's a genius. His mother gets super defensive when he's mentioned. His bedroom is still very childlike. Doesn’t seem to want or have any friends. He's hyper-focused on the world he's created and that world only. He has a strong sense of justice. Having him actually commit murder was the nail in the coffin for me. After sitting with the movie for a bit I thought maybe I was just reading into things, but then I read some Tweets from a few other people with ASD who felt similarly. I just couldn't enjoy this one. The cat(s) were adorable though. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  11. muttnik

    Soul Food (1997)

    This movie is a classic, it taught me all about the dangers of diabetes. RIP Big Mama. Never watched the TV show though.
  12. muttnik

    Monkeybone (2001)

    Back in high school, my friend group would pick one movie each month to see together at the theater. We always kept things pretty even, but one outing I was the odd gal out and was forced into paying for a movie I definitely did not want to see (Save the Last Dance). To balm my wounds they agreed that I and I alone would pick the next month's movie. I picked this one. We drifted apart as friends before the end of that school year.
  13. muttnik

    Episode 215.5 - Minisode 215.5

    I don't think I've been this peeved at a movie in a while.
  14. Honestly, I would love a new mummy movie, but a straight-up horror movie. No action heroes, no quips, no shared universes. I love proper monsters and folklore. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  15. muttnik

    Episode 206.5 - Minisode 206.5

    If any of y'all have cable, Dragon Blade is available on Starz. If any of y'all also have an eternal Cusack crush, this viewing will be rough. :/