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  1. I’m a musician and producer based in New York and I’m a huge podcast fan! Basically if I’m not working, playing music, or socializing, I’ve got my earbuds in exploring this awesome new medium. I’m interested in getting involved in helping podcasters by mixing, providing background music, sound effects, editing, and mixing and mastering to produce a finished product ready to distribute. Since I’m based in New York, I could offer my services to arrange, record, and mix interviews with subjects that are based here or visiting as well with professional high quality sound, either performing the interviews or recording them on this side while you are speaking to them by phone or Skype. In order to gain more experience in this medium, I’d be willing to produce a podcast in full on spec and/or work with new podcasts without monetary compensation. If I’m provided with basic recordings, I can make them sound great, add music, cut and edit ads or other promotions, and generally produce a finished product that can compete with the best sounding podcasts out there. I have no limits or preferences for genre or subject matter, I listen to tons of diverse podcasts and have an eclectic taste and always want to experience new things. I have an eclectic musical taste and can produce any style of music you’d like in my own studio. I can offer sound samples of my work to anyone interested, just send a message. Thanks guys!