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  1. The turkey sandwich was even more delicious the second time.
  2. RGB? More like ROYGBIV.
  3. Riding bareback on a white horse and the devil’s cummin on me.
  4. For God so loved his girthy earthworm, he created the penis.
  5. That cucumber will never fit, they said. Look who’s laughing now!
  6. I’m trying to get breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner and dessert at Chili’s for the next 3 weeks straight.
  7. Is it just me or is there a pubic hair in my Lunchable?
  8. Sickle cell anemic smells and the carcass of the rotten ham hock by John Grisham.
  9. Drop the grape, Rupert. You like raisins, remember?
  10. If there ain’t sweat on the back of your thighs after leaving a dank Port-O-Potty, you ain’t a friend of mine.
  11. Martha Stewart is a new judge on Chopped.
  12. What do you think those dinos way back when did for food? It’s not like they could just go to the McDonalds down the block for a cheeseburger, am I right?
  13. Yes sir, I’m inquiring about your authentic Moist Bubble Nips.
  14. I’ve never been so disappointed as when I unsuccessfully tried to write a diss track about missing a gynecological dentist appointment.
  15. Off the record, I murdered the man with bubbleguts.