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  1. Well I didn't think I was going to have the chance to see a movie this week as I'm going to a Con in Denver, CO, but this looks so interesting that I'm going to find the time to watch it.
  2. Wasn't she back though at the end, the one year later or whatever montage?
  3. I used to heavily be involved in church culture, including managing a Christian bookstore. A friend of mine asked me to hold a case of beer for him while he went to go and grab something else and I almost lost my job because of it.
  4. So I'm an idiot, I was thinking of This Is How We Do It
  5. I know Ignition (Remix) I can still play almost every weekend at wedding dances and people love it. *shrug*
  6. I'll sign off on this
  7. i honestly think this movie, much like Blues Brothers 2000, was built around the songs/musicians. Like they went "well we can get X, Y, Z musicians and songs" and built a story around it and didn't care if things didn't make sense.
  8. I know I picked this movie because when it came out I remember it being sort of an outlier in film. It's an MTV production (and Beyonce's third film--her second with MTV), features Cuba who was still kind of riding on the coattails of his Oscar win, Mike Epps and Steve Harvey were name actors, and yet with some exceptions falls into the Christian church movie field (basically anything to do with Mike Epps and Steve Harvey). If it didn't have those 4 names, this would have probably been put out by PureFlix (and believe me, I almost picked Sunday School Musical :D ). RE: young Cuba and young Beyonce...yeah that was very creepy. It would have made much more sense if she was asking him to be her boyfriend and not the other way around. RE: Why isn't the story acknowledged that Beyonce and her son share the same story as Cuba and his mom, because it makes more sense for the audience to put this together ("ohh look it's the same"). I actually kind of appreciated that they didn't point it out, because it probably would have been way too heavy handed. Should something have been mentioned? For sure, but the fact that they had the restraint not to, didn't bother me. RE: The Fighting Temptations name, I think it's a duel thing. There are several bible verse about resisting temptation or "fighting temptation". so the choir is named "the Fighting Temptations" as an homage to that, but the whole movie is sort of about fighting the temptation and Cuba's nature to lie, and the temptation to hate or fight back, etc. That's just a guess though
  9. I came real close to picking Scott Pilgrim because it's soundtrack is so ingrained into the makeup of that film. Also, I neglected to mention The Fighting Temptations is available for free on TUBI which I have never used, sorry guys
  10. EvRobert

    Musical Mondays Week 65 Cold War

    I auditioned for a show and was trying to finish up a play that I am wanting to submit to my favorite playwriting/theater conference so everything got put on hold for me for a week
  11. So I've been debating on a couple of film and have watched several over the past couple of months because I knew I had a pick coming up. I wanted one that would fit the whole How Did This Get Made question, one that would be easily available to stream, and one that at least one participant was currently in the news. So, as much as I wanted to do a Hope/Crosby "Road To..." movie it didn't fit my self imposed parameters nor did the Hugh Jackman Live On Stage version of Oklahoma! So with that in mind, I give you a film that makes you go "huh?" I hope. It features an Oscar winner, a Grammy winners, a Christian rapper, a Billboard #1 artist, an Emmy winner, a Golden girl, and a guy who performed with Bob Dylan
  12. COOL COOL COOL I'll have a pick up shortly, I just want to make sure that it's streaming
  13. Hey hey hey, sorry busy day yesterday and I didn't get the chance to check on this board after the AM. If it's still my pick I can make the pick I have a couple in mind