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  1. I'm trying to remember, does DVD do a bad accent in this one too?
  2. EvRobert

    Live Shows Not Yet Posted

    well that makes sense then. I've been resisting pulling the trigger on Stitcher Premium (again) but I may have to
  3. EvRobert

    Live Shows Not Yet Posted

    Did I somehow miss their Valerian episode?
  4. Mama Mia! Here We Go Again? Sorry I can't deal with Bronson's "singing"
  5. I was in college and properly drunk when I got home and saw the news and was glued to the television. It was an interesting time
  6. well I know what I'm looking for...
  7. THANK YOU! this was bothering me the whole time that's not Victor Garber at the bottom in the red is it?
  8. EvRobert

    Musical Mondays Week 59 Passing Strange

    IIRC, and it's been forever since I've seen it, wasn't John Leguizamo's first filmed Live on Stage one man show marketed very similar as being a Spike Lee Joint? At one time (and he still may) I know Spike prided himself on doing the Woody Allen thing where he directs a movie a year, I think these were done for that purpose. I still disagree, that Spike did anything that I hadn't seen before in a love on stage version. Some are better than others and this is one of the best ones, but I just don't think it's super ground breaking in changing the landscape of how Live On Stage productions are filmed.
  9. EvRobert

    Musical Mondays Week 59 Passing Strange

    I saw this a number of years ago, (2011 I believe) and was blown away by it. It was literally unlike any musical I had ever seen with Stew narrating his own story, on stage. It was brilliant and shocking and moving and repeatable and everything I want in a show. Is it my favorite show? I can't say, this being my only exposure to it and while I love that Spike Lee directed it, it kind of reminds me of what Kevin Smith says about going in to direct The Flash or Supergirl or The Goldbergs, these types of things are fun but they aren't a "director's medium". I hate saying that because the music, the theatricality, the uniqueness of this show is just brilliant, but I think we need to judge these things as a whole. If I was seeing a live production, I wouldn't have these comments but having seen several "Recorded Live On Stage" shows (including others that Lee has done) there's nothing new or groundbreaking about the filming process, which is a shame because this show is so unique, I wish Lee had done more then point the camera.
  10. Is this our first foray into recorded Live On Stage Musicals? I've seen this years ago and am looking forward to revisiting it. It was streaming for awhile on a couple of platforms, I'll check BroadwayHD, if it's there I could probably host a screening as well (if not, well I can't)
  11. This just reinforces my desire to direct this show LOL thanks for sharing that looks great
  12. or what Aaron Sorkin did with Studio 60 and how it was just him commenting on his realtionship with Kristen Chenoweth
  13. EvRobert

    Trailer Talk

    So the F&F Franchise/Universe whatever just doesn't care anymore, they are embracing the fact they are making superhero movies. What a weird course this franchise has taken. I love it
  14. I vote for GEOSTTTTTTTTTTTTTORM (this is why I'm not allowed in the theater anymore)